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5 Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

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Heartburn/Acid Reflux

I've been drinking about a tablespoon of Bragg's ACV diluted with water every morning for a little over a week now. It may be too soon to tell, but I certainly think it's helping my heartburn and acid reflux. I typically get heartburn/AR once or twice a week. Sometimes pretty badly. Since I've been drinking ACV my problem has literally gone away (again, it may be too soon to tell). A big test for this was last night. After helping my girlfriend move out of her apartment yesterday, we picked up a pizza and a 12-pack. Beer and Pizza... usually an enemy of mine the day after, but I can never turn them down, lol. Anyways... This morning I woke up with SLIGHT heartburn, but it was certainly minimal to the usual post-pizza and beer night. I took ACV again this morning and I'm feeling great. No heartburn, no reflux, no indigestion.

Mind = Blown :)

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I used to have terrible bouts with heartburn

and it would persist for days on end, I took baking soda for help. One day I was visiting another beekeeper, and see told me I had the cure right under my nose. It was the bee propolis right in the beehive.

Reflux is a problem with the muscle at the top of the stomach not closing enough. What propolis does is cause the stomach to contract, which corrects the problem almost immediately.

Propolis is also 50 times stronger than an aspirin as a pain killer and 3 times stronger than Cocaine.

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Braggs ACV has helped me with that same problem.

Another thing that helps during the night is to sleep on your left side. Haven't had an attack wake me up in a long time, since using ACV and sleeping on my left side.

Just a suggestion... when you have pizza and beer again, try having sliced apples dipped in honey for dessert. It might help.

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How bout them apples?

Thanks Nonna, I'll give it a shot. It certainly sounds delicious at least, lol.

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OMG you're all leaving out the best ingredient ever

in your ACV, and that is raw honey. I am shocked the youtuber didn't know this. I have always told my customers to use a tablespoon of each in warm water before each meal. Helps get the saliva glands going as well readies the stomach for the food that follows. So many have come back and told me they no longer have to take cholesterol medicine, and it's lowered blood pressure. If you got a bad heart put in a shake of cayenne pepper and get ready to throw out you're heart meds.

There was a good reason the Egyptian kings treated beekeepers like royalty, they knew the value of real honey, and mead of course. It was even said you could lose your head for crossing a beekeeper in those days.

Never ever buy the crap they call honey on the store shelves, because most likely it is adulterated honey. You need to find a beekeeper and buy the good stuff, Raw honey. Some beekeepers heat it too much so ask for unheated, or under 120 F no longer than 8 hours if possible. Real Raw honey should sugar after about 1 month, but sour wood honey may never sugar.

Don't be fooled by the brand name Really Raw Honey, because it's plain ol pasteurized honey that’s been creamed. Raw honey will not stay in that form for very long, I know from experience. The yeast naturally in honey work on the fine graining of the honey and it will eventually liquefy partially.

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How the heck does someone find a beekeeper? I live in NY and I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to find one. Is there a product I can buy online that you would recommend?

Also I just read that the acidity in ACV can take the enamel off your teeth. I drink mine diluted in water but I'm sure it comes in contact w/ my teeth while I drink it. Should I try to drink it fast maybe? I've been following the bottle which says to drink 3x per day.

Also would Cayenne pepper be useful for those not on heart meds? And how much should one put in a drink of water/ACV/honey mix?

For Raw Honey

I would checkout your local craigslist. I found this website with a beekeeping meeting search in NY: http://www.bees-on-the-net.com/new-york-beekeeping-clubs.html

As for the ACV harming teeth, I think is a tale put out to discourage use. I've known a lady beekeeper for 20 years, she uses it before every meal for 40 years and never had tooth decay in her life. I think she is about 83 now and can still out work many men half her age. I would be more worried about drinking Coke or Pepsi.

The amount of cayenne pepper in the honey and ACV is just a moderate one shake from a pepper shaker. If it is burning your mouth, your using too much. I have never used the 3 myself, but one of my honey customers who had over 15 heart attacks was totally cured from this drink. His Doctor couldn't figure out why he was in such good health 1 year after an almost fatal heart attack. He confessed to the Doctor what he was taking, and he no longer took the heart meds that was prescribed. Then a year later he passed his physical test to be reinstated as a Stock race car driver.

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ACV: good stuff!

