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Ukraine anti-protest laws repealed; PM offers to quit


By Ed Flanagan and Alastair Jamieson, NBC News

KIEV – Ukraine’s prime minister offered his resignation Tuesday, just hours before the country's parliament voted in favor of repealing a set of anti-protest laws which had triggered violent unrest in Kiev.

Mykola Azarov said he wanted to step down because of the threat to the economy caused by the deadly anti-government protests, Reuters reported.

If his resignation is accepted, President Viktor Yanukovych would have to appoint a whole new government. Earlier this month, Yanukovych pushed through laws to crack down on protests and raise possible prison sentences for creating mass disorder.

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I believe...

one of the protest leaders was then offered his job.
He said 'no thanks'... smart boy!
Hollande is trying every trick in the book to stay in power.

Good crisis analysis here + some outrageous footage of molotov 'bombs'
interestingly the Military unilaterally declares they will NOT get involved.

Ukraine PM resigns for 'peaceful resolution to crisis'


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