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Liberty Candidate John Dennis Challenges Nancy Pelosi

John Dennis announced in a press release today that he is challenging U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Dennis is taking on on big issues like NSA spying, civil liberties, national debt and the economy. Dennis is an anti-war, pro-civil liberties candidate, who wants to bring common sense back to Washington.

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Excellent!! He is awesome - I'm so glad he's persistent, that

is one of the great qualities of Dr. Paul also. You go John!!!


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Is this his third or fourth time?

I think John is great and I love that he keeps hammering away at this.

Pelosi is one of the worst approved of congressmen in the nation and yet she just wins without ever even thinking of doing a debate (good strategy for her at least).


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i was just asking myself the

i was just asking myself the same question. He has to win this time a lot of people know of him in cali by now

Sadly he only got 15.2% of

Sadly he only got 15.2% of the vote in 2010, and 13.6% in 2012.

Never give up, but don't get your hopes up to high for this particular race


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Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

John Dennis will do the work

John Dennis needs to keep doing what he's been doing, and the media needs to see that no one cares about their "news" coverage if they don't cover all the candidates and give alternatives.

This would be an excellent race for a PAC-aided campaign.

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Would love to see John defeat Piglosi...

but it is San Francissyco...they love Piglosi and big government socialist. Would take a miracle.



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I've met John

He is a true liberty fighter, but he couldn't be running in a more difficult district. I hope he can do something special.

Oh, and he needs to update his website. The 8th is now the 12th.

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From my research

he challenged her in 2010 and lost with only 15% of the vote and Pelosi with 80%.

That area is very democratic and if we want her out it will more likely come from an independent or democrat.

That being said, I could see it happening if he gets popular enough.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Nancy keeps winning...

Because Nancy has never had to debate an opponent....Ever. Not even when she won it the first time in a special election.

I propose a short series of 3 debates to be moderated by well known SF journalists between all the candidates running against her, to take place starting about a month before election day...and we make a very public invite to Nancy...

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How are you going to get her to agree to it? Dennis spent the entire race last time challenging her to a debate and it got nowhere.

How about a 30 second commercial that just has the following text on screen for the entire time:
Pelosi refuses to debate John Dennis because she doesn't want you to know that she no longer represents you.
- She supports war
- She supports the NSA spying on you
- She supports the failed War on Drugs

Run that ad non-stop until she agrees to a televised debate.

We don't need her to agree to it..

We have John debate all the other candidates running in the primary - thinking about it a bit more this needs to take place this May/June, and we have John debating the Green, Peace and Freedom, Libertarian, any other Democrat and Republican candidates - we make a public invite to Pelosi and have an empty podium with her name on it...

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I hope John takes your advice, Zak...

He has right on his side and will make the witch the b*tch that she is...

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Great news!

One of my favorite liberty candidates.

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yes, yes! California, get this liberty-lover in office!!

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bump for Californians Reading

Can we get this statist out, and Barbara Boxer as well?

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Good luck John.

I was hoping you'd go for it again.

After the last couple years they may finally be ready to listen to you.