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My Linux Experiences- Slackware.

I have been playing around and working with various flavours of Linux.

My present system for Linux is an old Dell machine that our lab got as a part of a package buy of used office equipment from a firm that was leaving town.

Now I have installed Slackware Linux on it and am running the XFCE desktop.

It is fast. It is beautiful. It is powerful.

Slackware does have a bit of a learning curve to it but it was not too difficult.

I just loaded the new version of Chromium the open source browser.


I tried Kubuntu first and noticed that it got slower and slower as I used it so I trashed that and went with Salix because I was still a bit leery of Slackware. Finally I got fed up with that because it is incomplete.

Slackware has not crashed or froze up yet.

There is life beyond Windows.

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Sure linux makes sense but

Sure linux makes sense but there will inevitably be things that you'll have to learn.

Here are M$ Excel alternatives. There are windows versions available if you'd like to try it out.

Apache Open Office - Calc

LibreOffice - Calc

Inept? Computers have change since the 90's but the concepts and principals of troubleshooting remain. I'd say go for it. Dual boot the system or install it on a separate machine if you have one. That way you can always just go back to what you know if it turns out to be too much.

Edit: Minimizing what "TPTB" are monitoring wont necessarily be solved by installing Linux. Many times this is a false assumption. Securing the PC is one thing, securing your digital communications is a very different beast.

thank you!

appreciate the response.

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

I've been using

Linux Mint as my daily driver for the last few years. Its a Ubuntu / Debian based Linux distro. Running lxde its nearly flawless. However, I've recently been running cinnamon desktop. If I have to crank up a windows box its in VirtualBox as a virtual machine.

Changed my life.

chown Regnad Kcin Ulfilas

chown Regnad Kcin Ulfilas

Southern Agrarian


chown bob slack -R

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ceci | ne pas une pipe

I'd love to make the switch

Because I already use Sublime Text, Inkscape, Gimp, and web standards in my environment.

Making the transition is not without hassle however, and I don't know if I have the time or mental space right now to get into something that is bound to have its inevitable dead ends and timesinks debugging, configuring and working out kinks.

To underscore this - I tried installing the latest rev of Ubuntu just to get a head start the other day, used an external USB drive prepared as a boot drive - and it immediately bombed out with an error.

Not a good sign. So I shelved it for a bit. I'll take a look at Slackware, thanks.

i made a usb loader for slackware

1. I got downloaded the slackware iso (i used a bit torrent)
2. I got the Linux Live USB Creator (http://www.linuxliveusb.com) and used it to create the bootable USB
3. Booted from the USB.
4. Used cfdisk to partition the hard drive
(that's really the only tricky part)

For the old Dell machine it was a destructive install anyway but for the the computer that my boys use at home I put in another hard disk and left XP on the present hard drive.

From there, the default settings pretty much take care of things.

You get a chance to decide what desktop you want. I like XFCE just fine but KDE is more out-of-the-box Windows-like but one can configure XFCE quite nicely.

You will need to learn how to load packages and SlackBuilds and such to add the software you want but it is not too difficult.

I had my 14 yr old son add LibreOffice to his machine as a SlackBuild and he got it done first time no hitches.

There are a lot of cool tools in the open software world for Linux and they all run very very fast.

Windows was getting too dumbed down and syrupy and slow for me,
and I am tired of being played by Microsoft. Really, it's not their computer. It's mine.

Open source software empowers the people.

LibreOffice seems to do everything that the Microsoft Office Suite does and many things it does much better. It also has a Corel-Draw-like Draw program that you don't get with MSOffice.

Yes, I already use LibreOffice as well


Likely hardware problem.

Likely hardware problem. Likely with the external drive. It should install and run ok *out of the box* without issue.