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Which State is the Most Free?

Which states offer the most personal freedom? The most economic freedom? The most educational freedom?

Marriage, gambling, tobacco, marijuana, firework, homeschooling, and dozens of other freedoms are ranked by state in an interactive map hosted by George Mason University at http://freedominthe50states.org .

The rankings are updated every two years, so accuracy isn't guaranteed. That and more is explained here:


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what about quality of life?

Living in CA and NY gives so much access to variety of services that I might argue the inconveniences are worth it.

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updated for 2014?


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What about home schooling

Some of those states don't seem to be so free when it comes to a child's education. http://www.hslda.org/laws/

that is a good question. Florida is pretty free in that area.

I guess the people at GMU are not as concerned about that one, or may group it in with personal freedom. Edit: you actually can find out where your state ranks in schooling freedom by clicking the 'education freedom' button on the under the header.

Florida- #1
Arizona- #2
North Carolina- #3
Idaho- #4
Georgia- #5

Since the category does include private school regulations as well, it will rank states differently than the HSDL does.

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is this out of date? how is alaksa #1 for personal freedom?

I'd vote that Colorado and Washington should be higher than Alaska, as both of them have somewhat relegalized the cannabis plant

are you high :D

Alaska stomps them both several times over on gun freedoms.
No building codes, no property tax, no local cops to bother you in so many places.
And you site pot? Please tell me your joking?

But for the near sited in Alaska you have been allowed small amounts of pot for over 20 years or so my friends that grew up there told me.

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updates every two years.

updates coming in 2015 from George Mason U.

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nah son

they do seem to have pretty detailed info however it's not always RIGHT. for example they said Colorado has "no right-to-work law" and held that as one of the big things against us.

The Right to Work in the State of Colorado

In most state law, right-to-work statutes are a black-and-white situation: Either the state supports the right to work or allows all-union shops to reach agreements with employers not to hire non-unionized workers. Colorado adopts a hybrid form of the law, falling on basic right-to-work laws as allowed by the Taft-Hartley Act, while maintaining workers' rights to become a closed union shop if they deem it necessary to secure collective bargaining power.
Colorado law requires that 75 percent of workers vote in favor of all-union status. The Colorado Department of Labor oversees and administers these elections, certifying their results to grant legal exception to the state's prevailing right-to-work laws.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/info_7959363_right-work-state-colorado.h...

also, we legalized mj in 2013 and have had medical mj since 2000. compare that to right next door in Oklahoma (top 5?) where you can get Life in prison for making $20 worth of hash, that's crazy.
this company's priority scale just seems a bit off to me.

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Naturally I noticed the same discrepancy in Colorado & WA...

note however that the info is updated every two years.

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New Hampshire...

I live in NY.
I have convinced my wife to take a scouting trip to New Hampshire with me as retirement is coming soon.
The Free State Project has caught my attention.

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I have something to share about New York.

I have something to share about New York.

I'm a software engineer with a 18 year continuous work experience and pretty happy at current employer for 2+ years and not looking, thus far. So, of course, I came to develop a pretty extensive network of recruiters and headhunters in sectors of all sorts, be it industry, services, technology, or finance.

Many are hitting on me regularly for gigs about anywhere, but believe it or not NY breaks all the records. I receive an awful load of them contacts, about NY, almost every single day.

In this domain, and for the financial services, banking and insurance especially, they seem to be absolutely desperate to find people of my experience or less willing to work there.

I'm telling you, for my profile anyway, it's crazy, as compared to any other state.

And no, thanks, but no thanks, NY isn't going to be something I'd consider to sustain my family ... any time soon. You bet.

I don't know exactly how bad things are turning to be in NY currently, but I can't quite imagine my domain is the only one to be affected that way.

It really feels like (self-reliant) people are fleeing out of NY right now(?)

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You bet! ND is the "most free" state, even though we come 20th in personal freedom. definitely got our shit in a pile fiscally. With the passage of the farm bill it will be interesting to see how we handle the allowance of hemp production. I have some convincing to do to the old man to letting me put 30-40 acres of it in! Hope the DEA doesn't set our farm ablaze and shoot the place up. I'm more worried that since the govt has the obligation to change laws as they deem fit, that they will have an eye on future hemp growers. ....

