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Demonology by Smudge Pot or I know some Demons and they are really nice people.

This is gonnna go deep and if you are under attack or vulnerable you don't wanna read this.

For many generations my people wondered why, why did not God protect us when we were slaughtered?

And back when I started asking there was just a fragment of our tibe left. Some of our medicine people lasted just long enough. Sunny Billy and Nicholas Schumatoff and some others....Grey Fox and Black Fox and not much others. We were Llenappe and signatories to Delaware. And we always tried to do the right thing but we did not understand. We did not understand why our medicines no longer work.

I also did not understand why chrisian elements in my family eschewed and literally cast us out as demons. The healing spirits in us and our tradition were attacked. But things did not improve, my people were as attacked then as now and why?

In our old tradition we were aware of 4 Powers that God put in place to look after us and to heals us and to give us vision and happiness and now the new regime calld this "demonology". There is now one unitary God and all things fall under His principality. And this seemed confirmed in reality because when the Wasi, the white faces came here and made war on us, we fought, we prayed until we sweated, we tried and tried to save our women and our children but we were beaten. And made slaves or killed. And God did not help us. And our medicines were useless. And we did not understand why. We, like many traditions of faith, are taught just that: have faith, God will deliver us.

We did not understand even though some of our greatest warrior/priests saw the logic in Chrisianity as even the great Goyanthaley, the great Chiricahua Apache priest know to us as Geh Hron Im Aho, whom you call Jeronimo which in your language literally means "death from above" said and I quote;

In the old ways we hoped that familial relationships would be restored in the next place but we had no way of knowing. It seems to me that Christianity is a more direct path to the Holy One.

We're listening to a man that saw his whole people, his 4 wives, his kids, his dedicated band of warrior-priests killed and all their land taken. Jeronimo died undefeated in battle but he lost faith at the end. And he died wondering:

Where did we go wrong, oh God? What shat in your bed Almighty? Here all this time we thought we were doing right by you and things were good to my Llennappe people, the word Llennappe isn't even our language, it's what the Algonquinn called us and it meant something like "those simple fish mongers" or soemthing or "peaceful people" with a tinge of ignorance: we were too stupid to make war on others and too stupid to make war for ourselves. Any place we were not welcome we simply went away from. Those who liked nice fresh fish were our allies. And that's all we did. My people were expert fisher people.

So learning Christianity was kind of a secret I had to know. Most indians accept the blessed forgiveness of Messiah because we're aware of our own faults; "for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" and we're happy that Jesus Christ came to redeem our sins but why?

Why this war? Why did our people have to die? It just doesn't make sense. In our paradigm we have competing interests, we're pretty much polytheists in a unitary sense of the Great Spirit kinda binding these competitive interests together and CHRISTIANITY IS SUPPOSED TO RESOLVE THIS so why is there not peace?

Why did God manifest himself with the war paint to us?

It was not until some appostate Christians sat me down and explained things in a way that made sense. I'm not asking you to accept this as truth but it just made thigns make sense to me. I wonder if this message might strengthen your faith and undertanding and with this comes belief not as an ignorant but a condidred position;


It is written that Satan was created to be God's right hand man and God entrusted Satan to look after the family business. Ok so first off, God isn't in the business of creating demons, he created an angel called Satan which means "light bringer" or in fact "Lucifer" (which is just a derivative in your languages).

And I'll drop you the hint I got from the book of Exodus where God is intructing his people to walk and He says "as you turn your backs on this place of pain and suffering you will say where is your prize now oh Morning Star? Where is your joy now oh Child Of The Dawn?"

Hey guys...we know that language. That is not what one says to a hated enemy. That is not what one says when you are God that created everything and everybody that will exist and will ever exist. Our God is both omniscient and omnipotent: he knows all of time and he can change any thing at any time He choses.

So where is this competition coming from? Child Of The Dawn? Light Bringer? And we are to turn our backs? Hey ask a stupid question get a stupid answer but dude, God, God of our ancestors, if you are having a problem with this person why not just make them cease to exist? Not have a fight, just erase them. Remove them from this picture. Why not?

Well here is the appostate answer and this is demonology. Just stop reading now if it shakes your faith, that not my intention but Satan is not a he. She's a she. And she was created to be God's second wife. Not only that but the demons? That's just another word for angel which is a purpose-bred and created being. And her demons? All hand-crafted, purpose-buitl beings with one mission: love her. Defend her always. No matter what. And God so loved her that he gave her warriors but also some of the best he had: Muse.

Some of you know Muse as the demon Azra'el. Azrael. And here's where we might diverge: we love Azrael because we remember him. I love him, we are old buddies and he's welcome in my house.

Here's another thing only some of you know: we are unique and created in the image of God but the angels are not. They have no power of choice. Even the really evil ones, Moshka, Turriya, Herem, Jahannum, Sheol....Sheol...

Sheol is hell. By definition. Samedhi is pain and fear and suffering. All of these, all of them are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing which is protecting Satan. When God creates a warrior he makes them bad nasty. The only definition I find for hell is a condition of being severed from our relationship with God.

But God did this by choice and since we are created in His image, I think we can just relate as He does: I need no other explanation. It's lonely at the top. If you are the only one singular being in the universe it must be just SO LONELY.

Let's revert to scripture for just one moment and read "In the beginning there was the word and the word was God and the word was with God and the face of God was hovering above the waters".

The waters are Satan's domain, God claims the Earth but first he willed it to another.

Wait it gets more complicated?

Yeah, Lucifer is God's second wife and the first was Lilleth.

I know jack-squat about Lilleth but at one point he granted her sovereignty over the land and God tried to take it back but it's a hotly contested divorce because......

when God made his wives he gave them almost EVERYTHING. Way more than he granted us. We are simply created in His image. Demons are just tools. In creating Satan God made himself another God and endowed her with immorality for one thing. And incredible powers for another. And He created her a whole order of angels to serve her FOREVER. And that's all they ever do. They never stop and you might be able to tell when we do things that are powerful and we feel that force of right, there's often a backlash. Know what I'm talking about? I bet you do. Try to do something right and we get smacked down. That's why I'm Smudge Pot. Pick a low name and maybe they won't notice me. Because it's dangerous out there.

We are in the middle of a war. Short language, we are created beings in the middle of a fight that happened way, way before us and we are part of it's resolution. I can't tell you jack squat about the Lilleth story but I can tell you it's why we as men love women and why we can't endure as a species without them. I wonder if this is God's realtime experiment of seeing if He can work out this conflict but this all just points back to what I told you;

we are created in His image and given the power of choice. We just weren't informed of our full purpose.

Now let's bring this back to utility. God created us with power of choice and not the angels (demons) and just like we can ACCEPT muse to sing or be creative (love you Azrael) we can refuse the warriors (demon begone!) and we are presently being influenced by all of these powers.

If you think we don't have influence in realtime over God then ask me to tell you the real story of Abraham.

Also keep to what you are told: evil hates to be named but if you encounter some of the slayers, do not dally, RUN! RUN FAST AND FAR! Samedhi is a true deomon which we define simply as a hunger that cannot be satisfied. I think Satan created or commissioned that one simply to get up God's nose. Remember the story of Job? Well that argument didn't stop there.

AHO i have told a story and it's not helpful in the context of our native spiritualtiy but maybe just maybe it might make a few things make sense, if anyting I say contradicts real shepherds like Pastor Chuck Baldwin whom I know loves you for sure, totally go with pastor Baldwin. OK?

And I didn't mean to scare you to death and with this I pray the holy name of Y~H be upon you and your children and in the blessed name of Yashua, Jesus, Son Of God. Ancestors be with my people in all places aho.

(EDITED TO INCLUDE) oh wow i almost forgot the whole point here. You have power of choice like unto God and you can literally cast out demons and they can only access you if you consent. So think of the evil times in your life and consider that with our without knowing the significance, you gave that demon access and next time you can just say no, you can always, always, always say no and if you have a demon in your life we can gather and affirm your right to say no. JUST SAY NO to the bad ones and say JUST MAYBE to the others.

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Smudge, really

u my friend have been setting too long in that sweat lodge. You need some fresh air.

“There must be, in any complete revelation of God's mind and will and character and being, things hard for the beginner to understand; and the wisest and best of us are but beginners.”
― R.A. Torrey

I call indians: America's Casino Owners


And considering this is an ancient type of knowledge, it should be an ancient type of text, along the lines of the bible.

Thank you for sharing

this, there is much to consider and it is very timely as I am trying to get my spiritual house in order.

I hope people are respectful on this thread as an honest discussion on this matter could give us some spiritual insight.

I have been wondering if the Anti Christ could be a woman?

Genocide of good people of the world have been happening for centuries from what I learned from reading.

Warlords (governments) decide they want XYZ land that may possess something they want or they want to expand their kingdom. Those who help them the Universal soldier are only to happy to kill as an honorable cause. This deception is most evil in my opinion and I don't know how it will ever be stopped as it appears those in high places are creating an atmosphere of hate and suspicion that yet again will lead to global mass genocide.

Something else I notice in my reading is that many who killed others were told if they did not do this they would be killed themselves.
Wow, how many people faced with this dilemma would chose to die rather than to kill others. It looks to me in the end the good die and the evil ones carry on but then maybe it is just my perspective from where I am standing.

I like the motto of the doctors "Do No Harm" and "Live & Let Live" but I am not so foolish to think everyone feels this way.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

read more

you should read more of the response.

Brother smudge

You know I'm so very little First People that I have not the arrogance to claim it, unlike that blonde Democrat bimbo Elizabeth something or other.
You also know I'm a Christian:
Ok that's my bonafides, now here's what I've to say at the meeting of the elders.

Long ago, a individual, who was not a man, but who can be seen as a man came to this earth with a huge anger burning within him. This anger had simmered and burned his soul, so much that he waged war, a war of wars, the trafficking of lies and inferences against the Great Father Himself.

But few know how this resentment started: but I do, so I shall share it with the circle and let your spirit declare if it be true.

This individual, who's name means " son of the morning star " was a very highly placed servant in the council of the Great Father. In fact only one other shared the same level of accountability and influence in the entire people, this ones name ment " the bright and morning star ".

The Great Father, unbeknownst to " son of the morning star " was actually related to " the bright and morning star ", they were and have always been, part of a " family " of three persons, the other being simply known as the " Holy Ghost ".

For millennia " Son of the morning star " led all of the host of the people every day as they proclaimed their love for the Great Father. Occasionally, others called the " sons of God " would come to the people's camp and gather for meetings and praise of the Great Father. The reason for these meeting is that each of the " sons of God " was the chosen representative of an individual planet, like an ambassador. These meetings weren't attended by those of the camp, including " son of the morning star ", and up until the " resentment " these meeting weren't attended by " bright and morning star " either.

Great Father, the creator of all things, everywhere was going to finally put the cherry on top if you will, in creating one last I habited place, called the earth. And Great Father called " bright and morning Star " into all the meetings on its creation. In fact " bright and morning star " is and has always been the Son of God, but it is His very character to serve others and to never seek His own returned. Therefor " son of the morning star ", who was in fact, the creation of, or the son of " bright and morning star " either never knew or never considered it.

Now these meetings between the Great Father and the bright and morning star, got under son of the morning stars skin so to speak, and instead of quelling such simple thoughts he dwelt upon them and grew upset, angry in fact. But being very old and very wise hi self, son of the morning star knew a straight on confrontation about the unfair nature of how he was not being included would not work to his favor, so he chose a different route.

