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Bank Of America Does Not Accept Dollars As Payment

It's getting bad guys! Check this out http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hyvxLxLHqVs&app=m

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Here's an UpDate

..posted Sept 2013.
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Thank you for this Danton .

Thank you for this Danton .

They don't want cash payments, because what they

actually want is your SIGNATURE on a cheque, so they can securitize on it. You signature is what creates the money supply-creates more Federal Reserve notes.

Every time you sign a cheque; sign a money order; sign a credit card application, etc. that signature creates more money (fed notes), and the bank uses that signature for their own personal gain/profit.

If you sign a cheque for $1,000.00 the banks gets access to ten times that amount from the Treasury to loan to other customers. This is why they are so quick to foreclose on homes, they want another signature on that $200,000.00 mortgage, which in turn yields them $2 Million from the Treasury, just as they received when YOU signed the note.

That signature of yours on signing day paid off the house, but you were never supposed to know that. Because of the 1933 U.S. Bankruptcy, all public debt is to be discharged through the Treasury window with a signature.

But the banks, mortgage co's, utility co's, etc. are double-dipping. They want you to pay for it twice, and if you don't, they confiscate it and sell it someone else with an ink pen.

Cash is frowned upon because they cannot securitize/hypothecate by ten on cash, but the CAN do so with your signature.

Look up McFadden's speech ;)

They are legally required to

They are legally required to accept dollars for debt. Of course I guess breaking the law never stopped them before.

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Too bad for them

Who is the real master in

Who is the real master in this transaction?
Pretty F-ed up

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Yes sir

Yes sir

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