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Should Jay Leno Go to Fox now that NBC threw him to the Curb?

Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert all get a free pass to make fun of just about any politician they want, but Jay Leno has been the liberal whipping boy for making fun of Obama. Now that he is out he will also be one of the last gentiles on late night tv. I think Conan is the only gentile left. Where is affirmative action when you need it?

Without Leno on the air, the late night message will now be 100% biased leftist propaganda.

I hope Fox gives him a slot on the main channel or even on the lame cable channel.

That would be a win in my book. What do you think?

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Jay Leno is a workaholic

He does stand up at bars in the south bay almost every weekend. Before his night time show, he does his online car show in the daytime plus a million other things. I doubt hes going to just fade away quietly. I expect to see a new show from him even if its not late night.

Jay Leno should do whatever Jay Leno wants to do,

regardless of anyone's opinion here.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.


They could do a whole new format not confined to the traditional "tonight" show and the politically correct restrictions of NBC. Rather than "Jay walking" they could have a segment called, "liberal idiocy", that would work for an entire season! I think Fox would do well with a competing show in the same time slot, Jay would be perfect.

Remember Jay Leno was the one who got Ron Paul on his show when Ron was excluded from one of the debates.


Jay had Ron on several times. One time with Joe Rogan wearing a Ron Paul shirt.

Not really

Jay wanted to put in 3 more years on the Tonight Show and retire at age 65. I don't think he wants to start all over again with something that cannot compare to what he had.

Besides, Obama made him Ambassador of Antarctica. Not sure if Obama did that as a "touche" to Jay for not "following" political correctness on his show. Matter of fact, there is rumour that Jay's leaving is just because of that, too many Obama jokes.

Jay's tearful farewell was definitely sad and from the heart. Will miss him.

You could throw me

To the curb and under the bus for $15 M.

Ron Paul Was Right


Leno's net worth is $350 million. I doubt that even matters that much to him.

Does that $350 million include his cars?

I love Jay Lenos garage! I think he has some cars with a value of close to 1 mil. Not to mention one of the best collections of vintage and rare motorcycles in the world.
I don't doubt that the money doesn't matter to him either, he is probably happier tinkering with an Arial Square Four, a 1930's Knuckelhead, or riding an Indian Chief. He would probably make a ton of money doing a special interest cable car program, I'd watch it.