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Required Reading For All DP'ers: Murray N. Rothbard

1. Ethics of Liberty (intro by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
2. Man, Economy, and State
3. Follow his footnotes at your hearts desire, you will find a ridiculous scope of works that he references.

4. NOT BY MURRAY, and may infuriate you, but read it!!!!:
The little blue book, the essential guide to thinking and talking democratic
By George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling

Arm your selfs my friends, the internet and our youth will bring about Libertarian Anarchy(if you understand it, that word is far less threatening than a neo-liberal democracy. And it's the only moral and ethical political philosophy.) Thanks to Murray and others we have had a unified theory for liberty for the last 40 years. Let us learn, and win over those that will be asking wtf happened, just like the Germans.

State aggression on all Just Private Property(including your own body) must have consequences or true Liberty will remain dormant. Liberty has been squandered as much as possible at ever corner, and yet it is not far from being rediscovered, conceived, and enacted. The internet is a game changer, and nothing will be the same. Prepare prepare prepare for our intellectual battle ahead. Reason will prevail over the course of humanity. URGENCY. NOW!

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Love Murray, but those are

Love Murray, but those are two of his worst. His history and journalism are where he shines, on ethics and economics, especially banking theory, he's amateur hour.

Anarchism is a crackpot ideology. Anarchist philosophy was born holding hands with socialism, its roots in a spiritual rebellion against capitalism and the state.

Pro-capitalist anarchism is even more new and flighty, and springs from even less healthy soil than socialist anarchism. At least the instincts that rebelled against the excesses of industrial capitalism were basically healthy and sound, even if they adopted crackpot ideas about practical politics and economy theory.

The capitalist anarchist don't run away from, but toward, rule by financial power and its inane criminality. They adopt just as impractical and crackpot ideas about human nature, political interaction and economics, but in order to embrace unlimited economic power, not to fight it.

The idea of multinational corporations as ideal, taking over the role of government, openly, not bashfully, buying out the courts and the military, the police, the jails, and keeping the show going in private hands... what instincts could consider that an ideal?

And what fools could imagine it a practical, stable order?

To hold something so unnatural together would require an essentially religious devotion, imbued with a power and zeal as strong as early Islam or Christianity, to belief in the NAP, held ascetically by all engaged in economic and political power. Everyone in a position of power able to abuse the rights and property of others would have to voluntarily resign the desire.

Even that would fall apart and go to factions and subside into the general tide of human nature after a short period, even if it could get kicked off.

Pure democracy might be the antithesis of property and economic liberty, and a horror worse than its opposite. But the opposite - unlimited economic power, with the elimination of any political redress against economic power, property, is almost as bad. Some would say worse, that really depends on your personal bias.

I would much prefer a mixture of the two holding each other in check, and much more than that, would welcome a third center of power back in the balance, like that provided historically by Church, or a stable political class of 'statesmen' who were not engaged in democratic politics, but had a permanent status. Some class or institution devoted to principles higher than commercial activity and money or democratic power, to provide the balast and anchoring for a healthy education in virtue or universal standards of character and morality and civic identity. Some body that could actually carry on and seed any moral principles, even if it were merely NAP or some basic ethnics.

With those competing sorts of institutions you can achieve a balance that permits actual liberty to exist for centuries, even if not permanently. If you destroy all of those institutions but one, liberty disappears.

Great comment

I'll address it as best I can tomorrow when I get a chance.

Up vote!!!!

These books are too important to our philosophy not to be on the front page

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He has great youtubes, too!!