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Technical Difficulties at the Daily Paul

My apologies. I know the site is running rough. I'm getting timed out on comments and posts, and just on pulling pages up in general. I know others are experiencing the same thing.

I don't know why it is doing this, but that's how it goes. One day everything is fine. The next day, for no apparent reason, things aren't working right.

If there has been one enduring frustration for me over the entire 7 years of running this site, it has been in just keeping the damn thing afloat and running right.

Anyway, I hope we can get it fixed soon. It the mean time, thank you for your patience.

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HA !

Good to know it isn't on my end...this time
But,I am sorry to hear it goes on here.
I have been fighting a video player that takes this comp over
and it runs the same way for me...sluggish,timeouts,and no loads

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Hopefuly something that helps... IE vs. Firerfox

I run Firefox only. This evening, I had much trouble accessing. I used IE and it worked fine. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox and still had the same problem while IE still worked.
I want to use Firefox...am currently using IE in order to communicate.
Something in firefox seems to not be coinciding with this site. I get an error about not being able to run a script in firefox.

I have problems with Firefox.

Within the last two weeks, Firefox just hangs, for no reason, even after I've emptied the history, quit Firefox, reset it and open it. I have to use force quit to get out of it. I've reset Firefox three times. When I use Safari, I don't have the problems.

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It is not a browser issue

It is just running sporadically, for unknown, mystery reasons.

Ghost in the machine.

You switched browsers and it worked better, but it was just a coincidence.

Sometimes it runs fine, sometimes it just slogs along.

Sorry guys.

If you try Firefox in about 5 minutes, I bet it will work ok.

Don't ya just miss the days

when you could just spite in the back of it and kick it a good one to get it to work right! ;)

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The modern day version of kicking it

Is to reload the page.

But I've noticed we're getting a lot of duplicate posts and comments.

yeah but rebooting doesn't make you chuckle out loud

like spitting in it does......HOWDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!......this clip makes me laugh out loud, there's nothing like a good chuckle.

thought i was the only one

thought i was the only one

Southern Agrarian

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"I know I'm not the only one...

Who watches moonlight/
chase the sun

This is what I was listening to when I started the DP: Remo Conscious. You're title reminded me of that lyric.


I found him because his song Lies was the soundtrack to the closing credits (as I recall) to Loose Change. From that, I looked him up.

If there was ever a soundtrack for the DP, it would be that song. Lies.

Update: Just now I had a 504 gateway time-out

server delay message. Hmmm.

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This problem is better now.

Whatever you did, it's working. Thanks, Michael.

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Hey Steve - Ghost in the machine

I didn't do anything :(.

It is just running hot / cold, fast / slow for unknown reasons.

Sorry Steve. Thanks for your help.

Man I so know and I am am so sympathetic and I really relate and

after an 11 hour day fixing somebody else's mistakes i say cry me a river, CRY ME A RIVER CRY ME A RIVER and i not only have tiny violyns, i got the whole orchestra.

This one's for you. Name your tune.

;) but more like slow burning GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Handy tip: before clicking 'save' on a post or a comment...

outline it and click control-c or right click and click copy. Do this automatically every time you write something important or long and it won't get lost due to a glitch.

Pandas is bad.

Yes. On a real post I always

Yes. On a real post I always use a notepad before copying over.

When I get a 504 or time out I can usually reload and not lose my content. Its accidentally hitting alt <-- that kills me. Every time I go forward hoping it won't be a blank comment box, but it is.

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Yeah, that is a lifesaver Chris

It has saved me on more than a few occasions.

I thought my

computer had a virus, maybe it is the whole internet, try some other sites too.

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Ok - I figured I should tell folks

So they didn't think that.

There are problems here. I don't know what they are. Hope to have them fixed soon.

Sorry about the trouble, qs.

You can always.....

tell the NSA to free up some of your bandwidth...... 8)

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

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- Alexis de Tocqueville

Been running great for me all

Been running great for me all day, Michael!

Michael Nystrom's picture

That's what she said.

If you're hitting it all day like me, you'll notice something amiss.

I started noticing yesterday. Sometimes it is fine. Sometimes, it just doesn't load.

Anyway, thanks.

Same for me.

No problems evident all day. Thanks, Michael and everyone.

Update: Just now I had a 504 gateway time-out server delay message. Hmmm.

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The Daily Paul Site Appears To Be Working Fine Now

About 3PM eastern I couldn't get online..