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Want immunity? Pull a mega crime.

Alex Jones got me thinking. It's bizarro world there. Mind boggling levels of theft, and their vices and corruption are of such mega levels that nobody believes it. Chris Christie blocking a major bridge for political reasons? No way, people go to jail for disrupting traffic, right? Nobody did. He threw his assistant under the bus, and she didn't even get arrested, just fired.

And that's like the tamest of the huge criminal acts these guys have done lately. Sicking killer drones on people, starving to death a million foreign citizens for political reasons, stealing the wealth of an entire country through fraud, all that's fine. But if you're a regular guy without that kind of power and you do some petty theft you're going away for some time.

When was the last time any politician or major player in the US was prosecuted criminally for a mega crime? Has it ever happened? It seems like it's always stupid little stuff that they get someone for, like tax evasion or soliciting prostitution, but anyone who commits serious crimes that he should be given the death penalty 100 times over for, he gets off without so much as a fine, and is even heralded with a Nobel Peace Prize and shit.

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