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How The Daily Show Lies

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Peter... NEVER do a non-live interview.

Did Ron and Rand do it? No. Because there is a live studio audience. Yet you let yourself get suckered into the trap. I mean it is GOOD you are fighting this online instead of just laying down, but at some point you are going to have to say "enough with interviews that can be chopped at the editing and composting room and distorted."

Oh wow.....

So many straight up lies

'We NEVER edit out of context'
'But rest assured-- NOTHING will be edited out of context.'


'We want our interview subject to play the straight guy & that way they look normal & we look like the fool'

Wow, so Peter was being promised the EXACT OPPOSITE result of every other Daily Show interview in its history. Please tell me Peter didn't actually believe these 'assurances' beforehand.

lying through comedy

That's never been done before...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

This is a good post

Not going to get any exposure


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Did Peter edit his Wallmart video?

I have to wonder if Peter cherry picked clips for his Walmart minimum wage video a la Daily Show style to make the customers look insensitive to minimum wage earners.

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i thought peter had people

i thought peter had people from both sides of the argument in his walmart video?

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Red flag:

"The general idea is to pretend this is a real news interview ..."

They know full well their viewers see it as a real news interview.