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Zero running cost home heater

I'm not sure if this tech has been posted here so because of all the cold weather I thought I would. It is basically a "free energy" device. Once built and installed it puts out an impressive amount of heat. I have built a small test model and it works amazing. This summer i'm going to build a greenhouse with a few large units to heat it through the winter.

This is one of the video's off of youtube that introduced me to the idea.


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Could it heat even more with snaking?

It seems to be 15 pipes that are 16 cans long; within each pipe there are 15 sets of fins to make the airflow more turbulent.

Might it provide more heat if there was a single intake and outflow? In other words, put a U-shaped piece at the top of the first pipe, going into the second pipe; and then another U-shaped piece at the bottom of the second pipe, going into the third pipe, etc until the last one which then flows into the house.

It would seem that would be able to heat the air for more time as it's flowing through. Does this make sense?

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Another idea: 3D print coriolis vortexes (saw here recently)

There was a post with a video which I watched, about a guy who has made a device that is 3D printed, and the shape is based on a whirlpool or coriolis effect. With it, he can mix the water in a huge tank with pennies, whereas the previous device which was much larger cost dollars to run.

That's with the "shape of a whirlpool" spinning, which requires elecricity.

My enhancement idea is to use a drill to core out both the bottom and the top of each can, rather than snipping fins into the top like he did. Then, affix a 3D-printed coriolis piece to the top of each can (perhaps, the top of each except the top row -- which might have a U-shaped piece on it, from my above idea).

This should "spin" the air as it moves through a lot more than the fins, which should result in more even heating.

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These are cool. I used to use

These are cool. I used to use them when I lived a Ga, but where I live now doesn't get enough sun in the winter to make them effective. 55 Gallon drums full of water and painted black is a good way to store the heat for the night. Good luck.

He's also good at landscaping...

his lawn looks like AstroTurf !!

this looks pretty awesome,

simple, and effective but...

Aside from the empty beer cans (of which I can quickly produce thousands) the other components are fairly expensive. Its several hundred FRNs of investment for a project that could go very wrong, very fast for the uncareful fabricator

Some are some aren't

The box is made of wood (any kind will do). The ridge foam insulation can be bought at Home Depot and is cheep. The reflective insulation is also cheep and at home depot. He used metal tape to finish things off and wile it is a bit on the pricey side a little goes a long way and 1 roll would be more than enough.
The real cost that I have found is the solar powered attic fan, around $300, My plan is to use computer fan that runs off a solar panel. Computer fans are 120v so I will have to put together a small circuit to step-up the 12-24vDC to 120v but i am guessing i can do that for way less than $300

I will post up a parts list with prices on the big one I am about to build.

I'm trying to be helpful not

I'm trying to be helpful not know-it-all-y. Anyway, here goes.
The fans you're talking about are probably not 120VDC. They're probably 120VAC so you'd need an inverter to switch DC to AC. Also, there are plenty of 12VDC (computer and otherwise) fans out there. I get them at radio shack if I need them quick but you can also get them online.

Try It Without the Fan

My guess is that using it without the fan probably works just as well. It might take a few minutes or seconds longer to start flowing in the morning, but once there is enough temperature difference between the intake and the internal box temperature, the air will flow by itself (heat rises).

In fact, sometimes in passive solar design, a home will have a solar chimney effect (as if the home is inside the box), and the wind will get too strong and cause papers to go flying.

Hummm... I wonder if I should apply for a patent on a solar-powered home dust remover? Which reminds me that the design shown here is probably patented, assuming it is the same design as the one owned by the company in Canada.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Why patent it when you can?

You can open source it and profit by advertising on your site!

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Passive devices have their place

Passive devices such as this have their place. I applaud those who are using these, and other low cost alternatives. Passive devices have limitations also, and should not be depended on as a sole source of heat for the entire year.

A variety of heat and power sources should be considered by those who have the means and desire to get away from the grid.


bump to bookmark it and watch it tomorrow, my furnace went out a few weeks back, I was hunting down firewood for 3 days for my fireplace, understand I will always need to be prepared.

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Its not passive...

I guess you did not watch the video... lol

Let me know

When it can heat my house at night

You just got PAULED!

store the heat

maybe these prepper water bricks?
Here or some other mass...
personally.. I still love the cobb stoves but that takes wood (off topic) sorry. :)

Rocket stoves / mass heater

I also love the Cobb stoves. They are amazing tech... but you have to feed them. This system runs on its own, as soon as the temp warms up the fan kicks on. I know i will also have to install a mass heater of some kind to fend off the cold nights, we are thinking of a water wall heated with something like the old solar for pools where the water flows through some sort of thin black tubbing and is heated by the sun during the day. Even that system can be run by a small DC , solar powered, sump pump.

Solar at night

ya that would be a good trick. They are doing it using the sun to heat a salt bath, the salt stays molten all night. They use the molten salt to make steam to turn a turbine.