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Establishment Republicans Send Letter to Priebus Denouncing RNC's New Anti-NSA Resolution

Bush Era Republicans Letter Denouncing RNC's NSA Criticism

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
300 First Street, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

Dear Chairman Priebus:

As Republicans who are familiar with the threat that terrorism still poses to this country, we are compelled to dissent from the ill-considered resolution adopted by the Republican National Committee on January 24 by voice vote.

The Republican National Committee plays a vital role in political campaigns, but it has relatively little expertise in national security. Unfortunately, that lack of expertise is on full display in the resolution. The RNC condemns “the secret surveillance program called PRISM,” and claims that it “monitors [the] searching habits of virtually every American on the internet.” In fact, there is no program that monitors the searches of all Americans. And what has become known as the PRISM program is not aimed at collecting the communications of Americans. It is targeted at the international communications of foreign persons located outside the United States and is precisely the type of foreign-targeted surveillance that Congress approved in 2008 and 2012 when it enacted and reauthorized amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The errors in the resolution do not end there. The resolution falsely implies that NSA collects and has easy access to telephone metadata, when in fact every search of the data requires a reasonable and articulable suspicion and is strictly limited by the courts, with oversight by the intelligence committees of both houses of Congress.

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Read the full anti-NSA RNC resolution that was passed unanimously written by grassroots activist Brian Daugherty from LibertyRoll.com


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Where is our letter denouncing Globalist RINOs




Pubus is still just being an

Pubus is still just being an a** kisser trying to make up for his humongously epic fail at ignoring us. He has a very long way to go for redemption in my book still.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.


Grandstanding - To perform ostentatiously so as to impress an audience.

is this for real?ffs....the

is this for real?

ffs....the first LINE,, they open up with "terrorism".....ffs

nazis, soviets, china, terrorists, whose the next boogy man to be used by the few to control the many.....HUH?!

i wrote the above after just the first line, and i can assure you good people, rest your minds at ease, that it gets progressively WORSE..........freaking arrogance

I think i should now read the end

"Count us out."
oh please, please mean your firing yourself's

The GOP Civil War...


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Priebus the RINO!

So, he claims not to be for the NSA surveillance. But, in the meantime the grassroots or Tea Party candidate won't have a chance to be nominated at the National Convention due to the new Rule changes.

Guess they don't understand that the collecting of the data

is what is unconstitutional without a warrant. I would think that any savvy lawyer would be able to argue in court that any information obtained prior to a warrant would not be admissible.

But I don't think this NSA program was meant to catching and prosecuting criminals.

I absolutely love

how they play it off as if data can only be accessed with a 'court approved process', but yet they forget to mention that these are super secret squirrel courts.

I think it's all theater

He is the establishment! He's the one that helped to keep Ron Paul from becoming the nominee.

Darn I expected Cornyn's

Darn I expected Cornyn's signature to be on there.

Southern Agrarian

Michael Nystrom's picture


Thanks for posting Rob.

He's the man.

Next false flag,

I would begin the investigation in this guys office. As for locating so called terrorists within our borders, they should just compare speed dials. The fact that this letter still attempts to use the 911 event as a fear factor and example for preventing terrorism proves either ignorance or denial of reality or complicity in the event. I see this letter as nothing less than a veiled threat. Anyone with the will to research and the ability to reason cognitively can come to one truthful conclusion that, at the very least, the "official" story is B.S. That's enough "truth" for me to be pissed to the fare the well. This "establishment" has a lot of audacity expecting me to believe that this letter is anything but self serving according to their own precedence.

"Don't screw

with our cash cow, Chairman Priebus!"
"We need all the taxpayer funded, metadata we can get!"

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Someone got the date wrong!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Good eye!

Good eye!