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Why would someone carry a gun? Police fail to stop violent attack outside police station. Video

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It begins.

Liberal progressive behavior arrives in Texas. So sickening.

1. Why would someone need a

1. Why would someone need a gun? These are people looking for trouble. They're out late, drunk, and talking shit to strangers. Let them fight it out. No one innocent was being attacked here. A lot of you pro-gun people are just paranoid.

2. For the people that live and work down there, FIND A NEW JOB, LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE! VOTE WITH YOUR FEET!!!!

3. This stuff happens in the safest most literate cities in the world. I lived in Japan, trust me, this stupid stuff happens every weekend in the bar areas. No guns are needed. Let the drunks fight!

4. This is the type of news that gets more and more stupid laws passed. More things get banned, and more jails are created. Please just stop....

Heathens and Punks, warn me when that type of energy enters the

room, that's my cue. Nothing but people fighting for the lust of beating another down, it don't get no more evil than that. Time to Rise for something better, PEACE, LOVE, & LIBERTY…….

kind people rock

If they were smoking pot, these fights wouldn't happen

Booze makes you violent, weed makes you mellow.

My brother gets all kinds of rowdy when he is drunk, he is liable to pick a fight with anyone.

Switch to weed and it would be laughs and hugs brother.


And someone below made a good point: Why the fuck do we want to pay cops big bucks to PROTECT DRUNKS FROM FIGHTS WITH DRUNKS???

If bars want to hire personal security that is on them. But I don't think that is the idea behind "serve and protect." And it sure as hell ain't an excuse for why "the cops were busy..."

why should I

lets get more cops at hundred thousand a year and protect these drunks from each other..thats what the chief is saying..who cares if these idiots kill each other???NOT my business and I should not be forced to pay up more taxes or go to jail myself.


Why carry a gun?

Did you ever try riding one?

Why? Because a policeman weighs too much?

And needs to be reloaded too frequently?

Hold up

Wait, where did it say it was just outside the police station? I looked it up and the police station is two blocks away. Misleading subject line...

On Eric Holder's Anniversary

..this occurred, see post:

The same man who'd deny you 2nd Amendment Rights, uses a "hate-crime" agenda to further subjugate the majority.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!