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I know what freedom means to me


Words and Music by Bernie Leadon

Twenty one and strong as I can be
I know what freedom means to me
And I can't give a reason why
I should ever want to die

Got no cause to be afraid
Or fear that life will ever fade
Cause as I watch the rising sun
I know that we have just begun

I might spend my life upon the road
Just tryin' to add to what I know
Then someday I might settle down
And all my friends will be around

They say a man should have a stock and trade
But me I'll find another way
I believe in gettin what you can
And there ain't no stoppin' this young man

Cause I'm young and fast as I can be
I know what freedom means to me
And I can't give a reason why
I should ever want to die

No I can't give a reason why
I should ever want to die

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Life is strange as freedom shifts in reference.

I once performed this song at a friend's funeral in Bernie Leadon's hometown.

That was nice

Thanks for sharing

My pleasure.

I was happy to find a Bernie Leadon (early Eagles) song posted after clicking your headline from the front page. I've spent many hours listening to his guitar and such, mostly as he was with the band I posted in my comment. He's in that video. He's the man in black, feelin' free in his funny fuzzy hat.

I thought you might enjoy this

If you are able to view it, I seemed to have some problems.


saw it, no problems

wow, cool website, thanks!


I think Randy Meitner had the best voice, and Bernie was the more talented musician of all of them.





Omg! I love this song!

Thanks for sharing




With these lyrics - I think about a documentary I recently watched called Lost Airmen of Buchenwald.

In the summer of 1944, 168 airmen from the US, England, Canada and other Allied countries were captured in Paris by the German Gestapo and sent to the infamous "Koncentration Lager Buchenwald" in Germany. Falsely accused of being "terrorists and saboteurs," the airmen faced a terrifying fight for survival and a race against time to escape their execution.

They should have been held in a POW camp where conditions were far, far, far better than the concentration camp. The end of the documentary relates to the OP's lyrics - their concentration camp experience changed their outlook on life and made them forever grateful for the freedom they had in mid-twentieth-century America.

Life is a strange journey.

Documentary site:

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