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What we really need today...by President Ronald Reagan

Please EVERYONE...give this a listen from a man who LOVED this nation!


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From what I understand....

He did nothing to restore liberty to America. Religion is great, but that just creator might be "scratching his head" at our apparent lack of use of reason to identify and pronounce a moral and ethical political philosophy.

I would appreciate links or books that can shed light onto his contributions to the liberty movement. As far as I'm concerned, the neo-liberals I know use his presidency to show how "top down" economics, rifting, and conservative values are not what we need or want. I think he did a lot of harm to the libertarian anarchistic, or the true American political philosophy, and that he was a joke.

Why not do this?

Why not ask Ron Paul about President Reagan's contributions to liberty, after all, he was the one that couldn't say enough good things about President Reagan, Hmmmmm?

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Ron Paul on Ronald

"If you look at the Republican platform in 1980 under Ronald Reagan, and the enthusiasm generated in 1980 that something would change, it’s awful disappointing to look three or four or five years later and find out that not only did things not get smaller, they got much bigger faster. We can support this by looking at taxes. They claimed taxes went down under Ronald Reagan, but they were raised six times under Ronald Reagan.

The deficit exploded. The national debt went from less than a trillion to over $3 trillion in that decade. Government debt is growing at 13.9 percent per year. So it’s awful frustrating to endorse the same old parties, Republican and Democrats, and never see significant change."

Yea..... Don't praise this shmuck. You like him because he was a supporter of our religion and pushed it in office?? which is the first thing that raised my eyebrow.

He did NOT "push" religion on anybody.

He spoke from his heart unafraid like the cowards we have today in office!
I never said that President Reagan was a "perfect man"
No man alone can be blamed for ALL hat goes on in Washington D.C., you know that!
It's all of them, but yes, Reagan (like Ron Paul) knew what the real cause of the rise and fall of any nation is and God Himself told us that if we forget Him then this would happen and that is why it is happening since even BEFORE Reagan took office!

Without God, Amerika is toast!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I strongly disagree

Religion is for personal use only. America is toast by not having a true free market, and an ethical and morally correct political structure (Libertarian Anarchy) I don't believe this is gods doing, this is a lack of use of reason by our fellow humans. Anyway you don't know for sure if Christianity is the true religion, it could be Islam. Ethics and morality comes from reason, not from religion. And I think that it's a crutch to surrender your responsibility and accomplishments.

You are a human, you don't know. If a just creator is present he understands this. And would not judge you on blind faith I hope.

This coming from a Christian. And I never said it was all his fault. Just keep that shit locked up and portray ethics and morality, or your a hypocrite. But we can agree to disagree. You got me to look into Ronald and good info on him, I thank you for that :)

PLEASE....Religion is of man!

Yes, I DO KNOW who and what that True God is!

Christianity, TRUE Christianity that is, is NOT a religion!
It is following the One True Living God, and living unto Him and NOT the things of this world!
It is a turning from these things and from our sinful ways which are in harmony with the world and all it has to offer!

A true follower of Christ will not take part in the things of this world as do all those who are not of Christ partake in.

That cannot be no matter who or how many speak of Jesus and yet live in this world with all its frills and thrills.

God tells all nations this "The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God"

Now, you can make all the excuses for why this nation is falling apart but they are not "The" reason.

The day I start telling NOT this truth and start living in this world and loving the things that are of this world, would be the day I become a hypocrite, but that day will never come because I DO belong to Jesus.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Selfish bump

For President Reagan and his words of wisdom!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~