16 oz tumbler of room temp water with a 'splash' of ACV..
first thing every morning, while waiting for coffee to brew.. since the 70's!

first recommended by chiro, he explained it this way:
1 ACV is a toxin neutralizer *seek and neutralize any tissue-issues.
2 ACV is a water emulsifier *makes water watery-er, more available to all cells.
3 ACV makes red blood cells slippery *like teflon-keeps arteries clean.

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does it smell like feet after a long summer day?

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Make your own

When you are canning your organic apple sauce put the cores and peels in glass jars,, cover with water, cheese cloth with rubber band lid and place in a dark cupboard for a few months. Made my own and 2 jars turned out fantastic, that was my first attempt, if it doesn't work what do you have to lose? One of my sons likes it so much he's been drinking it straight from the jar. I made a big batch in a bucket with a lid in the garage and we use it in spray bottles with a couple drops of soap for cleaning, too.

Sore throat remedy

Recently tried ACV gargle for first time, and it knocked out my sore throat. The acid helps to kill the bacteria according to health911.


I have been drinking Bragg's

I have been drinking Bragg's ACV for about 2 months now, since a friend turned me on to it. I like to put about a tablespoon of it in a glass of low-sodium V-8 juice every morning or night, sometimes both. It is also great on salads mixed with olive oil or added to your favorite salad dressing. I have been feeling stronger and seem to be fending off colds better and have noticed that small cuts (doing a lot of yard work lately) seem to heal faster. This may all be a placebo effect or my imagination. I will be monitoring my progress as time passes.

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Alright well...

I was at the store today and I happened to walk through the aisle harboring Bragg's ACV. Gonna give it a shot tomorrow morning (if I can remember). We shall see how it goes!

Health bump.

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Another use - Cherry Angioma

I've been getting these bright red bumps on my skin - my Dad had them too. While researching, I read that ACV will remove them. Well, it works. I have halfheartedly been dabbing them with a q-tip dipped in vinegar and sure enough, they are drying up and falling off. The skin underneath is equally as red at this point but I will continue and see what happens. Cheaper than paying a dermatologist to freeze them.

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I use this in ice tea, instead of lemon...

also good on your salad with some olive oil. I've grown to love this so much over the years, I'm sure I must be up to at least a 1/4 cup a day, if not more. There have been times I've not used any for weeks (vacation, etc) and I swear, I get sick without it. Placebo affect, perhaps... but it works for me.


If you are not on the Apple Cider Vinegar kick yet, I'd recommend you give it a shot. I'm new to it but I already am hooked. It's not expensive btw and it's easy to ingest if you mix it with a cup of water.

Every morning

after I eat, I mix a big glass of water with 2 teaspoons of clear fiber, 3 drops of Lugol's Iodine Solution and 2 tablespoons of ACV. Good stuff!

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i do concoctions sometimes, also like to add ¼ tsp MSM (sulfur) to the mix..

I got tired of waiting for it to arrive in the mail

So I bought some ACV at a local health store. Just had my first drink of it. I mixed w/ a glass of water. It was fine to drink that way. From what I can tell, I definitely wouldn't want to drink it without water (or some other "mixer"). I actually immediately feel it working in my stomach. I can't wait until I've taken this for several weeks. Looking forward to seeing what this does for me.

How often do you drink this stuff btw? Just in the morning?


it'll make ya tool hard

Thanks for the reminder

I have two 32's of Bragg's sitting there since November unopened.

The Pseudoscience is strong with this one

"Alkylizing" with an acid? "acidic state"..you body buffers very well.

"Energy booster" b/c enzymes and nutrients
ACV has no protein in it....all enzymes are protein. There is not a good source of Calories aka kilocals aka Joules aka ENERGY in apple cider vinegar...even in water that has been mixed with a splash of hot water.

Removes lactic acid...again.. drinking an acid to help reduce an acid? Please give some biochemistry to back this up.


All "acid" is not created

All "acid" is not created equal.

Lemon is an "acid."


I had to agree

I have a degree in nursing and your thought process is correct enough to get me to search it out. I couldn't find any great biochemistry that could clear up the paradox in my 15 minute google search. The explanations I get for the alkalizing with acid is vague but it is very widely used and promoted in almost all the alkaline diet.

This next one explains we should just agree to disagree.

