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Why Not Ban Guns?

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the easiest answer is not always the correct answer. I too am sad for the recent violence that has taken place here in this country. We must look at history to guide us into the future. As long as this, or any country, has a government that feels it grants us our liberties, guns are necessary for the peoples self defense. Just ask the people of Mexico. They are fighting a corrupt government and violent drug cartels.


To think that this wont happen here, is an ignorant thought. Within the last century a military coup was planned but foiled by Major General Smedley Butler from the U.S. Marine Corps. He was asked to carry out the coup because he was well respected by the veterans who were angry at FDR for not issuing their promised veterans pay. Smedley Butler was to give FDR a choice to either step down as president and let the corporate fascists take over or get a bullet in between the eyes. Smedley Butler wrote a book called "War Is A Racket" explaining that he only fought wars for big companies profits. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the "Military Industrial Complex" that has been rapidly growing in that last 10 years and has now helped turn our police into a military force. The number of police home invasions have skyrocketed since the beginning of Former President Richard Nixon's "War On Drugs" which has been the excuse to retract our liberties along with the "terrorism" myth that "they hate us for our freedom". They really hate us because the US government kill their families and steals their resources. They pray for the sun not to come out because the drones only drop bombs on them when it is sunny. I could be here all day listing the innocent people who have died but I will link to one article that cites 70 percent of the people killed by drones were civilians.


Either foreigners are not considered people or the politicians don't care about people and shed political tears when a tragedy takes place in this country. I tend to lean the way that they don't care about people. Madeleine Albright said on 60 Minutes that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. The US government starved these children with sanctions.


Government cannot be trusted and is very dangerous. Don't take my word for it. Lets ask the University of Hawaii who did a study on democide in the last century. Governments killed 262,000,000 people in NON-combat related deaths.


So, from what I see, guns have not changed. Their purpose is the same today as it was when they were invented. Like I said previous, lets look at history to help guide us into the future. What has changed? Why do these people commit cowardly acts on people who are defenseless? Why don't they attack heavily armed military bases? I see two new factors contributing to the violence. One being "gun free zones" and the other being pharmaceutical drugs.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2010, prescription drug use continued to increase.


When people use mind altering drugs, they don't act rationally. Why would we look past the prescription drug commercials that say the side effects could be violent or death. These drugs are still widely overused.


Before we act irrationally and ban or restrict guns, lets ask other countries how this has worked for them.


Just because gun murders go down, does not mean it is a success. In Australia the number of home invasions have soared since guns have been restricted. We tend to only concentrate on the bad rather than acknowledge the lives and property saved from only showing the presence of a gun.


So the real question lies in the principle. If guns can be banned, then anything can be banned. Somebody thinks something needs be banned. The solution does not lie in government coercion. The solution lies in the individual and societal values based off of facts rather than emotion.


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Ban guns?

Are you insane? How did you ever come up with the idea that guns can be banned? Read the Constitution, particularly the 2nd amendment. No lawmaker can ban guns. Without guns, how would cops be able to shoot unarmed people?

Because I am free and you are not

allowed by me to ban anything for me. Ban only for yourself.

Ban ban ban but I am a free sovereign human and no one has authority to put any ban on me.

You are talking about what is wrong with forcing others to do as you wish?

Well when you try to force others they push back and so do I.


Thank you

My point exactly

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Caballaros Templarios... aka the Knights Templar cartel

I pray for the people and the militias down in Mexico, fighting the corruption and evil around them.

The "Knights Templar" cartel didn't choose that name for no reason. Our U.S. government's "war-on-drugs", is run from the top by the Executive Branch. Locally enforced on the populace in the U.S. by the DEA, but internationally the CIA is enforcing the true agenda of the "war-on-drugs".

The true agenda is to control the illicit drug market, as funding for Black Operations, and also simply for enormous profits. This scheme also gives them a large amount of control over the criminal underground/organized crime world.

The U.S. (and other nations') military is often employed in these major drug smuggling operations. See the movie 'American Gangster' with Denzel Washington. The exact same scam is run in Afghanistan with the heroin there. Pat Tillman was famous for giving up a promising NFL career to serve his country in the Army Rangers and he exposed the drug plot, but was killed in mysterious circumstances by "friendly fire" immediately thereafter. Mexican military has been documented entering U.S. territory to escort drug cartels in the Southwest. Only CIA, Executive Branch could/would authorize something like that. "Operation: Fast & Furious" is further proof of this working relationship.

The CIA, since the beginning was started and headed by members of the "Order of the Skull & Bones" secret society. The Skull & Bones are a branch of Masonic Knight Templar, whose Order goes back to Bavaria, Germany. Their connections with the Nazis are plain to see as well. The 'Iron Cross' is essentially just a Templar Cross. The SS wore the Skull & Bones symbol on their hats.

There is much more to it but that subject can take up several books itself. No doubt the "Knights Templar" cartel in Michoacán and elsewhere in Mexico see themselves as a branch, or subsidiary of the powerful,global organization/corporation/secret society known as the "Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon".

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Good post

Put it somewhere more useful as your preaching to the choir.

great post.

i was just thinking about that the other day in regards to something else. but the idea was "the easiest path is most often not the moral or best path to take." and the biggest example of this is, suicide.

suicide is definitely one of the "easiest paths" to take...

easy is not the best. easy is cheap. easy is the floozie at the bar with a body full of std's. easy is not "built to last".

Take a challenge, make it count, make it last.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.