This map reminds me

of a prank video I saw somewhere where they asked people on the street simple questions to show how dumb people really are.One of the questions was what U.S.state is closest to Hawaii and the girl said Alaska.Now I see why she said that.LMAO

muhahahaha! I just asnered


I just asnered my tea! Now I have to go clean off my keyboard and monitor! LOL!

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Holy shit California!


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Yeah I know... But even more than the police what's overwhelming

Yeah, I know...

But even more than the police, what's overwhelming here is... people's apathy.


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

California is a....

Police State.


Yes it is. :/
moving :)

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Makes me proud that i come

Makes me proud that i come from California (bottom 5) to living in Tennessee #3.

All thanks to the US Army, who would have thought?

Hahaha. I'm glad i decided not to go back home.

I got my conceal carry permit the same day i applied. I love my state.

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Re: South Carolina

For homeschoolers, the state has teacher qualifications and burdensome standardized testing, recordkeeping, and notification requirements.

Sorry, incorrect. The only teacher qualification is that the parent have a high school diploma or equivalent. There is no "burdensome standardized testing" requirement. You test if you choose to. Record keeping is merely keeping track of your child's progress via work done which is a responsible part of teaching your child at home. It is certainly not a burden to keep a notebook of your child's work - it is rarely, if ever, looked at by any authority. As far as notification requirements - one must join an umbrella organization which compiles names of the homeschooled students in each county and sends them to the state DOE annually.

All of this is under Option 3 homeschooling laws for SC.

SC is one of the easiest places to homeschool - I have done it for over 13 years.

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They may need to update their information

perhaps you could help?

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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I'm very surprised at how low

I'm very surprised at how low Wyoming is down the list. I know several people that live there and travel there for work quite a bit, and it seems like the attitude is very live-and-let-live. I guess the laws may not reflect that.

I'll tell you who isn't NEW

I'll tell you who isn't


Who overwhelmingly votes RINO 100% of the time....sad.

nh appears almost in freefall.

Still very refreshing in terms of government approachability compared to, say, NY or CA. But in real decline. Tellingly NH voted Obama and rejected Paul and I think those choices speak volumes. Endless "gotcha" regulations, far too many not documented.

Was it that the "live free or die" state decided to drink the koolaide? Or did the Free State Project fail? Not looking too hopeful in NH right now.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

The Locals Call Them

....MASS-Holes...and they seem to be over-running the state.

That's what "Granny" said years ago.
She also commented on "Canadian-Bathing-Suits" when I related to seeing a fella run into the ocean at Hampton Beach (he was wearing a thong).

That old "Yankee-Wisdom"...Granny was quite a dame!

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That's just an excuse

NH natives blame 'massholes' for literally everything that goes wrong here, but you know what? It's the other way around. The prevailing attitude with many NH folks is "I don't like X, therefore X should be illegal". Especially concerning marijuana, and you can't blame 'massholes' for that, given the very lax attitude MA takes toward it.

As for NH folks voting RINO, I also find that difficult to believe. in 2012 I saw mostly Gary Johnson and Ron Paul signs (some of which are still up, one guy even spray painted it on his house), and I saw a grand total of two Romney signs and ONE Obama sign. Yes it's just anecdotal evidence, but the area I live in, as well as the surrounding towns were/are very pro-Ron/Rand Paul.

The property taxes are a pain in the ass, but there are ways around that. ;)

I don't really post here anymore (too much infighting and 2libertarian4u elitism), but I figured I'd chime in.

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I am tempted to say

the freest state is our state of mind but thanks for posting this in the real world this map is very useful.

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Wisconsin is near the bottom.

Wisconsin is near the bottom. Recent examples are mandatory DNA samples upon arrest (passed in 2013 with the 2014-2015 budget), recent raids by the County Sheriff and the FDA on raw milk farms, the farmer eventually won his case after 2 years of constant hassle and imprisonment. Sky high property taxes (even with the recent tax reductions by Governor Walker) The Wisconsin River Heritage Parkway (Land grab by the state AKA Agenda 21), the implementation of Agenda 21 and Common Core Standards.

Did I miss anything???

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Wisconsin: #1 in cable tv freedom, #2 in miscellaneous.

#49 in campaign finance...

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