Buy subtlety, inference and innuendo he managed to turn two thirds of the camp against the Great Father, this was a very serious war of words, polemic war.
Bright and morning star managed to convince 1/3 of the people to become faithful to the Great father once again, but still 1/3 was still in the camp of son of the morning star. Then son of the morning star was kicked out of the camp with his 1/3.

Nevertheless, the earth was created, in seven literal days, people, that is men like us, try to put human limitations on an omnipotent Father, Hus ways are not our ways. On the sixth day, Great Father, through bright and morning star and the Holy Ghost created mankind, man and women, our first people's. He/ they also created a superb home for them and called it " Eden " and had man himself name all of the animals he created for mans pleasure. The very next day, day seven, the Great Father, being awesome gave man and women A DAY OFF!

Later, at some time after, son of the morning star, being full of anger came down to this earth to observe the goings on upon it. He spied carefuly, and gained knowledge of the patterns of man and women, he saw then that he might convince the woman that Great Father was a liar, that Great Father was withholding things from her, and that she could be like Great Father herself as well as man. Son of the morning star then assumed the shape of a flying snake, but with legs then too. And faked the women out just as he had planned, and the man fell down too.

This had a dramatic effect, son of the morning became the ambassador to the Great Fathers meetings with the " sons of God ", giving him access to the camp once again. The man and woman, had freely given away their ambassadorial rights by breaking the Great Fathers covenants with them, this is so sad.

Much later, bright and morning star, took upon himself the purpose of becoming exactly like man, in fact was born into the earth just like you and I were, and he grew in knowledge and stature just like we do too, in fact in everyday son of the morning star was just like you and I. Except in this, he managed to never break the covenant that still waited to be kept between the Great Father and humans. And then, in a act of brilliance, or so he thought, son of the morning star killed bright and morning star, thinking he had won the war now.

But in fact, that very act forever sealed the camp, and the Sons of God against him, for who would kill bright and morning star? The one who never did anything selfish ever? Son of the morning star was cast out of the camp forever and ever this time because of this murderous act.

This story only skims the surface of what became of son of the morning star, and he is still here on this earth to this very day.
He has done several wise and deceptive things in these thousands of years, the worst being he masquerades as an angel of light, that is he pretends to be like Bright and morning star.

Bright and morning stars earth name was " Jesus Christ ", and those who follow him in love are called Christians.
But not all who are Christians are of Bright and morning star, most, almost 90% are actually working for son of the morning star. You seem to have met your fair share of the latter, and likely very few of the former.

This I shall end with, as a Christian of the First Peopke, I tell it true, God is the Great Father, His Don is Bright and morning Star ( Jesus ) and no man can get home to the camp except through believing in this Jesus who was unselfish enough to make things right between them and the Great Father.

I hope you too believe it some day, but if not, know this brother. You are still my brother, I am still your brother, I still love you and I am still here for you. I am not your judge, I am your friend and your choices can not change the facts of this.

If any other Christian says anything different, or seeks to for e you to do things they say, then run, they work for son of the morning star are are not of Jesus Christ.

God bless
Stēkō pharrēsia Iēsous

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

WOW-- nicely put.

Is this your story? or is this handed down in your tribe verbally/orally? or from a book?

(if a source is possible, link please)

ok so...I will ask...

If you think we don't have influence in real time over God then ask me to tell you the real story of Abraham

What is the real story of him?(assuming there is more to the story than told?)

Where in the Bible does it

Where in the Bible does it say that God had wives?

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

anthropomorphize as much as you can

Why are our brains so big? Some argue it's because we are the most social creature of all. So, if we have all this brain power for dealing with social issues, for dealing with other people, why not use it for other types of problems? Why did the ancients think there was a spirit in everything? Because when you personalize a phenomena or a problem, you harness all that brain power that evolved to deal with social interactions. So, turn your problems into demons. Give them a personality. And then you have all these skills at your disposal. You can talk to your problem, make deals with it, trick it, subdue it, etc.

These ideas are explored in this book:

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu