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Confrontation: Sen. Dahm v. Piers Morgan on Oklahoma Gun Bill 1473

The original thread is Here | Yes.. FLOOD his office with support :)
Senator Nathan Dahm:
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Does the right to life trump the 2A, yes or no?

Does the right to life trump the 2A, yes or no? Nice innocent seeming loaded question. The right to life and the right to bear arms are equally important. That question cannot be answered with a yes or no as both are wrong. The right to defend your life is a part of your right to life, giving up that ability to defend yourself by modern means (firearms) is putting your life in jeopardy.

Freedom requires personal responsibility, which is why it is unpopular.

Hey Piers....

We are the militia. The same militia that kicked the freaking redcoats all the way back to tyrannical England.

People want to argue about

People want to argue about the intent of the term "well regulated militia", when they try to justify only the army or police having firearms, but there is a simple explanation why this is not true.

If it was intended for only the military and police to have firearms, then they would have started gun confiscation the day after passing the 2A.

I am not sure as to the original meaning of "well regulated", but the 2A does define that militia as "the people". Who are the people? That is everyone. Like the Senator said, unorganized militia is part of the militia. That is just a dude with a gun that shows up when push comes to shove.

I don't think the Feds would like it if the States started organizing volunteer training sessions for civilians. So now I just thought of a question for you guys.

When they refer to a free "state", are they talking about states individually or state in the sense of the whole nation? I would think individual states as militias were not nationalized, they were a state level organization. I am thinking back then they identified as allied states, not with a national identity.

Early drafts

indicate to me that the referance "state" refered to the state or condition of freedom, later drafts where changed and misapplied IMO.

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Purpose of government...

"... Government acts like a shield punishing the abuses of freedoms - assaults against the life, liberty, and property of innocent people - not the freedoms themselves. For example, the misuse of a firearm which results in injury to an innocent party would be punished rather than the mere possession of such a weapon. Officers of the law are appropriately called peace officers, for they do not enforce political law, but protect everyone equally from force and fraud. ..."
Benedict D LaRosa

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

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Taking the fight to the enemy!

Nathan Dahm is the best State Senator in Oklahoma. He is the guy who can be relied on to stand for Liberty, every time, in an articulate way. He won his race by knocking lots of doors, against a seriously well funded opposition campaign from the Chambercrats.

We need MORE guys like him on TV, speaking truth to the enemy. There are very few guys like him, however.

Great job Nathan!


"Does the right of life of his son supersede the right to have a military spec assault rifle". If I were the senator I would have stopped Piers by saying if there was an assault ban, that mans son would still be dead. Why, because only pistols were used at Sandy Hook. Why are people so fixated on an item that doesn't cause nearly the same amount of deaths that a handgun or a knife or a fist causes....I hate stupid people. If you want it come and get it.

You can email this excellent spokesman at...


(Nathan Dahm)

just did! Thank you!

just did! Thank you!

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Thank you and done :)

Thank you and done :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain


I like about Piers is that he does bring on guests with strong opposing views.

What baffles me is that Piers is on the wrong side of almost every argument. Almost as if, he likes being dominated

"He likes being dominated"

Haha, I'll bet!

Everyone's got their thing and there's nothing wrong with that; guess Piers just likes his public, loud, and obvious. ;)

For Liberty!! *GONG*

Ratings, people! Ratings....

Piers Moron loves getting destroyed on national TV so that you and I will talk about it on the Daily Paul.

Piers Morgan: irrelevant.

Offtopic: Congress just funded the "moderate" Syrian "rebels." Looks like more news from Syrian will be approaching.... /sigh

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

the whole debate is fixed in the paradigm of an unfree society

Ie. a society that is governed/ruled. In a free society (no government/rulers) there wouldn't be vast swaths of unowned land (ie. roads, highways, interstates), and background checks could be done by insurance companies, and insurance premiums could be allocated based on a person's risk

They think every corner has assault rifle gunmen perched up

3rd world style.

But we have a fundamental right and I don't see the scary man on the corner.

Yet when they take all our guns we will.

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Ugh, why do people even try

Ugh, why do people even try to logic with him? Piers is doing his job, spreading rhetoric and creating web hits and ratings.

Stop doing interviews with him. Stop watching his show. Stop clicking on any story with his name. Stop watching any video of his. And he'll go away.

Repeat with anyone who replaces him.

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Senator Dahm knows his stuff.

Senator Dahm knows his stuff. Although Piers was aggressive during the conversation, Dahm just kept educating the public.

I loved the point he made about our government stupidly naming Bills.

Outstanding interview. Thanks for posting.

Piers is right; naming it the

Piers is right; naming it the Piers Morgan law does make a mockery of the issue, but the guy probably would not have been on the show if it wasn't.

Senator Dahm came across as

Senator Dahm came across as an articulate, clear thinking, prepared politician. We need more like him. Piers in his usual obnoxious self is so tenacious about American rights and their constitution around second amendment. As a Brit on US national TV Why is Piers so argumentative and unyielding in his position to take away American right to own and bear arms? His campaign to do so is suspect to wonder what is the real agenda going on here?



Live in Liberty
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The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson