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Snowden German Interview (English version)

Found it! the 30 minute interview



After having watched it... WE WILL NEVER KNOW the 'extent' of Edward's responses... it has been (obviously) heavily redacted which they call 'editing'. (sigh) But there's a lot here... ,, the Five I's 'intimate and para-legal relationship' for instance. **wink,wink**
Once again my Respect goes out to Edward Snowden for this.

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Great interview

He is a smart cookie, and on our side.. good man !

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I wonder, do you think he has

I wonder, do you think he has information on September 11th? Maybe information on how the government turned a blind eye? More specific information on Cheney's "stand down?"

I have a feeling he does. I'm not saying he has info that backs up conspiracy theories, just specific information on the administration's role of allowing it all to happen.



This man shows himself more and more to be a true American Patriot!


If Snowden mysteriously dies or is droned, will people still run into the streets wrapped in flags? Will the media side with the state again and tell the doting public that Snowden = Bin Laden?

Southern Agrarian

It has just occurred to me,

That maybe there's a really great reason Snowden and company are slow to release information. If criminal indictments are pending related to this info, no lawyer would want to tip their hand. Snowden has an Achilles heel with much of the remaining info in my opinion. He's releasing enough to let them and us know the nature of what he has. I'm betting there's evidence of election rigging, insider trading and maybe even communications related to that not so fateful September morn. Let's hope we wake up to news of mass indictments soon as the beginning of a river of truth that our nation so desperately needs if it ever hopes to heal..

Another observation.

After watching a second time, I couldn't help but notice gestures and body language following the CIA question that may suggest there's more than he can tell. It's my understanding based on previous whistleblowers like Tosh Plumlee, that there are different factions within the CIA. It begs the question of whether this might be an operation by either a good faction trying to purge a system of wrong doing, or a rogue faction trying to lead and control public perception of the apparatus in order to normalize their activities.


"He's releasing enough to let them and us know the nature of what he has. I'm betting there's evidence of election rigging, insider trading and maybe even communications related to that not so fateful September morn."

nice thought... you may be right.. he sure smiles a lot when he defers to the journalists who have the docs.

Uploaded it on Youtube as well...


Edit: Seems You tube today blocks it automatically when identified as 3rd party content. Well F*CK OFF then.

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Here's 3 more that popped up on Youtube... let's see who wins @ this game shall we?????????????
UPDATE: these 3 Down... I don't want to waste my time finding more..
but it's fun watching them play BOP THE GOPHER! :)




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You can say thank you to in-band-signalling metadata.

You can say thank you to in-band-signalling metadata.

And to the DMCA, also.

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Wow! We need to see a full pardon of Edward Snowden.

Please bring this guy back, he needs to run for office.

Clearly Snowden is very intelligent

It is also clear that he was/is missing large aspects of detailed history regarding how the neocons, the Carlyle Group, Skull and Bones, Defense Policy Board, CFR, Banks, and Security Contractors are at the helm of steering the world towards a very specific end of world domination, establishment of a world totalitarian state with these criminals in control.

There was plenty of intelligence before 9-11 that those surrounding the neocons, Iran/Contra boys, Carlyle Group, Bush Family and Skull and Bones members were actively planning a large false flag attack on America in order to ignite their middle east slaughter to overthrow of Islamic governments of the middle east. There was also plenty of intel that demonstrated a long history creating, funding, training and arming various Islamic terrorists groups around the world in order to create an artificial threat that would be the boogey man who would cause the American give up their rights and support these criminal psychopaths on their conquest of world domination.

If Snowden didn't understand this picture by 2004, as he clearly did not from this interview, then Snowden was pretty far behind in bringing the bigger picture into clear focus. I had plenty of intel to realize who was planning a false flag and for what purpose, the difficult part was finding exactly what they were going to do. It was probably difficult to find out because they were focusing those NSA intel 'tags' on those involved as means to contain ANY leaks of the actual plans. This is the main focus of those 'tags', Snowden speaks of. They tag their fellow criminals to watch them the closest to ensure their are no leaks of the criminal plans.

This is a good example of how someone can be really intelligent, have the right intent to want to good things but be ignorant of the deeper facts that would otherwise enable him to really understand what the real threat to liberty actually is. The more wise path is to realize what you don't know and don't assist any activity that you yourself do not know every single aspect of.

