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Collaborative Writing mini-project!

Would there be anyone here interested in writing a short 200 word opinion on any topic they so choose for submission to my local newspaper as an editorial/letter-to-the-editor?

I would love to submit a fellow DP'ers opinion to my local newspapers and state that it was submitted on your behalf, with your permission and that it was formatted and originally shared on the Daily Paul itself. I would insert approx. 50 words of narrative or personally-aligned or opposed angle on the topic and submit as a collaborative writing effort.

Are there any interested DP'ers? If so, submit in the comments section. I will leave this open until the end of the weekend, at which point I'll choose the letter by content, genuineness and fire.

Peace and Love always.

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Thank you for your submissions...

haha. Well, it was worth the time to ask.

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