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Sedgwick, Maine First to Enact Free Food Trade Immune to Federal Law, Say NO to Forced GMO Regulations

Sedgwick, Maine, the first town in the US to legalize any kind of food transaction as free and legal in order to keep the right to produce raw milk, organic produce, free-range eggs, and more, is revolutionizing the way America keeps its food rights – including saying no to GMOs. In other words, it is the first town to declare food sovereignty while opposing both state and federal laws.

The town has passed an ordinance that protects citizens’ rights to “produce, sell, purchase, and consume any food of their choosing.” The ordinance laughs in the face of FDA regulations and their hodge-podge way of giving food a rubber stamp of approval, especially GMO. Three additional towns in Maine are expected to pass similar ordinances as well.
The move is somewhat similar to a move one England town made, where the citizens transformed their entire town’s landscape into a giant food-producing garden. Both are great examples of moving toward food

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Finally. This is the

Finally. This is the libertarian way of dealing with GMO food. I can't stand it when so-called libertarians support using coercion on companies like Monsanto to label GMO. -___- As much as I don't like Monsanto, we still can't force them to label their food.

However we can do something like THIS, and stop coercing people into having limited options for food -- mostly GMO food.

Open up the doors for people to choose their foods, and watch Monsanto go down. Not by force or by the stroke of some pen, but at the hands of the economic agent in the free market.


States want legal pot, towns want cottage industry food.