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I don't own a TV, I won't watch a single second of the Olympics.

I don't care who wins. I don't care what their story is. I don't care what country they are from. I honestly don't care about the Olympics.

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I actually get a lot of

I actually get a lot of enjoyment out of the olympics. Besides the occasional football game I don't watch many sports, but I think its fun to see the very best athletes doing what they love, to learn a little about how the sport works, their backstories, some of the technical terms of this trick or that kind of spin.

I like the mix of continuity -- olympic records, the medals, etc. -- and the new -- new events, new courses for a new location.

The political side of me loves the opening ceremony. How will a country define itself, express its history? What kind of music, what kind of costumes, what symbols? For instance, I found the revolution section of the Sochi opening ceremony to be fascinating.

I also enjoy the more outright political aspects of it: who gets invited to sit with Putin, the lack of an Obama/Biden presents, Chobani not being allowed into Russia, the whole gay thing.

And then there's the architecture and city planning aspects of building up a city just for these couple of weeks.

A question I often come back to is: what is the point of a free society? I think it's easy for liberty-minded people to slip into a mindset of enslavement because we are not completely free. What would I want to do if I were completely and totally free? I would travel a lot, I suppose. I would also watch the olympics.

Well I'm with you on two points:

I don't really care who wins, and I don't really care what country they are from. As for the stories, I kind of enjoy them. I'm not ashamed to say I like watching those at the top of their field. For those gun lovers, you can't tell me that an athlete hitting 5 small targets 50 meters away while their heart is thumping at 180 beats per minute doesn't peak your interest.

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The claim is the world is in economic collapse

but there is money to support a world wide sporting event.

I enjoy paying for someone

else to go play a game that I play myself and probably spend close to as much time preparing for; that's because I have to go to my job. Drives me crazy when they whine about how much they sacrifice to their sport.

I own

a TV and The Olympics have not been put on once.

The History Channel is mostly on.

i do own a tv and just this

i do own a tv and just this morning i saw some crap (fox news) talking about how to prevent a terrorist attack at the Olympics this year. And also about how much russia sucks. Its odd

I confess I watched the opening.

I have to admit the Russians did a damn good job. The appropriate amount of solemnity and celebrity. The show was historical, educational, artistic and creative as opposed to the sappy poppy drippy western ones from the past several olympic openings.

Of course the internationalism themes were too over the top for me. But I just wanted to see the Russian response to the western ones of late and, honestly, they did a great job.

The worst part of it were the western TV personalities who wouldn't STFU and spoke over some of the best parts while saying the stupidest, most ignorant things.

Although it did highlight the difference, while the Russians were communicating something educational, historical, creative or profound in the show, Matt Lauer or whomever jumped in to try to spin it and said something either totally ignorant or incorrect (I know Russian and Russian history and culture), completely destroying the continuity of the show that Russians designed to be enjoyable by ANYONE even those who are NOT familiar with Russian language, history and culture.

I love not watching TV hardly anymore, there are so many better

things to DO.

kind people rock

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I stopped watching the Olympic Games when I discovered...

I stopped watching the Olympic Games when I discovered that I - me, myself, I @ 5'9" and 130 lbs - could run in them all via a computer game, while sipping my can of sweetened condensed milk on a couch!

That is, ever since 20 or so years ago, I think.

(Time flies...)

I concur:

Doing Olympic sports rocks! :)

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All computer games bore (or frustrate) me after 10 to 20 minutes.

Except for flight simulators.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

50 billion plus for two weeks of opportunity for

Coke and the other multinational corporations peddling their shit to spread their toxic crap and spew propaganda on the world stage. The athleticism if pure is awesome, but the games are simply a tool for the global elite to continue their march. Imagine 50 billion used to actually help the citizens of Sochi and the surrounding area over the long term with real investment in the community. Once the games are over, most of this infrastructure will be useless and the region will plummet into financial hardship. The Olympics are mostly a political tool now and do not allow for perhaps the original intended chance to promote world peace and the highest level of athleticism.


Congratulations on your not

Congratulations on your not caring, and caring so much as to go out of your way to make a post about your not caring.