If he had been armed with the intelligence I speak of he could of gotten more valuable intel while he was in there to actually get the tags of those involved in the larger conspiracy.

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May I ask how old you are Phree...?

In 2004 Snowden was 20 or so. Were you fully informed when you were 20? He obviously had to go through some deprogramming.
I was 30 for example before the lights went on for me and I started to do my own research on TPTB.

To know every aspect of something in my mind would be quite a feat however, to which the NSA is trying their darndest to accomplish.

And finally we don't know for sure exactly what he has turned over to Journalists, for only a small fraction has been released so far.

All in all I think the conversation that he has started is great, regardless of whether or not he knew every ASPECT of that which he was concerned about.

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When I was 20

I read the entire Iran/Contra congressional house and senate investigation transcripts and prosecutor Walsh's criminal cases against Abrams, Poidexter et al. I also spent the next year building maps of those criminals involved in Iran/Contra who were publicly exposed in running drugs, counterfeiting currency, running guns and setting up, training and funding the terrorist organization of the Contras. I spent a year going through the history of these individuals and tracked back their family genealogy, business associations, and organized crime for over 200 years back into their networks past. Follow these criminal families past is was revealed the bigger picture of the skull and bones, the Bush and Banker buddies funding the NAZI's, running drugs through skull and bones, using drug money to build and fund Islamic terrorist organizations around the world, assisting in the Kennedy assassination, establishing the OSS which became the CIA and much much more.

Being 20-21 y/o (1997-1998) taking the time to do all of this, where do you think my head was at to know the importance of doing this very boring work of spending nearly two years in the library pouring over national archives and microfiche news papers to research the 200 years of history of these individuals in Iran/Contra and the family and business associates?

That's because by the time I was 17 y/o it was already clear to me that the local, regional and national law enforcement and court system levying drug war on the people was/is treason. By the time I was 18y/o I wanted to see nearly all f the local law enforcement, judges and prosecutors thrown in prison or given the death penalty for their criminal acts of treason on innocent people at large. That's where my brain was at.

Oh, and I did not grow up in some rebellious family or lack family structure. My dad was a US Federal agent and former military. I grew up around all kinds of high level Secret Service, FBI, and many other Federal Law enforcement personnel. Up until I was 10 y/o I was a total patriotic supporter of the US government and Constitution. By the time I was 15 I had experienced so much tyranny by law enforcement and public schools that I no longer supported any of them. I could clearly see that they were control freaks and lawless in their tyranny. I wanted to drop out of public school by the time I was in 2nd grade. I had already seen enough of public school by them to know that public school was a waste of my time.

So, by 20y/o any competent man should have had enough information to understand that the "government" was/is the biggest threat to security and peace there is. The drug war alone should have been enough for everyone to know that levying war on the American people is actual treason by definition.

The real question/revelations about the awakening that is occurring is, why did we ever assume that the government was good? Why did we assume that the news was real information? Why did we assume that public education was required? Why did we ever have support for such an extreme and dangerous organization called the United States or any of the States? They want to assume they are our masters when they themselves are not competent in law or justice to be doing any of what they are doing. The only place most of them should be is in prison for the actual criminal injury they are committing against everyone with their acts of extortion, fraud, assault, perjury, racketeering, murder, kidnapping, theft, and all out psychological and physical warfare they levy against nearly everyone.

It's the assumptions that destroys us. We assume they are necessary, we assume the war is just, we assume the news is real, we assume taxes are required, we assume the enemy they espouse is real, we assume on and on...

Why did we ever assume anything?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

excellent snowden interview


Wow Snowden really impressed

Snowden really impressed me with this interview with what he said and the insights he gave being on the inside of all this, really good video man, thankyou poster for posting, should be front page as far as im concerned

I hope he gets in a position, if he's willing, to help change the damn thing, using his insights and his direct technical ability on the subject at hand, the internet, hi]e's right, we cant trust that they'll stop, we have to beef up worldwide internet security......until i see that mental shift, ill go ahead and assume nothings changed.......thankfully, there are individuals out there not waiting for a greenlight, to begin, my eternal thanks and support to these individuals with this goal in mind


Here seems to be 7 pages of transcript

Thanks for this :)

I will post into the OP.


just wow!!

He's a lean mean

thinking machine.


he's really impressive.


a lot!

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