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Patriotic Outrage Over Coke’s “America The Beautiful” Is Ironic And Ignorant

The outrage by certain portions of the population after Coke aired its “America the Beautiful” ad during the Super Bowl has left me fuming. Not only is there a river of unintentional irony surrounding the “Patriots” that are upset by the spot, but a deep lake of ignorance that has driven the conversation.

The ad can be viewed below, but to sum it up, “America the Beautiful” is sung by a multitude of races in a multitude of languages. This has fanned the flames of nationalistic fury in those who are both ignorant of history and the grander significance of those in other cultures/nations singing this song from a geopolitical perspective.

Pretty much everyone knows that America was never populated by a white majority anytime prior to the colonization by England. After the colonies, states and then country were established, immigration fueled the growth of this nation, and in many ways still does today. What problem could there possibly be with someone from another nation (who has either migrated here, or has dreams of migrating here) singing “America the Beautiful” in their native language? English isn’t the official language of the United States – we have no official language as a country. That is a first, simple, obvious point.

The second point, that not many people will necessarily bring up or think about, is that America’s dominance on a global scale is split between its military power, economic power (based on the influence of the dollar as the reserve currency) and the cultural impact America has had on other nations.

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Yes, seriously

I asked you to do your own research, but you are apperently so wedded to your ideology you won't. Your loss, bub. I'm not doing your homework for you.

And if you don't know what American culture is, I'm not going to waste my fingers explaining it to you. Had you lived outside of America for any length of time you would know. Stay blissful in your ignorance, friend.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


The implication is that republicans are offended. The liberals on the radio were talking about it all day today. And yes, I'm a Republican. The plan is to take over the Republican Party as set forth by the good doctor. I registered Republican in 2007 and have remained so to fulfill the plan which I agree with.

Americans had something in common. They were European and Christian. Even so, it was very difficult but it was our Christian heritage that kept us together. Also, our common alphabet and willingness to assimilate. Today, that has been destroyed. Christianity is considered hate speech and other peoples who differ too greatly do not homogenize well into our culture.

I gave you examples of the failure of multiculturalism. Now it is up to you to provide examples that run contrary to my point. That is how debate works. Prove me wrong...

It should be absurdly

It should be absurdly obvious, but black people have been part of America since the beginning. So if having non-Europeans marks the start of the "failure of multiculturalism", then we've been failing since day 1.

The Core of America is Anglo Saxon

Not multicultural or European Christian. Find me a 'European' founding father maybe a Dutch one but thats culturally similar to the English. Everyone that came to America in the past ran the Gauntlet of the Anglo Saxons. It took the Irish two hundred years to go mainstream. The Germans adapted faster but didnt appear until the mid 1800s. The central europeans a bit later and they brought the unions. Then the southern Europeans came, each immigrant group diluting the Anglo Saxon core-- making more civil rights, and making American government resemble their familiar top-down rights granting institution. Now most people dont believe in individual rights or even know what they are.

I said European because I was

I said European because I was responding someone who said that the unifying trait of Americans is being European and Christian. I certainly don't believe that myself.


Please enlighten me instead of making a statement with no examples.

And blacks were kept separate, so that makes no sense.

So your definition of America

So your definition of America are the white people in America, and the black people don't count as American because they were kept separate. OK, don't see any bias there.

EDIT: Evidence of what? You need me to show you evidence that there were many black people around during the colonial era and the Founding? Look at any demographic counts, back then blacks made up an even larger percentage of the population than they do now, something like 20%.

What examples?

I am referring to other countries or societies that have succeeded with this homogenous approach that have remained unsullied - who exactly has done this that we can look to and say "See? There!" You are claiming our society has been destroyed by this multiculturalism, yet every thriving modern society is multicultural.


Every society today that is multicultural is failing. Every European country today is being torn apart by multiculturalism. Are you living under a rock?

Prey tell, which modern societies are thriving as a result of multiculturalism?

Not speaking English is unamerican

If you live in America you should try to learn English. It seems obvious to me this commercial was not aimed at America. It was aimed overseas to boost the american brand. Or possible to undocumented (cough illegal) immigrants. If you like the hand in glove fit of American foreign policy and corporations this is good propaganda.

What is it to you'?

What language a free individual speaks? IF not knowing English well makes it more difficult for him to function in society or get a job, that is his problem, not yours? I imagine the grandparents of many people here arrived speaking other languages, and many may have never developed good English skills if they were stay at home parents and only needed to speak their native language at home.

What is so terrible and "unAmerican" about that? Does it infringe on your freedom?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

What is a government in a democracy?

Isnt it just a reflection of political consensus? How can you have two factions vying to control government that speak different languages? I guess theres Switzerland, Belgium, Spain perhaps, but I bet theres a lot of bloody history there. In any case are you against a business that posts "Speak English Only" sign?

Of course not

Businesses and individuals should be free to speak whatever language they choose - whether it's English, Spanish, Swahili, or something they made up.