Although experts disagree as to whether apple cider vinegar is alkalizing or acid-producing, they almost universally agree that apple cider vinegar supports bone health. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)
Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_5504968_vinegar-raise-body-ph.html...
Despite being an acidic solution, some proponents of apple cider vinegar believe it has an alkalinizing effect on the body. As such, they recommend one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water as a daily health tonic. Although this is a popular remedy, its effectiveness hasn't been researched.
All that i have read say pretty much the same .
This one is interesting though alittle over my head I was able to get some very interesting information on why apple cider vinegar is great for the bones and joints and probably anywhere there are bad calcium deposits or bacteria..
11/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Val:
Generally speaking, all you need is a pH meter and just measure urine pH and saliva pH. Usually ACV will cause the urine pH to be acid after taking this a couple of hours, usually upon the first or second urination after drinking apple cider vinegar, thereafter the next day it tends to become more alkaline from the minerals provided in the apple cider vinegar, hence the controversy.

This is true of both ascorbic acid vitamin C, citric acid, vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Take a point in case of distilled water, where a freshly opened bottle of this pH is 7, but if I drink them, the urine pH becomes acid because the distilled water lacks the buffering capacity.

Apple cider vinegar is an interesting one, a majority of mineral in nature tends to exist more on the left side of the periodic table, then processed foods, where these tend to be on the right hand side of the periodic table, and hence acid forming. The two left handed side of the minerals are alkaline and alkaline earth minerals, while processed foods are bleached and contains chlorine, bromine, fluorine, for example.

A case in point also is that this also depends on how high the body's calcium levels are. The apple cider vinegar are generally acidic in nature initially anyway and tends to react with the calcium in the blood and reduces this. However, vinegar isn't as effectively used to remove calcium from the blood if I compare this against disodium EDTA, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid and sodium citrate, which has a greater capacity to chelate out the calcium. The chelation effects does not require acidity to remove the calcium, it requires the charges of the mineral to be attached to them and hence calcium in the blood are reduced that way. This is why blood banks add sodium citrate, or even disodium EDTA for example to prevent blood from clotting when you prepare the blood for storage. Blood tends clot and hence calcium has to be removed or the patients died of a stroke or other conditions during blood transfusion as the blood clotting tends to occur during storage and increases the risk to the blood recipient.

The confusion also exists on apple cider vinegar regarding "calcium removal" when you desire to remove "calcification of the joints". Sometimes bones tend to fuse as a bacteria eats up the cartilage, or a person suffers from fluoride poisoning (common occurance in fluoridated water as it accumulates over the lifetime) and the joints calcifified or a person suffers from magnesium deficiency, so bone formation doesn't occur so a "calcification of the joints occur".

Certain bacteria that exists in cartilage can eat up the cartilage, causing the two bones to fuse somewhat and people get the impression of "cacification" when infact cartilage is being eaten up and bone swells from excess wear as there is no cartilage between the joints to protect it.

A fungus like bacteria grows inside the bones, especially on the inside of the bones near the joints as blood can't reach where the ends of the bones meets since bone thickness is high and makes it ideal for them to growh. When they grow it eats up the bones and it causes a swelling of the bones. It appears as bone spurs in the foot because circulation there is very far from the extremities, but also occurs between the joints where circulation there are also less accessiable.

As an issue is why do we really need to acidify or blood to remove the calcium since a majority of people with joint conditions metabolically acidosis anyway. When metabolic acidosis exists, blood calcium rises and tends to accumulate and calcify in low blood circulation, and calcium is hence deposited. So the cause is really metabolic acidosis anyway. So the issue appears to be how do we remove calcium from the tissue and alkaline pH, not how we can create more metabolic acidosis to remove the calcium. It's not that apple cider vinegar is the problem. It contains certain chelation properties that removes calcium, even at alkaline dose. This means an apple cider vinegar with baking soda does have properties on calcium chelation as opposed to acid in removal, by way of acetate (an alkaline form) instead of acetic. Malates instead of malic acid, and citrates instead of citric acid. An example, I can cause most land animals to have stones if only fruits was given in their diet, not because fruits are lacking in calcium, but because it is the citric acid, or an alkaline form of citrates are well known calcium chelators anyway, but not necessarily remove calcium from the bones, but mostly from tissues, and joints because these areas has greater blood flow (with citrates) then the bone itself. The bone itself is much more susceptible to metabolic acidosis because the entire bone structure is bathed in blood fluids, not necessarily the circulation and hence are more effected by blood pH and metabolic acidosis then their blood flow. Hence it is why blood banks used citrates or sodium citrate.

