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Maine Bound: RNC Ties That Bind


FLASHBACK: August 28th 2012 Tampa, Florida: The following transcript is from a meeting of the RNC Rules Committee that took place on the 2nd day of the 2012 Republican National Convention prior to the now infamous and highly controversial floor vote and Maine's duly elected delegates walking off the floor in protest.

BILL PAULSEN (Minnesota): ...With this compromise language, we will pass 16(a)(1), which will require without regard to state party rules that all states-- that all delegates be bound....

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: Thank you, sir. Mr. Barbour, you have the final presentation on this motion.

HENRY BARBOUR: Mr. Chairman, I am going to take a little different approach to this. I am no lawyer, and I will be the first one to admit it. The first time this thing came around, when John Ryder was voting against it, I voted for it. About 40 minutes later, I read it for about the fourth time, and I figured out that that middle paragraph was very much distasteful. It's because it took away the authority of our state parties to be in control of the delegate selection process. So I stood up and I fought this. We turned it around. We tried to craft a compromise to meet the objectives of following the will of the voters and making sure state parties are protected in this process. Well, I would be the first to admit our compromise language we did on the side of the room was imperfect. That is why many of you were upset about this. We all knew it was not quite it needed to be. We articulated where we wanted to get, but the rule didn't fit quite how it needed to. But now -- and there are several people who put the work in this -- but they have the language, it's done correctly, and it's where we need to be. And I want to ask you something. We have come here to Tampa, Florida, and I want to ask you a question. Are y'all ready to defeat Barack Obama?


HENRY BARBOUR: Are you ready to nominate the next President of the United States.


HENRY BARBOUR: Let's not forget why we are here, people. We are here to elect the next President of the United States. Mr. Chairman, I believe that these Rules ensure that state party law allows -- it ensures the state party law that allows state parties to select delegates, where state law allows it, is held steady. We certainly, none of us, want a campaign overreaching, and that's why we all stood up. We want bound delegates to live up to their commitments. This bill, this compromise -- which "compromise" is not really the right word; I would just say we got it right. This bill deals with what the delegate does and not who they are. And I think that's part of the beauty of why this is the right solution. Thank you.

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: Thank you, Mr. Barbour. We will now move to a vote of ratification of Rules of the Republican Party, as amended, and the adoption of this report of this Committee on Rules and Order of Business.

CINDY LAKE (Nevada): Point of order, Mr. Chairman.

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: All those in favor, please stand.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: You are not standing, Mr. Chairman?

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: Yes, I am. I didn't realize that. [Votes being counted.]

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: Please be seated. All those opposed, please stand. [Votes being counted.]

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: I'm sorry, could the 23 nays please stand again? I want to give you a fair count.I promise you, we are not pictures. [Laughing.]

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: The vote is 78 to 14.

So what exactly does this rule state?
RNC Rule 16 a(1):

"Any statewide presidential preference vote that permits a choice among candidates for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in a primary, caucuses, or a state convention must be used to allocate and bind the state’s delegation to the national convention in either a proportional or winner-take-all manner, except for delegates and alternates delegates who appear on a ballot in a statewide election and are elected directly by primary voters."

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Sounds to me like Ginsberg holds a little too much power


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The Question Is:

Is the RNC/DMC a truly democratic organization or, a totalitarian form of organization ????


What the Chairman wants the

What the Chairman wants the Chairman gets..