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Dow Braces for One-Day 1,000 Drop, as Markets Plunge

A 1,000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) may appear like a great deal but, based on historical standards, it is not much. Japan's Nikkei has sold off 14% so far this year, and 4% in a day. The sell-off in equity markets has accelerated. A thousand points off the DJIA would be only 6.5%. And the outside forces that pressure markets up and down are pushing them relentlessly down for the time being.

The DJIA has a tradition of plunging on bad news. It sold off 7.9% on October 15, 2008, a single day during the financial crisis in 2008. More than once during that panic, it dropped more than 7%. Nearly as recently, on October 19, 1987, the DJIA dropped 22.6%. The cause was not extraordinary. The economy was in recession and investors rushed for the exits once it became clear that day's trading would be terrible.


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More Correction! More Correction! More Correction! Please?

My only strategy in day trading is knowing the "code". And that code is 'Buying and Selling' pressure. Period. With that information, I just get onboard and go along for the ride. Today's action grossed 60 points in the S&P emini. For $3,000 per contract gross profit. I don't know ANYBODY who pulls 60 points out of the S&P! NOBODY.
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The whole world is in the midst of a correction...


... or crash.

Bump. Thanks for posting.

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Heya Janet! Whazzup?! 'Ya sure ya wanna continue "tapering"?

Heya Janet! Whazzup?! 'Ya sure ya wanna continue "tapering"?



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