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WSJ: Towns Say 'No Tanks' to Militarized Police

Growing Unease Over Departments' Use Of Vehicles and Gear Designed for Battle

By Jennifer Levitz | WSJ

Residents in some towns have begun standing up to the large armored vehicles that local police departments are receiving from the federal government.

Six-figure grants from the Department of Homeland Security have been funding BearCats and other heavily fortified vehicles in towns and cities nationwide since soon after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Beginning last summer, the government also has handed out 200 surplus vehicles built to withstand mines and bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is considering requests from 750 more communities.

Most police and citizens welcome the extra protection, saying recent mass shootings show any local force could find itself facing an extremely violent or dangerous situation. But antipathy has grown in some pockets of the country—from New York to Ohio to California—which see the machines as symbols of government waste and a militarization of law enforcement, including the growth of SWAT teams and high-tech gadgets in recent decades.

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NH is the place where people resist BEARCATs

So far, 3 communities have fought against US Department of Homeland Security BEARCATs. 1 of them is Keene. 1 of them is Concord. Both in New Hampshire ;)

Live Free or Die!


...WSJ would run this story. They are clearly preparing for the worst... cause that's what's coming.