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Kill Your Heroes

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These are the rules of Kill Bill Movie night:

① The first rule of Kill Bill movie night is EVERYONE IS NOW NAMED KIDDO. If you're going to kill your heroes you really need to put yourself in Beatrix' shoes. Channel your inner Kiddo, kiddo.

② The second rule of Kill Bill movie night is YOU HAVE TO KILL YOUR HEROES, it's the only way. You do want to be free, don't you Kiddo?

③ The third rule of Kill Bill movie night is YOU HAVE TO BECOME YOUR OWN HERO, better than your old, dead,hero. That's the whole point!

④ Finally, the fourth rule of Kill Bill movie night is YOU CAN TALK ABOUT KILL BILL MOVIE NIGHT ALL YOU WANT. In fact, it's encouraged. We want to know how you killed heroes. You need to encourage others to kill their heroes too.



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You're such a tool

and I mean that in the most positive way.
this whole place is a trip kiddo, it continually blows my mind. Thank you for that.


Does that make sense here? Maybe out of context, maybe not. You'll have to decide that for yourself

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Alright kiddo...I'll be around in a few days with my thoughts on

it and with a writing prompt to launch our writing careers with.
Why so many horns man? Idk....Maybe that answer will reveal itself in the movie.


Man, this thing needs some lubrication

Good idea mountaincat


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I was just coming over to do that with a different video

I'll wait until it dies down again before I add my sounds by the pound.

Don't pop the popcorn yet

I won't get to see it again until later this week. What's the deal with the music in this movie? Why so many horns? Not complaining, just what's the deal with all the horns?

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Thanks, kiddo.

I've never seen this movie.

Looking forward to it, kiddo.

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Fair Warning Has...I've already been through mental kung fu

It started with a chemical burn


Then it was all.... You think that's air your breathing?


Goodnight Has, thanks for making my night. I have to do homework tonight if I want to get to Kill Bill before the weekend. Until we meet again....


Oh yeah?

speaking of killing your heroes...

After watching Kill Bill, I recommend everyone watch Kumare.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

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Already did....was heading that way tomorrow

to let you know what I thought about it. I liked it, but I have more to say than that, and I have homework to do tonight.


looking forward to your thoughts :)

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

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Oh. My. God. Sounds by the pound? Has....this is amazing

kiddo, I mean.

I love this post!

I was just going to chill in and play videos in the jam session tonight to catch up over there, and not comment much and work on homework....

But I had to comment on this.

I fucking love this. Sorry Michael, I don't swear often, but some things need emphasis.

Remember saying this?

Marketing is not my strong point. I just assume everyone wants to hang out with me, and I have no idea how to market outside of that little train of thought I have in my head.



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Silly Rabbit.....who exactly is it that

kicks ass in that scene at the end?

Alright Has.... this is going to be fun....

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LOL. That reminds me of that cynical one about marketing:

LOL. That reminds me of that cynical one about marketing:

Marketing Fundamentals



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