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The Little Book of Conspiracies: 50 Reasons to Be Paranoid

The Little Book of Conspiracies by Joel Levy

Publication Date: 2000

Pages: 138

Amazon Overview: From fake moon landings to the murder of Princess Diana to the faked death of Jim Morrison, a modern-day paranoiac has plenty of reasons to keep looking over his shoulder. According to one survey, two percent of Americans indicate that they have been abducted by aliens. That's five million people right there. Why are they keeping silent?...

Index? Yes

Sources? Yes - over 20 including 2 books by the same author and wikipedia.

Best Price: 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping

Average Rating on Amazon: 1.5 stars out of 5, 7 reviews

Free Look Inside on Amazon? Yes

Free listen on Amazon? No

Available on Kindle? No

Updated/revised editions? Yes

Recommended for: Anyone up for a good laugh.

Have I actually read it? Yes.

My take: The author takes 50 of what he says are the biggest conspiracies and divides them into 4 sections. The table of contents doesn't give page numbers for any of them so you have to page through the book to find them. However, many of the chapters are listed under a different heading than what the TOC indicates. Example: the Vince Foster section is headed up under Whitewater Blowback.

Each section gives the conspiracy theorists view - what we all agree on, then gives the official story, and finally a percentage rating of how paranoid you should be about the subject. Illuminati: 0%. Roswell: 5%. Princess Diana: 1%.

I still can't figure out if this book is supposed to be a big joke but on the plus side I did learn about some new conspiracies I wasn't familiar with such as the strange disappearance of Australian politician Harold Holt (1%)

Other books by this author: Who cares.

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Reason #51

Reason #51 :

now there's a book about it!



Thanks for sharing Chris.

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continued reading...


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