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Yikes! Gooey, Glue-Like Quicksand in Corexit-Laden Florida Keys Ocean Water

Yikes! Gooey, Glue-Like Quicksand in Corexit-Laden Florida Keys Ocean Water
By Martin Hill
February 5, 2014


I've been to beaches all over the U.S. But I have never, ever seen or felt "sand" like what I found in Key West, Florida, on Monday. It was my first time in the Florida Keys and once we arrived, the first thing my wife and I noticed was that there was NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN THE WATER. This to us was quite bizarre as we'd never seen or heard of a beach on a beautiful day with no one in the water. I went in first, and it felt like thick, very odd, gooey glue-like quicksand. it was so mucky, glue-like & odd that I got my phone and tried without dropping my phone, to film some of this stuff without touching it with my hands. Your feet felt like they were stuck and you couldn't move, especially if you stood in one place very long you stated to sink into it. Seriously, what is this stuff? [Video, pics & video here.]

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Nah, thats normal there..its

Nah, thats normal there..its marl

That's the gel globs from the dispersant used for the oil spill

We've been waiting for the Gulf Stream to carry it off our shores here in Louisiana. Thanks for the update that it's already reached Florida.

Joking aside, it's bad stuff. Might want to get out of the water.

Dispersants were sprayed on the surface oil spill to break the oil down into smaller droplets so that they are more readily and quickly able to mix with the water.

Dispersants do not reduce the amount of oil that had been spilled and remaining in the environment, but simply pushes the spilled oil underwater. The action of deploying the chemical dispersant will see to it that the oil spill is not visible, but it also means that we now have both the chemical dispersant and the spilled oil in the Gulf. Both are toxic to things biological.

Out of sight, out of mind...

wow, thanks for the

wow, thanks for the insightful comment. what you say makes perfect sense. It did seem like 'globs of gel'. and if the dispersant "pushes the spilled oil underwater" that makes sense too because it is a slimy, sinking feeling as you stand there. the longer you stand in one spot the deeper you go, . it feels literally like quicksand, like youre being stuck in that spot.

I didn't stay in for long.