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Chris McDaniel On Fire! On The Blaze

This guy makes plenty of references to the constitution.
We need guys like this to win in 2014 if we have any hope.
Share this video with everyone so people know about him.


Constitutional Clayton


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So far I like him.

Like him so far.
States rights: CHECK
Pro gun: CHECK
Pro property rights: CHECK
Against fascism (obomacare): CHECK
Lower taxes: improvement, rather see no income tax.
Strong military: so am I but what do you plan to do with it?
The incumbent he replaces has a horrible voting record: CHECK
Pro Rand and Amash: CHECK

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

What country is this guy

What country is this guy from? What's the accent?


He's actually from the Free

He's actually from the Free State of Jones. They seceded from the South and Mississippi during the civil war. I'm not joking.



How's that for small local government credentials?

as an example..

Mcdaniel 's issue page
I expected nothing different.. pretty much boiler plate New! Improved! 'R' teaocon stuff.. but for the record:

1. Foreign Policy -
committed to making sure the American military continues to be the strongest in the world, and will not sacrifice this strength in an effort to appease our enemies.(John McCain/Lindsay Graham/Diane Feinstein/Harry Reid love this kind of posture; perfect)

2. Illegal War and War Powers - NOPE

3. AIPAC influence - Do I really even HAVE to say? See #1 and #8

4. Abolishing a 'Central Bank'- NOPE

5. Using only Gold & Silver as 'Money'- NOPE

6. Abolishing the IRS - NOPE

7. Abolishing the Income Tax replacing it with nothing - NOPE
"supports scrapping the current tax code and moving to a lower, simpler and flatter tax system" (a kinder, gentler tyranny)

8. Abolishing Foreign Aid completely (Israel included) NOPE
"American taxpayers should not be subsidizing countries that are hostile to American security and values."
(the reverse corallary is: American taxpayers SHOULD be subsidizing countries that are friendly to American security and values.)

Have at it Cunningham... go out in a 'Blaze' of Glory (yawn)

You still don't get it. He's

You still don't get it. He's trying to actually win a US Senate seat in Mississippi. He has to tailor his message to the voters many of whom haven't read all of the works of Ludwig Von Mises or Ayn Rand or even Ron Paul. Ron Paul got 4% here. I think that's lower than anywhere else in the country.

Despite that we have a vibrant liberty movement and a chance to elect one of three or four legitimate liberty senators in the US Senate. That's freaking awesome! I don't care if you want to rain on our parade because your opinion doesn't matter in Mississippi and it doesn't matter in whatever state you live in either because you're sitting on your butt criticizing everybody else for getting off theirs.

There are plenty of purist candidates that speak their mind to single digit crowds on the campaign trail out of the back of their pickup trucks that don't win elections.

3rd rail issues...

1. Foreign Policy
2. Illegal War and War Powers
3. AIPAC influence
4. Abolishing a 'Central Bank'
5. Using only Gold & Silver as 'Money'
6. Abolishing the IRS
7. Abolishing the Income Tax replacing it with nothing
8. Abolishing Foreign Aid completely (Israel included)

The 'Blaze' (and their founder) will never touch these issues..
and if you go to the 'issues' page of their endorsed candidates
like this one..
they won't touch them either.

Does that make the Ron Paul people 'Purists'?
No. It makes us Constitutional Conservatives
and themselves
something less.

Are we 'gaining ground' by (now) seeing Cannabis popularized, regulated and taxed with (now) hordes of politicians demagoging the issue?
No. They are now (just) throwing us bones to imitate 'progress'..
and foster complacency and distraction on the (above) more important issues.

I see the Blaze as co-opting and soothing the ANGER and DISSENT
that it's going to take to change, REALLY change the erosion of Liberty and to chain down the Federal Government.

So yeah.. he has a nice accent,
and Rand Paul has a nice smile,
and they 'kinda' say the 'right' things...
but it's not enough..
not until I see the kind of caliber and truth to power posture
like that of Napalitano and Tom Woods.

And what are you doing to

And what are you doing to advance liberty besides tearing other people down?

does denial advance liberty ?


We get pro-gun legislation

We get pro-gun legislation passed. Our organization is called Mississippi for Liberty and you can see us mentioned in this news report.


I'm sure you're not impressed but I just thought I'd try. Your cynicism is toxic. You can make an impact if you stop complaining and work toward something.

sometimes the best

thing to do is nothing and watch the actors put on their show.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

You should get hooked up with

You should get hooked up with Campaign for Liberty or some other local group. It's way more fun to actually make a difference than to post on internet forums.

Been there done that

wasted a lot of money and zero results. Now I watch as a bunch of new suckers step up and relieve themselves of hard earned money and energy, thinking they are making a difference.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

McDaniel is the Real Deal

He posts about Austrian Economics frequently. He may be a little socially conservative for some on the DailyPaul but this is Mississippi. We just legalized beer last year. He could be the next Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or Rand Paul.

He is primarying a US Senator that's been in office for decades really since the Republican revolution in this state. That takes guts. He polled neck and neck with Cochran days after he announced. The establishment party here is freaking out.

Would love to get our Candidate some attention like this....

This post inspired me to submit a story tip on TheBLAZE...

While watching Wilcow’s interview with Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniels, it reminded me of the “David and Goliath” GOP primary race in Washington’s 4th Congressional District.

Doc Hastings is a 9-term incumbent and member of the establishment GOP who has a voting record that matches 96% of the time with Republican Leadership. His voting record funds Obamacare, funding continuous resolutions, voted against the Amash amendment to defund the domestic spying… these are a few examples of his record.

Gavin Seim is a 28 year old who was sick and tired of being sick and tired of Doc’s non-conservative voting record… and he is doing something no one was willing to do… primary Doc. Gavin is part of that new generation of conservatives that are trying to reclaim the party inspired by the progressive tendencies by the current GOP leadership.

Please take a look at this young man… perhaps his story is one that the BLAZE could get behind. I know it has inspired me, perhaps it inspires others as well

Web site: http://callmegav.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ventrilqstman

“When Mr. Seim Goes to Washington”

“Refusing CA Fruit Checkpoint”

“DHS Inland Check Pioints”

Here's what happened when Gavin called into a Yakima radio show and challenged Doc on voting record regarding the NSA and against the Amash Amendments.

Here is the followup interview on KIT a week after Gavin confronted Doc on the airwaves… This interview sounds so similar to Chris McDaniels that I had to write in to the BLAZE.


Thank you for your time and please consider giving this brave young man some much needed support…

In Liberty,



Love his accent.

Actually, I love all accents...but his strikes me as really cool. It's as I imagine colonials might have spoken a long time ago.