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Cops break a kid's arm on school bus - Family sues.

Assault starts at 1:15

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Sent an email

To everyone on their contact list.

It was not a nice email at all.

Why didn't they just do a

Why didn't they just do a bear hug on the kid? I mean they are both wayyyy bigger than him. Couldn't they call a counselor or parents? These guys are just thugs.


OMG! I did not just see that.

How many enemies does the Police state think it can make before violent revolt begins?
It is almost like they are trying to make us O.o

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

I thought pigs were pink?

It seems they come in other colors.

What fucking creeps those pigs are.

You have no idea...

...(nor did I) that a short video of an encounter involving people you have never met could boil your blood so much. Count this as TSTBTCB.

I guess I'm not alone

savage beast

rabid animals. what's the proper procedure for dealing with a rabid animal? they used to cut the heads off and send it to a lab back in the day.

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I think it's obvious the cop intended to inflict pain. There were 2 giant cops against one teenager. There's no way the teenager deserved that treatment. I get the feeling the cop was like "I'm gonna get your mind right, son". Just flat out an abuse of power. Sickening.

Child Abuse

If a parent did this to their child, and it was videotaped.
Those same cops would be "salivating" at the prospect of arresting the parent.
Dirty cops, plain and simple.
Completely uncalled for given their size vs the student.

more info


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That article made me sick

to call it a skirmish. At the time of the break, there was no skirmish. He was subdued. It's wordsmithing to purposely paint the wrong picture of what happened.

Defend Liberty!

The boy is severely malnourished.

Tourette syndrome, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and pervasive developmental disorder

Tourette syndrome and brittle bones: Calcium deficiency

Anxiety disorder: B-vitamin deficiency

Hypoglycemia: Vanadium deficiency

Developmental disorder: Omega 3 and cholesterol deficiency.

No plant oils, no fried foods.

No more drugs, Feed him 60 essential trace minerals. Bath him in sea salts.

He might like to garden.

Free includes debt-free!

Ju Jitsu

The officer is using a Ju Jitsu technique known as a kimura. You can see at 1:23 in the video that the officer already has the boy's arm secured behind his back. If they meant to simply detain the boy, they had done so at this point.

However, the officer then slips his left arm between the boy's shoulder and arm, then underneath the forearm while grabbing the same wrist with his right hand. Again, the officer could have chosen to stop at this point with complete control over the student.

Instead he rotates the arm up and away from the body while pulling down on the boy's wrist against the officer's left forearm. This places tremendous pressure on both the boy's rotator cuff and his forearm, resulting in the broken arm.

This officer was obviously far too excited to finally use some of the ju jitsu he was taught at the academy.

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"I'm gonna make it hurt"

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Free includes debt-free!


have complete and full jurisdiction of all public property and that includes schools and school buses.

Then we should take our property back

It should be called "government" property, which is invading on our turf.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

maybe the governent

just owns too much property.

It takes extreme leverage or

impact to break an arm. That had to be extreme leverage. I can't see how you can do that unless you mean to do that, especially if this isn't your first time putting someone's arm behind their back. It can be called nearly impossible even if you mean to do it. Bones are like steel when you don't factor in how they can be a little more brittle when you add impact.

Defend Liberty!

You know, you raised a point there

I hadn't thought of. I'm now wondering how many other times that cop may have broken someone's arm? Like where there was no video camera and so it was just his word vs. the victim's as to what had happened.

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They won't do anything to the pigs.

They will just claim resisting. Yet you can see the cop CLEARLY bend his arm in an EXTREMELY improper way to restrain them. Anyone who knows anything about putting a person in an arm bar knows you do that only if you want to dislocate the target's shoulder out of the rotater cuff. If the kid EVER decides to be somewhat athletic, the pigs just ruined his long term shoulder health.

However that snap sounded also like he messed up his forearm bones. Goddamn if that happened, that fucker needs to be fired.

Kid was pinned against the

Kid was pinned against the seat and the cop just keeps rotating his arm! Throw that pig in jail! What did he think his arm would do? Where was he trying to put it? That's nuts. Horribly graphic. I don't even care what the back story on this is. Sue the crap out of them.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

I agree they should be sued... BUT......


The people who pay taxes should NOT be responsible for this criminal act. And surely, if Cops were being sued in their personal capacity, that would cut down drastically on the police abuse.

But, the State supports the thugs in uniform and will continue to NOT hold them personally responsible for the financial damages that I'm sure are coming.

Like I said, until the Cops are personally sued and held personally liable for any and all financial damages, then and ONLY then, will these pieces of you know what slow down in their outlandish disgusting thug like abusive behavior.

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

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I agree

That's why I said sue them, not the city/police department.

BUT...The cities need to learn to quit hiring people like this too though. City boards and the people they represent are consenting by not doing anything. Sue the cops for the action, police chief for recommending them, city for approving (doubt the last two would hold up but it would wake them up). Especially when they have past abusive records.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

this will never stop . . .

as long as all these dick-less jackboots have to worry about is getting sued.
There are few (if any) MEN left in this country.

Short bus

means special ed. I drive a school bus, and the only way you can get a special ed kid off of a school bus is if they are fighting. Furthermore a lot of very bad children are labeled special ed so that the school does not have to discipline them. Heck getting a "special ed" child on to a short bus takes 6 months and thats assuming you write them up every day. My experience tells me those cops are there because that kid had just beat the snot out of another kid. If I ever have kids I will homeschool them, thats what my job has shown me.

Vey insightful

my friend.

I always perk up and listen when public school employees such as yourself say they will homeschool.

So very telling...

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had this one kid

he played around too much, wasnt really bad, he was just a clown, but he was pretty sharp. One day a teacher comes out and tells me this 13 year old will be put on the short bus if I write him up again. I ask why he would be put on the short bus and she says hes special ed, they are supposed to give us paperwork on special ed kids, but they never do. I asked her what was wrong with him and she says he cant read or write or do any math but he is in regular class.

So basically if the school does not teach the kid anything they label the kid special ed and then collect federal money. What do they do with the federal money? I have no idea, cause all the special kids are in regular class and ride the regular bus, somebody is skimming off the top somewhere.

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Lex Talionis nostalgia

That almost brings you nostalgia of Lex Talionis, doesn't it?

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They put the wrong color shirts on.

Shirts should have been brown.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The boy's family

should beat that cop's ass in front of his children. Break his f'ing knee caps.