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9-11 Documentary

Why isn't the new 9-11 documentary by Massimo Mazzucco - the New Pearl Harbor - talked about more on here? I have never seen a more convincing documentary. Anyone who watches this will immediately be convinced the official story is bogus. It is so well-done and presented in a perfect format, very complete, well balanced. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth the time.

I am working to convince people to watch - granted it is tough to get people to watch - but if they do they will be forever changed.

here is the official site


or youtube dvd 1 of 3,

or amazon (great reviews!) http://www.amazon.com/September-11-The-Pearl-Harbor/dp/B00F1...

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do you agree?

For those who have seen this - do you agree with my statement that this is the most convincing/all-in-one 'thing' out there on the 9/11 coverup? Reading yahoo/Huffpo user comments yesterday, at the bottom of the Matt Miller stories, it seems we still have a long way to go to convince Americans that truthers r not wrong. I think having a go-to piece like Massimo Mazzucco's movie, could go a long way in changing that. It's too bad Massimo doesn't have a marketing budget.

I think it is very well done

I think it is very well done and includes alot of pertinent and up-to-date details without going overboard or too far down the rabbit hole with impossible to prove speculations. All in all, a solid, comprehensive introduction for anyone starting fresh, thanks for posting!

I think it would be great if there were timecodes included in the "about" notes that hot-linked to certain chapters for quick reference.

I never noticed

that the good old puppet Manchurian McShame, whose Admiral father covered up the USS Liberty attack, wrote the foreward on the Popular Mechanics 'Debunking 9/11' piece. The have evolved him into a 'Manchurian Candidate' through blackmail, using what former POW's of Vietnam call 'Songbird' (giving US military info to the Vietcong) and also the more modern felonous actions in his involvement of the
'Keating 5'. I think they have even used his being allowed to be the GOP nominee against him, because he has been a cheerleader, using his GOP seniority in the Senate, for BO's foreign policy agenda ever since.

Thanks for link, Part3 :What

Thanks for link, Part3:"What Happened to the Passengers?", starting @01:37:32 on the dvd1 youtube link above, was presented very clearly and is also quite haunting..."It's a frame" ...

Will watch the rest later

The US had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor, many people knew it at the time. This is a must watch, unfortunately many people will not allow themselves to even think that either Pearl or 911 would be different than the governments official story.


Will watch it this evening.


Big Time!!!


Any DPers in Portsmouth NH

It would be good to have a report on what kind of turnout and the reaction of the public to this film.


I've never heard of this film yet it has been playing at film festivals. A quick google search shows that the Public Library in Portsmouth NH is showing the film this month with a discussion after each part. AJ seems to approve of this film but I can't recall whether he has actively promoted it or not.


i have watched it

It is really well done.


Wow, that is fantastic about

Wow, that is fantastic about NH. I believe THIS is the video we should be spreading. Yes it is long - but it really draws one in. There is a 3 min trailer at the bottom of this page that we can paste on neocon sites.


And make sure to watch all 3

And make sure to watch all 3 parts (about 5 hours). 2 and 3 are critical to the argument as they are all about the towers.