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Bankers Being Suicided?


Now, why would this guy climb a 4 foot fence to fall off of a cliff? There's not a bridge or a tall building around? What might these KEY players know that doesn't need to be made public?

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Plus one reporter missing

The case of David Bird, the oil markets reporter who had worked at the Wall Street Journal for 20 years and vanished without a trace on the afternoon of January 11, has this in common with the other three tragedies: his work involves a commodities market – oil –


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Business is brisk at JP Morgue.

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His résumé and published papers :

His résumé and published papers :


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Well Deserved


Here is

the original Bloomberg link to add credibility:


Check out this quote:

"Dueker worked at Seattle-based Russell for five years, and developed a business-cycle index that forecast economic performance."

Oh well there is NOTHING strange about THAT...

Who were the other two banker?

Who were the other two banker?

JPMorgan & Deutsche Bank in London

Both Americans "supposedly" killed themselves in London.

Gabriel Magee & William 'Bill' Broeksmit

Read all about it here:


Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I wish some of

these fellows would have thought to make a cd or someway getting out what they know if they should get bumped off.

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3rd Banker, Former Fed Member, "Found Dead" Inside A Week.

[They are dropping like flies.]
If the stock market were already crashing then it would be simple to blame the dismally sad rash of dead bankers in the last week on that - certainly that was reflected in 1929. However, for the third time in the last week, a senior financial executive has died in what appears to be a suicide. As Bloomberg reports, following the deaths of a JPMorgan senior manager (Tuesday) and a Deutsche Bank executive (Sunday), Russell Investments' Chief Economist (and former Fed economist) Mike Dueker was found dead at the side of a highway in Washington State. Police said the death appeared to be a suicide.

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Thank you for the article link, Steve.



Police said the death appeared to be a suicide.

No investigation?

Is something rotten being covered-up?

Free includes debt-free!

Do we have

a count?

At least three this week.

I've read of one in London, one in Germany and this one so far. Enough for me to question meer coincidence. I'm guessing these might be people in the bubble that don't know that their best protection is to go public through alternative media in the biggest way possible.

Week aint over yet.

Week aint over yet.

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Bankers and military brass being silenced .... looks like they may be about to close the gate.

interesting times ahead