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Mexicans revolting against tyranny

Hi everyone, this is my 1st post on this website and I have been enjoying it for some time before doing this. Like most of you, I am liberty minded & am aware of the tyrannical system in place here. But look down to Mexico and do you see what's happening? The MSM doesn't report on this for the most part just as they ignore what's happening in the Ukraine & Syria (citizens revolting/defected troops fighting against tyrannical govt). If nobody knows by now, twice in the last 2 years Mexico has had it's own version of our Battle of Athens, TN, 1946. Recently (as of Jan. 2014) they've had more citizens who are fed up revolting & taking down the corrupted police and cartels. It's not MSM news but it's important to know & understand. The links below give an idea of what's happening.

My question to you all is what do you think of the citizens doing what they're doing? It's the 3rd time citizens in Mexico are standing up to tyrants & thugs & seem to be doing it well enough considering their disadvantages as opposed to us weapons wise. Anyway, thanks for reading & leave your thoughts below.



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The cartels, the Mexican

The cartels, the Mexican government, and the DEA are in collusion. In the past this was not a problem because the cartels stuck to their own business and everyone was happy. The previous president, Calderon, made a frontal attack on drugs. This was very naive since the cartels lost their discipline and they started branching out into kidnapping and extortion plus there were 90,000 people killed during this guy's term.

Some communities in Mexico go way back to precolumbian times. These are very communitarian people and these are the people who got tired of being blackmailed and kidnapped so they took arms against the cartels.

By the way - libertarians/RPaul are helping the A LOT. Decriminalization of drugs in Colorado and Dr. Paul openly talking about the issues pertaining the "war on drugs" will impact these people. It would be good if there is some way to connect with them. The worldwide MSM pictures Republicans, Tea-Partiers, and libertarians as racist, extremist, etc. when in fact it is the contrary.

War on drugs

Is unconstitutional and every person imprisoned from it since it's inception in the 70's has had their rights violated from the police up to the politicians.


Coming to an Amerikan town near you. Armed revolt, who will take the first stand?

Looks like my shtf plan includes visiting one of these freedom loving places in the near future! Congrats on your excellent first post!

Thank you

for the compliment. I try, hehehe.

I agree...Community Policing

It's the only option they have unfortunately, but it all depends on getting armed. and staying armed, or it's all for nothing.

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Plus one.

I support their efforts at what they call "Community Policing".

I support their efforts at what they call "Community Policing". They successfully took out a drug cartel, and retook a town from them. They shut down the corrupt police department that sided with the cartel against them in the battle. What was the Mexican governments response? Send in the army to disarm the citizens! I support their efforts to resist against tyranny from the Mexican government, and call upon all Mexican military to refuse to obey orders to disarm the people.

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Pretty much

The case here. I mean, this is what the Declaration of Independence was all about or at least partially about. Eventually people get fed up & say buck the system & it's enforcers, because they're the criminals, not us, but waiting too long we will become "criminals" & have no way of fighting back.