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Sen. Rand Paul: Meet the Press (1/26/14)

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its a trap

I'm sitting at an auto shop and they've got The View on. They had Paul's comment on clintons as a topic, completely out of context and presenting as if he just brought this up out of the blue, then they go on to present all the anti-women legislative actions across federal and state legislatures and essentially associate it with Rand. Disgusting and pathetic of them!

Here is another one

The media is having a field day with this Gregory baited comment:


"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Don't attack our beloved Clintons!

Check out this article in response to the interview.
The author is trying to make it sound like Rand came up with this talking point. It was asked of him and he responded.


"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Oh yeah, did you get all that David Gregory, you little snake.

1 Barack Obama does not follow the Constitution.
2 The Federal Government is tyrannical.
3 James Clapper committed perjury.
4 Chris Christie is not a conservative.
5 Bill Clinton is a sexual work predator.

Crumble mainstream media, crumble, hahahahahaha……….
……….ah hahahahaha………ah hahahaha…….


kind people rock

Gregory's smug smile is note worthy

as it makes his use as a tool for the corporate media all the more obvious and obnoxious. Rand did an excellent job answering questions but until the American people wake up to the fact the establishment of both parties is basically one bought off entity, there will be no way to move forward in the correct direction, back towards a constitutional form of government.

I was talking to a neighbor today who was offended I find FOX part of the problem. I told him I find CNN and MSNBC disgusting, he agreed however when I included his beloved FOX he was insulted. I sure don't know what it will take to make people wake up but I am surely stumped as to why they have yet to figure out the obvious on their own by now. I really don't know how things could be more obvious.

Is Habillary

under investigation???


David should at least wipe off the Democrat foam

drizzling down his chin before getting on TV.

How sad that this is what a candidate has to navigate to get exposure in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Pathetic really.

the next


Polite, calm, reasonable…but

….he's a killer.

For example, when asked about Christie, I love how he *gently* states that he, Rand, favors a big Republican Party tent, and that there's room for moderates, but that it'll be difficult for Christie to succeed in a Republican primary because primary voters are looking for a conservative.

That was so well finessed that even if Christie was sitting right there even he might not have realized he was just gutted.

Hold her feet to the fire too.

Hey Gregory...
I sure hope you are going to hold "Hitlery's" feet to the fire next time MSM tries to prop her up as the Dem's nominee.
She should be held accountable about her husband's demented behavior if you're going to paint Rand as an extremist because of his Father's conservative Libertarian views.
Loved your answers Rand, Loved the way you Beach-Slapped the smirk off that Some-Beach David Gregory's face.
Spending a TRILLION Dollars you don't have is EXTREME.
Way to go...BIG POINTS for you RAND.
Paul 2016

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Rand: Don't be trashing my Dad too much. That's my Dad!

Love it! The line has been drawn, which is "stop trashing Ron Paul."

Traps set for him...

I thought he did an excellent job. I'm sure he and his political advisers are acutely aware that these interviews are more about laying traps for a soundbite or moment of complete honesty, that will be used against him later. So, for those who say he isn't angry enough, or libertarian enough, they have to realize that it's precisely those things especially in combination that will be distorted and used against him later.

I know Rand is a lot like his dad, but I think he's more realistic about the game of politics and how to not be pigeon holed and discredited right away.

The MSM's attempt

to make Rand and libertarianism look "extreme" or "radical" is not working. Rand stays cool, calm, and collected and so the extreme label does not stick to Rand.

Clearly, Rand is much smarter than the media whores. Sure hope we get to see Hitlery and Rand one on one...Rand will destroy her in a debate.

The liberals will say that

The liberals will say that Rand is picking on a poor helpless woman who deserves to be treated better than her own husband treated her. Because there's a war going on. Republicans hate women don't 'cha know.

David Gregory, another elite

David Gregory, another elite controlled doosher. Who the hell writes the ridiculous questions that they ask? Its the pure work of a media troll. Get real.


disgusting. Every question, every follow-up, is a smear.


His cool demeanor and politically correct answers are just genius. The man has ice running through his veins.

Rand plays the media interview game quite well.

I don't know if these questions are screened? So that Rand and his team have a chance to formulate these answers so tactically.

But every response Rand gave, just increased Rand's 2016 stock.


I didn't hear anything particular libertarian. Not a word about cutting spending or reducing government. All of the proposals Rand mentioned were revenue neutral: "Let's take the money from A and use it for B, instead." Furthermore, there is no righteous anger or a cry for justice.

This kind of milquetoast "libertarianism" doesn't excite me. There is no life in it. When I hear Gary Johnson speak, I can at least go: "yeah, go Gary, preach some truth." This Rand appearance: just some boring politico boring me to tune out.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Your reaction is a win for Rand, imo

If he is bland to people who aren't that interested in politics, he probably can be accepted by the MSM and the country.