If a private business wants to enforce rules regarding language, that is a completely different issues, and they should have the absolute right to do so.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

It's so dumb

If I knew another language I wouldn't think twice before singing America the Beautiful in it.

I wonder how many people who are in a tizzy about a Coca-Cola ad for daring to air a commercial in another language, defended the Duck Dynasty guy on the grounds of "free speech" and thinks renaming the Redskins is akin to censorship.

America the beautiful is a

America the beautiful is a religious hymn, not a patriotic song. The "controversy" makes me think of South Park, lol.


It's a nationalist hymn.

It only claims God as a supporter. It is not a song that praises God. It is not a religious hymn. America the beautiful praises Unites States and Manifest Destiny. Sure, it is sung in churches, but so is the blasphemous "Battle Hymn of the Republic" which advocates killing for the U.S. because it is God.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

You have a point. Let's

You have a point. Let's comprimise and call it a nationalistic religious hymn?

I would have preferred

they use actual american languages like one of the indian languages (sorry I cant actually spell any of the indian tribes names), and then have people in hawaii singing it in their language and maybe some of the eskimos in alaska singing in their language. Maybe get a couple of cajuns singing it in french. Heck I would even take spanish as long as they didnt put up the mexican flag while they sang america the beautiful.

I guess I am saying their are a lot of american options so its kinda annoying that they didnt choose those.

Xenoohobia fans?

I'd love to hear some intelligent commentary for those that down voted my comment denouncing "xenophobia and ignorance".

So who here are the ignorant xenophobes?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I'm as supprised as you

I think libertarians need a SERIOUS discussion of how the failures of prohibition extend far beyond just drugs. Immigration is another example. You cannot close the borders. It is impossible. A serious attempt at doing so would be a collossal big government clusterfuck the likes of which we have never seen. The government does nothing right. Why does anyone expect them to be able to seal one of the world's largest borders? Also, immigration restrictions is one of the 4 pillars of the police state. I can't even begin to fathom a libertarian argument for expanding the police state. As the prohibition doesn't work, eventually there will be a continuous erosion in civil liberties as well as massive federal spending.

I have to say though...people who commented didn't really seem to disagree with you. I wonder why you were downvoted.

immigration and language are different things

Immigration and citizenship are different things too. One carries the right to vote, the other doesnt so I would condition citizenship on English ability and political beliefs. I lean towards conditioning immigration on citizenship to prevent social and political inequality. How can you have a political discussion in a democracy when you dont share a language?

One way

Google Translate.

Ain't technology great?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Thumbs Up

I liked the ad. America is a land of immigrants and this represents it well.


I thought it was absolutely beautiful!!

What these folks should be pissed off about, if anything, is the lady who completely decimated the National Anthem. Now that was horrible!! Even the dogs were howling.


Also, its not just white people that speak English silly.

Just because someone is pro-English doesn't mean they are anti other languages.

This country was founded by English speaking folks. The song was written in English for a country that speaks English.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

They were also promoting

They were also promoting gays in the commercial. Why do minorities and gays have to be linked together? Are you aware that in Nigeria, Uganda, and other African countries this behavior is not accepted and laws are being put into place to curb this problem? Minorities not equal to gays.

Primitives in primitive

Primitives in primitive cultures outlaw the stupidist crap. Its not my business who other individuals choose to hump or marry. So long as they are all concenting adults, its not your business either.

Gays are a group which can be categorized by their lifestyle. They are not a majority, so that makes them a minority group in America. They shouldn't get any special rights, but they should be entitled to the same right of contract as every other citizen of our nation.

Some lifestyle

Promoting sex, the most basic animal instinct humans possess, isn't something to brag about. It's actually rather pathetic and I would even say demeaning to the human race to define yourself by who you have sex with.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

That's your opinion and

That's your opinion and you're free to it. However some would disagree and they are free to make their own choices as they own themselves. You have absolutly no ownership over them, and therefore absolutly no right or authority to place any infringment or law governing their ability to have a right to life, liberty and property. Only an individual can be deprived of a right, and only when that individual has committed a crime against someone else's rights and then convicted by a jury of his peers for it.

As long as that's understood, you can feel as demeaned as a human as you please by the choices of others. Personally, it doesn't bother me one ounce what other people think of sex. I think people who consider sex a negative or amorale thing are complete @#$%ing dumbasses, but then, freedom means the freedom to be stupid. So long as your opinions remain opinions and not law, have at em.

Id rather we took after bonobos than chimps.


Marriage is a religious institution and should not be a contract through the state. The only gripe they have is marriage, which should not be a matter for the state to decide. However, the marriage laws were not created to exclude gays; they were created as a source of revenue and to stop polygamy. No one anticipated two men would actually want to get married.

The gays are intentionally trying to redefine marriage. Marriage is not about love, it's about procreation. Do married people look like their in love?... NO! They get together to procreate and then try to slog their way through some very tough times. Gay people are NOT oppressed.