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Rand Paul's SOTU Response


Related: [Drudge] NJ: This Is Rand Paul's Moment ~ The Kentucky Republican struck out on his own in his response to the State of the Union. Here's why.

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mdefarge and unknownuser

It is NOT true that Americans are way over paid.

In a true free-market, with less regulation, less theft (taxation), it may be easier and more wide-spread for entrepreneurs to start up businesses. Supply/demand will put more people to work. The same supply/demand should raise wages as companies will compete to hire the best workers.

In order to accomplish this, government must get out of the way.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You are only arguing for

You are only arguing for policies that will result in higher wages and they are indeed good policies. But the wages NOW are too high.

Consider it from this perspective. What would happen with wages if you artificially inflate the economy? They would increase, because there's more money to go around. But if that demand suddenly falls away and the economy crashes, wages cannot continue to increase or stay at the same level. They have to decrease to adjust to the new reality. And the wages have not had a chance to adjust as of yet (it takes time), hence the existence of massive unemployment. When prices (including wages) have finished adjusting, only then will employment be normal ever again.

Simply spoken, it all boils down to the theory of malinvestment and the relation that theory has to wages.

Vicious cycle.

Malinvestment, though a reality, is likewise artificial, as long as government is in the way.

We will never realize a true free market in our lifetimes. It is merely a discussion topic to pass down to future generations, if they ever have the courage to embark upon such an idea.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I liked Mike Lee's

Response better.

Ron Paul Was Right

Gary Johnson's response

And by the way....

To those who worship Ron and hate Rand, why isn't Ron bashing his son? I thought you said he was a straight shooter!

A straight shooter...

...doesn't have to tilt at all windmills.

(Doncha just love mixed metaphors?)

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

he's never been a basher

and i doubt there are many here who "worship" ron and
truly "hate" rand. it's more like respect and are suspicious of.
ron is not going to dis his son, he is a man of old world manners,
and he will remain supportive short of rand jumping up and down
to bomb Iran.

When did Rand say he thought

When did Rand say he thought we should bomb Iran? And please...before you say anymore I'm going to suggest some reading material.



Other than, without resorting to, as in Short of yelling, I had no other way of getting his attention.

thanks for the link. i support rand in the senate and i hope he votes against iran sanctions (an act of war).

I may have jumped the gun

I may have jumped the gun here. It's easy to misread people on a thread. Thanks for clarifying. There are a lot of people here who say Rand wants to bomb Iran and that's a big fat lie.

To be clear...he voted for the sanctions because he added an amendment. The sanctions were going to pass either way.

Weird people here....

People complaining when Rand is educating the 95% of Americans who believe that government is the answer to everything.

I guess you want him to preach only to us?


Hell, people here complain less about the other 99 senators who are worse.

I guess Grayson would have been better.

majority in US

Raylan Givens?

Is that you? "It's not that government is stupid.." *funny head tilt* "though that point is debatable."

(If you haven't watched Justified, you are missing out)

great book

excellent show

Those who were not impressed

Those who were not impressed by Rands speech were never impressed by Rand to begin with. The problem is that everyone of you are comparing him to his father. He is not his father and there will never be another. Why not focus on what matters...like his voting record and all the other issues he's been bringing to the table. When is the last time any of you have even looked at the work he's been doing?



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thank you!

Thank you!

Like others have said...

Rand never gets me excited like his father did. Obviously this was directed at "mainstream" republicans and moderate swing voters, not libertarians.

When Ron Paul used (still does obviously) to give speeches, or at the debates, would just lay it out there. He would drop massive truth bombs that set himself so far apart from the rest of the rif-raf. But like someone else said, this could have come out of the mouth of many a rank in file republican.

Unless you're going to contrast, why make another rebuttal? Great opportunity that I think was somewhat lost.

robot999's picture

Maybe he is saving those "bombs"

for the debates? Maybe he doesn't want to show his cards to his enemies too soon, so they can prepare attacks? Maybe he is smarter that some want to give him credit for?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Brilliant SOTU Rebuttal by Rand Paul...

Contrary to the negative reception in many of the comments below, I thought Rand Paul's SOTU rebuttal was brilliant! Very smart thing for him to invoke Reagan's name several times and tap into the deep reservoir of support for Reagan's policies that still exists among so many Republicans and independents and even some Democrats too. The Freedom Zones policy initiative emulates the the Jack Kemp optimism that prevailed during the Reagan years, which unfortunately has since gone into hiding. This is a winning message! Embrace it!

Ed Rombach

it sounded

more like something you'd hear from a lawyer.zzzzzzzzzzz


Man Rand sure sound like a GOP hack! Nothing like his dad Ron. Man I do miss crazy Ron Paul! If Ron was giving this speech it would sound nothing like this. Rand is talking to the american people like are a five years old. Yea that a boy Rand talk to we the people like we are stupid. This is rely going to make me vote for this moron Not!

Stand With True Libertarians!
Fire Rand 2016!

That was also my immediate impression.

Throughout his career I've noticed a pattern. Every few months he becomes flaccid after binging with activity. He was like this too shortly after his filibuster. On top of that, he has never done well speaking to a camera in a relatively empty room, and here he's utterly insipid. He'd do well to consciously develop and practice some sort of template of personality for such occasion, not to be disingenuous but to simply be conscious that he needs to at least develop enough personality for viewers to simply pay attention.

Whether he got some rest, or more probably because he is directly speaking to real people, one day later you can hear his passion return. It is evident especially in the second half of this interview...

"Rand is talking to the

"Rand is talking to the american people like are a five years old."


Okay you got me there.

It should of said "Rand is talking to the american people like they are Five years old."

Just poking some fun. ; )

Just poking some fun. ; )

Listening to Rand's speech..

I would expect nothing more or less from Rand I sold out Paul. Wake me up when he is done bullshitting me.

Wait...how did Rand sell out?

Wait...how did Rand sell out? Tell me your not still butt hurt about "the endorsement".