I like how he diffused the Clintons' women's rights wedge.

With his father's patient good nature and his steady political compass, he just might be a match for that pair of jackals.

Did you hear him slap down the former sexual-predator-in-chief?! Wowza.

I like how he defended his old man. Hey, you're talking about my Dad. Everyone liked him. I'm proud of him.

He defended him in character, but takes his own position. That's son of Ron Paul Tzu stuff there.

Anger leads to hate. Hate

Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to the dark side.

The problem with righteous anger is that I've seen many use this anger believing they were right, but in the wrong capacity and it's usually the anger component that led them astray. While I do sometimes appreciate a passionate approach (afterall, according to Socrates the best argument is one composed of ethos, logos AND pathos), I think the political scene needs more cool heads with neutral objective views. Because I've never seen politics as dysfunctional as that of America.

Oh and I didn't downvote you, just to clarify.

i think ed is talking about passion

and if so i agree. it's one of the problems with rand for me. and if he's going to sell the youth (which his dad thinks is paramount) then one must generate excitement. i think he does for segments of the run of the mill republicans, but an intellectual revolution needs a certain amount of passion like what is obvious with johnson, ventura, the judge and his dad.

I've seen Rand give some

I've seen Rand give some pretty passionate speeches. He has no problems in that area when he wants it. I think the main issue is that people have the underlying desire to see Rand verbally pummel his opponents. It's essentially an appeal to pathos. IMO, this line of reasoning is one of the reasons US politics have gotten so toxic. It's the underlying desire for a leader, a hero and the desire for enemies and destroying them. This is why politicians tend to argue purely on an emotional level and verbal fights break out between the politicians. It should be the other way around, more reason, less emotion and less desire to create enemies.

A genius can do ethos, logos and pathos all at once, but if I would place my bets on someone that can actually solve problems, my bet is on logos each and every damn time.

While I certainly acknowledge that a true leader must have a certain amount of pathos, I think people should place less emphasis on pathos, if only to gain a slightly healthier political climate.


US politics has been toxic for a long, long time and the only way it will improve is when the people have had enough.

Nobody wants to see a maniac representing their views nor do they want a delivery that puts them to sleep. I thought Rand was good here, but other times he comes off wishy washy, and questionable.

there is no such thing as neutral objective views

All views are subjective. Let us never forget that. As for anger leading to hate, did you mean ALL anger ALWAYS leads to hate? I think what you perhaps meant was "anger can sometimes lead to hate," n'est pas?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Yeah, that's why I said

Yeah, that's why I said "usually". But the point remains. I think America has too much passion for its own good. Just take this youtube segment for example:


See the guy questioning Rob Murphy and thinking that Rob Murphy advocates "doing nothing". I recommend watching the entire youtube and see how emotion can lead reasonable people astray (and it's not him alone). The guy has plenty of passion, but in his haste for action comes up with a sub optimal solution.

When GI Joe said that knowing was half the battle, he had it plain wrong. Knowing the source of the problem is but 20% of the battle. The solution to the problem is by far the hardest part. And most people don't realize this and tend to think that their half assed solutions will work. And in practice they don't work. Because they don't usually consider blowback or how flexible human ingenuity to circumvent laws are or how human selfishness will eventually result that rules will be disregarded after awhile. People underestimate the magnitude of the problem and thus neglect to sit down and carefully contemplate all the downsides. Only patience and a minimal amounts of preconceptions can solve these problems. Emotions and passion tend to get in the way of that as demonstrated from that youtube movie.

This is why I believe that RP was so transformative. He had both patience and tries to minimize his own preconceptions. And I see similar things with Rand. And not to say that they don't have passion, but they don't seem to be ruled by it and led astray.


so you think gj is a libertarian?
i almost voted for him until he blew it at the last 3rd party debate trying to appeal to the greens and other socialist. i still like gary but he's no libertarian, unless he has evolved recently.

i guess compared to barr and root gj is a libertarian but not compared to browne or badnarik.

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Rand Paul 2016

I was specifically talking about GJ's recent appearances

He seems to be becoming more radical and more libertarian.

I fully agree with your last sentence.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

david gregory

after his shameful performance with glen greenwald shows no signs of letting up on his creepy mode of operation and annoying smirks. he looks to be relishing being a govt lap dog, and being part of the ugly face of the MSM. rand did a good job here and when i see him like this i wonder why the heck he can't be like this all the time. i'm liking rand today, but i know tomorrow he'll do or say something that will make me want to throw my coffee cup at the wall. oh well, politics.

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You used the word "creepy" to

You used the word "creepy" to describe Gregory. I think that is the perfect adjective to use when talking about this "newsman," though he reminds me more of a grade school boy than a man.