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Concrete Canvas Used for Inflatable Structures Permanently Solidifies with Water

This new technology allows for the quick construction of a building made of concrete canvas — a material that has all the elements of concrete, but is flexible enough to be turned into any shape.

This technology allows people to erect permanent structures in a fraction of the time needed for traditional building techniques.



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Very interesting, with intriguing possibilities

Depending upon how much weight could be put onto, yes onto it, one could use this as a bunker structure. Adapting it to have air and water intakes would be relatively easy ( concrete saw blade ).
If it could handle being underground say, 40 feet, then you've got the cheapest and most easily installed bunker kit yet.
The same material could be cut while pliable into a stairway/ well, a exit tunnel twice it's original length.

Some present bunker manufactures charge well over $100,000 for a bunker not much larger in size than this is, though they do provide the venting/ pumps, and access ways.
But still, 16K is cement cheap, so buy four and make room for your extended family.

I like it.

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
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Monolithic concrete domes

are where I'd look for a truly "permanent" structure that can actually handle a tremendous amount of exterior weight. And the cost is basically on par with these....?

I don't know. Very expensive and heavy, but robust temporary structures or just very crappy permanent structures?

The more I think about it the dumber it seems. You could have a far nicer temporary structure for the same cost and less time/equipment or a far better permanent structure for the same cost/equipment, but slightly more time. I just don't see a place for this "technology", even in the military.

Their niche is the " complete structure in minutes " feature.

Having been in construction most of my adult life, I was very impressed with the speed in which this unit is finished.

What usage, I imagine FEMA will order a few thousand at some point.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

What Permanent structures are you thinking about?

So with this you need a vehicle, temporary water source, temporary power source for the blower, the blower and some basic tools.

What do you have in mind?

structures that

can rely on more than 1/2" thick concrete reinforced with canvas(?) for their "permanence".

By "basic tools" do you mean a track hoe, grader or at least a tractor to clear and level the ground, which you'll generally need to do regardless of what you build? How about some way to remove a 2000lb sack of concrete and tarp from the back of your pickup and put it where you want?

I don't even know if this thing has a concrete floor in it and, again, I wouldn't call it "permanent" without a proper foundation... and some rebar and at least 2 more inches of concrete all around. Which totally negates the supposed convenience of it all.

I think the best, direct comparison for these would be corrugated, steel culvert pipe that has been used for long-term temporary shelter for decades. IMO it beats this idea in every aspect.

Only $16,000 for the model you see (2011 price)

Sounds like another No Bid contract price winner for Halliburton's GWOT.

Damn we need to have another show of "price is right"...staring Dick Cheney and the contestants ...corporate reps from the military industrial complex. Instead of guessing the right price...they winner will be the highest bribe.

Lets call the show "The Bribe is Right"


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Get cheap land at the ideal elevation here...


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practical only for a survivalist

but even a survivalist wouldn't be able to carry it, or get the air, or get the water.

Future housing on Mars or Moon

These would make great shelters for the first settlers on Mars or on the Moon.
Bring a few hundred gallons of water along to help cure it and then mound up dirt on the exterior after it cures to increase the insulation.

You won't get this past your local zoning enforcer

This is really a cool idea, it could use some work on the final structure design to make it more appealing, less Quonset hut looking.

very interesting

I bet they are chomping at the bit for govt contracts! That is seriously awesome technology. Hope they get rich!

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How do you

get rid of it?

You Don't !!!!

It there a language barrier here?

"This technology allows people to erect PERMANENT structures ... "

Temporary in

form and function, yet permanent.

Really, the dumbest idea for a permanent building I've ever seen, lol.

Who's it for, the sand people?

Complete with after birth running down the door.

Interesting material. Ridiculous application.


Your post is ridiculous.
Or maybe you like rusty cargo containers?

Rusty cargo containers

aren't permanent buildings. What are you talking about?

There's no ventilation. There's no second exit. No light. No plumbing. No place to run conduit. What's the floor? Can it be altered as time goes on without a jack hammer?

These guys have never worked on a building. Have they ever met a woman? What percentage of women would find this a suitable building in perpetuity?

You get all excited over reading comprehension. Have you thought this through?

What are the most important elements in a permanent building?

It should be erected in less than five hours by people with no skills?

It's a wonderful YouTube video to gawk at, but it has no relation to a sensible permanent building structure that is worth living around or defending.

But in an episode of Red Green, it would be awesome!

what am I writing about?

Just pointing out you are a bigger jackass than this building.
Yet you do that pretty good on your own.

The building is what it is. If you want a stove, cut a hole before it sets. Nothing perfect Jackass. And this structure has possiblities, so try using your head jackass and stop trying to pick posting fights with others who point out your errors and misrepresentations.

Sorry you got so heated

You take the last word...

Too cool but I could also

use inflatable scaffolding. Seriously, wouldn't that be handy?