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Tunisia adopts new liberal Constitution!

This was the first country that went 'Arab Spring' a few years ago, sparked by a fruit vendor setting himself on fire in protest. Three years later, and they seem to have done it:

1) No Islamist Sharia law
2) Equal rights for men and women
3) Democratic elections

"An entire chapter of the document, some 28 articles, is dedicated to protecting citizens' rights, including protection from torture, the right to due process, and freedom of worship."
"It will replace the 1956 constitution drafted when Tunisia gained its independence from France."

Way to freakin go, Tunisia.


Full text of the new constitution:

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Not perfect, but

remember what this replaces.

Their final act was to steal $60M in gold from the central bank and flee to Saudi Arabia.

"Ben Ali and his family were accepted by King Abdullah to live there under the condition that he should keep out of politics. Ben Ali and his family are now living in exile in the Saudi city of Jeddah."

They have no protected right to bear arms

So it's a sham.

At best they get to democratically choose from a choice of masters.

There's only a few enumerated conditionally protected rights. And pages of vague and broad powers.


This constitution is a perfect blueprint for dictatorship.
Just one of many examples:

Chapter 2: Rights and Liberties Article 20: All citizens, male and female alike, have equal rights and duties, and are equal before the law without any discrimination. The state guarantees to citizens, male and female, individual and collective rights, and provides them with conditions for a dignified life. - See more at: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2014/01/21/tunisias-draft-consti...

In just one paragraph...

1). They have stipulated all rights are not natural, they are a gift from the state.
2). In the same paragraph, it calls for "individual" and "collective" rights. Anyone with the ability to think knows individual and collective rights are mutually exclusive - neither one can exist in the presence of the other.



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

And it's official.

"Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and the head of the National Assembly on Monday signed the country's new constitution, officially adopting a charter that is one of the country's last steps to full democracy after a 2011 uprising."