The figure skaters last night

The figure skaters last night were awesome and I was happy to see they wore no Nike check marks.

I shut mine off in 1993 in order to regain my sanity.

Don`t miss it at all.

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This post is by far the best

This post is by far the best thing I have read all day. Probably in the last week. It is fist-pump worthy (and yes, I pumped my fist when I read it to my wife). People who like the Olympics don't get me at all - I guess they figure I am some kind of stick in the mud. I don't care. Likewise, I just don't get them at all. Whatever. It's not about being cool, it just is what it is. I, like the OP, have absolutely 0% interest in anything to do with the games.

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Not liking a TV show...

Not liking a TV show isn't that impressive of an accomplishment.

But then, neither is posting on the internet about it, like I am.

Different strokes for different folks.

My family is currently listening to Harry Potter audio books but I'm sure some families aren't.

Shit, some people don't even like listening to Ron Paul speeches.


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I like figure skating

When I was young at one point I thought I would want to be a figure skater someday, but then I realized you need this thing called balance and grace and it wasn't for me. I watched Tara Lapinski in the Olympics and just thought it looked like so much fun.

I'll probably watch some figure skating.

Your plan sounds like it will work for you. My plan sounds like it will work for me.

Me neither

On both counts.

I just hope there is no false flag attack.

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Lived walking distance from ice skating rink in 2002.

They were literally giving away tickets for free since barely anyone came and they wanted to appear like people were there for the cameras.

I didn't watch and I still didn't go.

So much for RMoney's "success" as CEO of the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee. (I think they ended up losing $200 million or something.)

Man that guy sure was

Man that guy sure was presidential material. Grade A

Southern Agrarian

You are not cool. You are a sad person living in darkness.

There are very few beautiful things in this world. But, there are those things that all people have in common, all over the world. There is compassion and empathy between people, beauty in nature, the arts, and yes, sport.

Seeing athletes (and in some cases also artists) competing to be the best in the world can be a beautiful thing. While watching some of the preliminary events last night, I had moments of great awe, joy, and even sympathy. When a snowboarder did a spin forty feet in the air with ballet-like gracefulness, I could not stop "Wow" from coming out of my mouth. When a young woman, who worked hard for many years to get to this moment, landed badly and injured her knee, I could not help but know that I would never understand her disappointment.

I will never reject beauty, whether a mosque or cathedral, ballet or figure skating, the face of an exhausted athlete knowing they gave it all or the joyful tears of someone getting a gold medal. To reject them is to reject my own humanity. To reject one of the few moments where people from different nations feel as brothers is to reject the idea of peace.

You may feel smug and superior sitting in your mom's basement reading Hayek or whatever you are going to do. But you are not superior, you are weak. You have allowed the banksters and the politicians to take your humanity. Have fun being bitter and alone. I will be carrying on the Ron Paul Revolution.

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I'm not sad living in darkness Mo

and I agree with him.

It's just not of any interest, and I see no point, importance, or benefit in life from 'winning' a game, that really in the end, even if you or your team does win, does absolutely nothing for anyone or their future, other than possibly nurturing the team mentality that more often than not gets conjured back up for use on the naive during elections.

It doesn't feed me, it doesn't pay me, it doesn't mow my lawn, or maintain my garden.

I guess that is what I was saying

There is a benefit - even if you don't see it. One things that sets us apart from other animals is that we don't just do things that feed us, we often enjoy things with no physical benefit whatsoever.

What is the benefit of playing a board game with family? No food, no money, no chores done for you. But, I get great pleasure out of such things, it is fun, I learn more about my siblings, etc....

Just because you suck at sports doesn't mean they don't have a benefit.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

I can appreciate Pollyannaism.

I really can. It's hopeful. It's optimistic. There's a role for it.

That said if you read what the athletes themselves write and say about it - it's a taxpayer and sponsor - funded two week long international ****-fest.

So, I hope you can see the other side of the coin for those who don't care much for it.

not to mention

Some of those amazingly athletic snowboarding females are super cute. I can't begin to imagine how incredible it must feel to fly down the side of a mountain in Russia like they're doing.

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I am with you

However, I think I will try to find a place online to watch the hockey. Anyone know where I can do that?

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