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92 military nuke officer are cheaters now eh?


I been keeping a lazy eye on this.

1. We know some nukes went missing a while back and the timing was NOT REASSURING.

2. We know that top military commanders in charge of nukes have been getting turned over AT THE SAME TIME WE'RE HEARING ABOUT PURGES AND LOYATLY OATHS THAT ARE NOT REASSURING.

3. More recently we hear whispers that black ops are getting held up by what remains of honor in the services. Air burst in the heartland and blame on it on "al whoeverthehell" anyone?

4. Now we have pretty much an entire class, whole classes getting DQd as their commanders were replaced.

Uh huh. Yep.

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Guys Read The Article

Cheating has to do with school tests on not on their spouses. A few people below think that cheating meant on spouse.

This smacks of SPECTER


I just figured after Bill Clinton, who gives a damn about being faithful to your wife?

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I guess that'd make a good sociological study topic.

I guess that'd make a good sociological study topic.

What the hell makes the high ranking military naughtier and less faithful than any other part of the active male population?

A "BIG 'GUNS'-syndrome" or something?

Maybe size DOES matter after all?!


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I heard on the radio that some were booted for "drug use". No further explanation necessary in my opinion.... ......

Allow me to Introduce General Weinstein

Brand New Commander of all US Nukes! What could possibly go wrong??


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


Things that make you go hmm..


Hebrew for "assistant"


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

This might be one of the most significant stories out there

If TPTB are trying to replace "good guy " nuke officers with "bad guy" nuke officers, that's an incredibly frightening prospect, especially considering how corrupt our government is.


You also have to entertain the possibility it's bad guys being replaced with good guys.

PS. In my opinion, saying "TPTB," either in abbreviated or long form, isn't wise argumentatively.

I was a missile maintainer in the Air Force

A Bent Spear incident occurred in 2007 that involved six warheads being flown from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB where I was stationed. The Air Force was in the process of decommissioning the Advanced Cruise Missile(ACM) which involved flying the stockpile from Minot to Barksdale. The missiles were loaded on pylons that attach to the wing of the B-52. A crew grabbed the wrong loaded pylon and did not do a proper safe status check(check for the presence of warheads through a small window in the missile). They then towed the package to the flight line where it was loaded on a B-52, flown to Barksdale, unloaded and left unsecure for hours.

This incident led to every commander in the chain of command of the units involved being fired. We went though dozens of major inspections over the next year, while Minot was temporarily decertified. Even the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air Force lost their jobs. The Air Force eventually completely reorganized the nuclear command structure under Global Strike Command.

My enlistment ended in 2010, and I happily took my honorable discharge. Morale was terrible after these mishaps, as many were uncertain about the future of their own careers.

It is sad to see another incident involving the nuclear side of the Air Force. I wonder how the U.S. government can sit on their high horse regarding Iran and North Korea when we can not keep our own house in order.


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Perhaps They'll Outsource Those Jobs

...to contractors like Booz-Allen or Halliburton. :/

Is anyone...

...talking to the nuclear commanders who have already been expelled from service in the last purge? Have any of them come out to make statements to anyone secret or otherwise? Is there any media interviewing them? I am certain that answers can come from them if they are talking.

I think I'd be more concerned

With who's replacing them, rather than allegations of cheating and failing to rat-out brothers in arms.

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thanks, I didn't know all this was going on, sounds like mischief going on behind the scenes.

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Is President psycho trying to

Is President psycho trying to wrench control of our nuclear arsenal from our military, to replace them with his very own flying monkey minions?

Bump for flying monkey reference.

good chuckle.

Wonder why they would let

Wonder why they would let these leak out. Why not reassign them or kill them or make up another story? Why give us this much information?

Southern Agrarian

This is strange

and gives me a chill