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"Nobody Dies From Marijuana! You Can't Handle The Truth! Your Drug War Is A Failure!"


"How Many Marijuana Overdose Deaths Are There In The Most Recent Data You Have?" Rep Blumenauer


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I agree with much of what Cohen said...

... except his assertion that law enforcement should target meth and heroin. Overdoses would be far fewer if these drugs were legal and you had a chart on the package that gave recommended dosages with fatal dosages notated. But, with that said, on a continuum between current drub policy and full legalization Cohen's stance is a vast improvement.

Baby steps; at least its being discussed.


The drug war is theft and bondage of the citizen!


Good stuff!

It's kind of a shame they're browbeating the wrong guy because getting mj rescheduled is not in this guy's privy.

Although during Blumenauer's testimony

(I think it was) Chairman Mica kind of calls Obama on his
incorrect and hypocritical position that Congress is the one
(are the one?) that has to take action to remove marijuana
from the Schedule I classification - saying that committee
staff informed him that Obama could actually just do that on
his own initiative (which is the true situation, at least as
I understand it).

So where he has a pretty clear grant of authority to act and do
something worthwhile, Obama won't act and when it's something
he wants to do that Congress won't authorize he just acts on his own


for the best discussion on the subject I've ever heard.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

He was really trying hard not

to say state's rights.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Cohen, Blumenauer, or

Cohen, Blumenauer, or Botticelli?


he avoided the word so hard it was nearly painful.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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OMG! The Blumenauer video is even better!

Blumenauer really shows insight into the tragedy of the status quo. Botticelli's politically charged pathos ranted at the end is spoken idiotically as if he didn't understand Blumenauer whatsoever. I'll give Botticelli the benefit of the doubt here. The best I can give him is that he's not a complete idiot, but that for some reason he has taken the political position as Drug Tsar to not decide anything, to cover for others who have made poor decisions, to certainly not educate, to not have any positive impact whatsoever, leaving the only impact of his silly role in the drama one that reflects, amplifies, and perpetuates the tragedy of misinformation on the matter. Keep in mind that the core emphasis of Cohen and Blumenauer's rhetoric is merely to remove marijuana from schedule one. Starting @11m46s Botticelli mentions listening to the concerns of parents who are most concerned about lethal prescription-drug abuse and that these parents don't understand why States are moving to legalize marijuana. We all want to grab Botticelli right then and there and scream at him, "You tell those parents that marijuana won't kill their children but oxycodone might! If you can't tell that to parents then who can? If you can't tell that to parents then why do you and your position of Drug Tsar even exist?" Am I correct in claiming we all want to scream that at Botticelli? To me this seems to be almost the entire point of the hearing.

Nightmarish bureaucracy!

edit: Sure, I would like to scream the above quote at Botticelli at that hearing, but then I would finish with the suggestion that we probably wouldn't be at the tipping point right now of States legalizing marijuana had the stuff not been idiotically designated as schedule one by the feds.

Blumenauer responded

in some detail to a letter I wrote him about the situation of marijuana users
being classed as "prohibited persons" under federal gun laws (makes it a felony
for any marijuana user to possess guns or ammo) - this despite my not being
a constituent (I was at one time):


Blumenauer has an F- or thereabouts rating with GOA and NRA, but he responded by saying that he believed marijuana use should not negate 2nd Amendment rights and that states should not be required to report their medical marijuana users to the Feds (for the NICS database).

I don't agree with his model for legalization, really (mine is based on regulating marijuana as we currently do petunias or tomatoes) nor likely with his views on RKBA (although I'm trying to figure out what his views really are on that). But he is pretty sincere and a fairly sharp guy in his own way. Wish he would have a sit down with (GOA Director) Larry Pratt to talk about some of this - maybe he could bump his rating up to D+ or something.

Now if I could just a a substantive reply about something like this from somebody I *am* a constituent of...

"A crime committed by our

"A crime committed by our government." Imagine that.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.

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Wow! The clarity of these guys is astounding.

Where do they go when it comes to balanced budgets and stopping all of the wars of aggression?

wow, Steve Cohen,,

what a performance

This discussion was brilliant

This discussion was brilliant. It was almost embarrassing to watch how he could not answer the simplistic questions asked of him. This type of stuff needs to be shared out for many to see that we have clowns running the show with self serving intentions and we the people are at the ass end of it.

LoL! @ 9:35

"YOU Sir....represent what's part of the problem."

What's wrong, Mr. Botticelli, the benefits were too much to turn down? Why do you LIE and DODGE the Rep's questions? Because you KNOW YOU"RE WRONG!

So sick of these ACTORS! I want real Americans working for me.

FUCK there isn't enough Cannabis in this world to make me forget about these snakes.

This man needs to be in jail for Fraud: he wastes tax money on programs that are based on lies. And he knows they are lies, which is why he doesn't answer the questions directly. If he did answer them honestly, the DEA and FDA would be in serious trouble for perpetuating massive Fraud.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

thanks for sharing

This is by far the best discussion/arguments I have seen on the issue. Hopefully more representatives and politicians will stand up and have no mercy for those defending the failed drug war.

proverbs 20:15
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But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Many Die for Marijuana

Nobody dies from marijuana but many die for marijuana. It shouldn't be like that.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
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