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Angry women and guys in confederate caps talk to state senator about property rights.

Lowell Barron, at the time, the most powerful state senator in
Alabama, talks at town meeting about new "home rule" or "limited self government" as it's called here in Alabama. This took place in his home county and he loses badly. A big scary man get's in his face, also has a screaming a women and a guy wearing a confederate cap. Cops come in. Poor quality video but still worth it. 10 min.


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Can't wait for this to be

Can't wait for this to be John Cornyn in Texas.... if he ever shows up at a debate.

Southern Agrarian

can't make sense of this...

probably just me...
need more coffee...


sounds like disgruntled people that are being told its the left right paradigm and are not going for the same old bs.