In general, using baking soda and lemon juice remedy or baking soda and lime juice has high citrates from the reaction between baking soda and citric acid and may make better caclium removal from soft and semi hard tissues such as muscles and joint. Apple cider vinegar owes somewhat similar abilities from their malates and acetates, rather then teh acid itself. Its the chelation issue.

So if I want to treat bones, the remedy is likely to be potassium citrate, sodium citrate, baking soda, borax, magnesium, xylitol and perhaps taurine (to prevent sugar from reducing the immune system which leads to a bone condition). Citrates chelates out the calcium, without harming the blood pH. A blood pH off by just 0.5 is enough to kill a person. If calcification is indeed a serious one, then I might consider disodium EDTA. This is why bicarbonates and importance of maintaining a buffer is so elaborate in human physiology.

And I found this info as well. Link here: http://hubpages.com/...VinegarBenefits
Many alternative practitioners are proponents of the alkaline-acid theory. They believe that a diet high in acid-producing foods leads to excessive mucous production, lack of energy, headache and sore throat, allergic reactions, anxiety and various other ailments. The theory behind the alkaline diet is that our blood is slightly alkaline with a pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. Our meals should reflect this pH level and also be slightly alkaline. The typical American diet is very acidic and creates many imbalances within our body. Apple Cider vinegar, as part of your daily diet, restores the alkaline-acid balance. Just a couple of teaspoons a day is highly recommended as a daily health tonic. Although these claims have not been backed up by scientific studies, many people swear by the benefits of apple cider vinegar when taken regularly.

Some more links:
And, "C" would know the answer to this if you ranswer isn't in these articles.


Good info here, thanks!

Good info here, thanks!

Thanks for the thread reminder; been meaning to

pick up some organic acv for years but never searched in earnest. Made a special effort today and found it in the same store I buy regular acv (a different aisle of course), my neighborhodd ShopRite. Bought Bragg's ACV and Bragg's Liquid Aminos, an alternative soy sauce. ... another small healthful step for this man. Thanks.

ACV is no joke. From my

ACV is no joke.

From my personal experience (I've been a user now for 12 years):

1. I train martial arts. Once a week I hard spar with guys 20 years younger than me. To say I walk away with aches and pains is putting it lightly. Every time I get home after training, I drink a huge glass of ACV & water. Those aches and pains disappear (I'm not exaggerating). When you exercise vigorously, your body detoxes. Many people think that is what sweat is--they're wrong. You detox inside your body and all those inflammatories start to float around your body causing problems. That tall glass of ACV & Water alkalizes that acid and then I urinate it away. It helps me get out of bed the next morning too.

2. Helps me prevent colds, etc. If my kids get sick, I usually start drinking ACV & water to help prevent me from catching anything. Hard to prove if it works, but I don't get sick anymore like I used to....

3. Sometimes eating crappy meals is unavoidable. I love pizza but greasy pizza is terrible for the stomach. Well, instead of giving up the pizza, I either wash it down with ACV & water, or if I'm out I drink a glass when I get home. Problem solved.

4. If I'm feeling glum, or like someone threw a wet blanket on top of me, I'll drink ACV & water. It works! Picks me right up. It's different than a coffee pick-up, just makes you feel refreshed.

5. The taste is not for everyone. It's definitely an acquired taste. After 12 years, I enjoy it. Some people put honey in it. If you try it this way, just make sure it's "real" honey and not some HFCS fake crap, because you're not doing your body any favors then.

6. I like to drink craft beer. Occasionally, I'll drink over my self-imposed "3 beer limit." The next day I'll drink ACV & water to help my liver detoxify. Does it work? I don't know. I read that it does. Better than drinking some sugary drink all day that's for sure.

7. To the ladies, try it and watch how it makes your skin feel. My wife swears by it.

Anyway, I hope I've helped a few....

P.S. - I only use organic with the "mother."


"The taste is not for everyone. It's definitely an acquired taste. After 12 years, I enjoy it. Some people put honey in it. If you try it this way, just make sure it's "real" honey and not some HFCS fake crap, because you're not doing your body any favors then."

Sorry for my ignorance but what is "HFCS"?


High fructose corn syrup.

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Start Making Your Own

If it contains the "mother" you should be able to mix some with apple juice (organic) and start your own batch. Just leave it out in a cool place 60F- 65F should do it.