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Now THIS is inhumane!

And we wonder why America is in trouble. The doctor in this video looks so normal. I bet she'd be nice to you if you said "Hi" in Wal-mart, but inside, she's a cold-blooded killer. It's just like what the Nazis did--now you can comprehend how it could happen here.


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If the birth control pill interferes with implantation

then there is no conception. There is only the female egg which gets flushed out of the body every period cycle. If you read up on the subject you will find birth control pills trick the female body into believing it is pregnant, thus blocking any sperm from reaching the egg.

If you look into one of those pill boxes you will see 21 pink or white ones and 7 of a different color. The last seven are just sugar pills, the female body realizes it's not pregnant and the period cycle begins during the 7 days.

If the sperm never reaches the egg there is no conception.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe


Fertilization is when the sperm and egg combine. Implantation is when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. Honestly, how can you have such strong opinions of abortion if you haven't even taken the time to understand how reproduction and the birth control pill work? It's absolutely crazy to me.

Your agrument line you have chosen is just silly

fertilization and implanting onto the uterus is the two of the steps in conception. the next step is to do the right thing and be a dad or mom and love whatever is in the womb and not butcher it! These steps I have been involved in many times and have been present for every birth.

So I can assure I did find out what goes on in the womb, and I did love all my babies before and after birth.

Sometimes it was very inconvenient to have another baby come along, but I would never choose abortion.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe


The type of birth control (OCP) determines what it does. The most commonly used OCPs of the past prevented the production of an egg. Thus, nothing for the sperm to fertilize. Others prevent implantation, But, one must have the knowledge to argue sensibly about whether conception has occurred or not. It seems that most pro-life people agree it occurs with fertilization. Thus the type of OCP that prevents the production of an ovum is the only one they see as acceptable. To each his own.

There is no way that it "stops the sperm from reaching the egg"!

Where do you get your

Where do you get your information from? Please list your sources. Every source I've read states that the hormone in oral contraception suppresses ovulation...meaning an egg does not get released.

I'm glad you asked! Thanks!

Here is a link concerning the issue. Part of how the birth control pill works is by encouraging the woman's body to essentially flush out all eggs, including the fertilized ones. Even still, there are pro-life folks who feel that manipulating a woman's hormones to reject fertilization is just as bad as flushing a fertilized egg or aborting a fetus. I can see where they would draw that conclusion. And there are doctors who don't see a moral difference between manipulating hormones, flushing fertilized eggs, or abortion. I can see where they would draw that conclusion. When life begins is a personal opinion. It's not really something the government should be dictating. And calling doctors and women murderers for using the pill is just not rational, even though they are destroying fertilized eggs. It's also not rational to call them murderers for being pro-choice, even if you disagree with them. You know they are not the moral equivalent of Nazis or someone who robs a liquor store and shoots the clerk. It's not a fair comparison and I don't think you realize how much those statements offend the average American. Especially women.



FYI... From your


From your source:

Insufficient evidence exists on whether changes in the endometrium could actually prevent implantation. The primary mechanisms of action are so effective that the possibility of fertilization during COCP use is very small. Since pregnancy occurs despite endometrial changes when the primary mechanisms of action fail, endometrial changes are unlikely to play a significant role, if any, in the observed effectiveness of COCPs.

What this is saying is that it is unlikely for the pill to flush out a fertilized egg. The primary function of the pill is to prevent ovulation.

Please, think critically

The article is stating, that because of how the pill works, its impossible to gauge how often the pill prevents implantation of a fertilized egg. Do you want to implant women with fertilized eggs to test how effective the birth control pill is at preventing implantation? That research is unnecessary because we already know that the pill does prevent implantation. It just isn't known what % of fertilized eggs would be prevented from implantation.

You can bet that the prescription drug companies have absolutely zero interest in conducting research into how effective the birth control pill is at preventing implantation. It would just piss people off, and they don't really need to prove what they already know. I mean, the part of the Wikipedia article that you quoted clearly states that fertilization of the eggs occurs, although it is uncommon. It's not saying that the pill is unlikely to prevent implantation of the embryo. It's saying that it's uncommon for the egg to be fertilized in the first place. Those are two totally different things.

Please think critically. What

Please think critically. What it's saying is the main purpose of the pill is to prevent ovulation therefore it is highly unlikely that it would prevent implantation.

Read again.

Insufficient evidence exists on whether changes in the endometrium could actually prevent implantation.

Although the pill thins the endometrium...there is insufficient evidence that it prevents implantation.

Most of what the pill does is

Most of what the pill does is prevent ovulation. If in a small percent that it does expel a fertilized egg, it is before implantation and cell division occurs. Most miscarriages happen at this stage.

This is still a better option than aborting a viable pregnancy.

You know your stuff!

I definitely agree 100%! I'm simply saying that people can't call some abortion murder but some abortion OK if it's done by the pill. Murder implies that someone should be charged with a crime.

Listen. We are not talking

Listen. We are not talking about the pill. The video is talking about murder of a 23 week old baby in the womb. What they are saying us that if she goes into labor to go straight to the clinic and they will take care of it. Do you know what a 23 week old fetus looks like?

Christians can not say life start at conception

According to the bible, life is I n the blood. No blood, no life.

No blood in a fetus?

At what point does the fetus contain blood?

What is wrong with you pro-life people?

You honestly believe that a doctor performing an abortion on a woman who is paying him is the same as a guy who shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach while is is robbing her? That is a completely insane statement. And when you say something like that to people, they ignore everything else you will ever say to them. Calling doctors and women murderers is why some people will always vote Democrat. They just don't even want to be associated with an organization that would tolerate such nonsense.

Not insane at all.

…which side are you on? :-)

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"What is wrong with you pro-life people?"

"What is wrong with you pro-life people?"

Oh the irony.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You're right

I shouldn't have worded it that way. I was just fired up and it was an emotional response. I apologize.

How Orwellian is the term

How Orwellian is the term "family planning", when it is actually family prevention?

Abortions because of rape and incest are about 1% of all abortions. At least according to the New York Times (not much of a conservative source).


If a pregnant woman is 6 months along, is excited for that baby to be born, and is assaulted, leading to miscarriage, you charge the attacker with murder.

If a pregnant woman is 6 months along, wants an abortion, gets one, that doctor is not charged with murder.

The difference is whether or not the woman chooses to value the fetus or not. So as long as life is labeled as not of value, it becomes OK to take that life. How logical is that?

I know that not everyone here believes in God, but I am reminded of some Church of satan videos I watched. The doctrine of their religion is presented with the spin of not being evil, but teaching self empowerment like the devil sought against God. They teach you to view yourself as a god, and not to submit to god. I mention this because it sure sounds like someone is trying to be a god when they think it is their place to assign value on human life.

Please, let me ask you some questions.

First, when does life begin? Conception? The sperm touching the egg?

Second, are doctors who prescribe birth control murderers? Are women who take birth control pills murderers?

Third, what gives you the authority to use the government to enforce your opinion of when life begins? Especially considering that there are differing opinions among the pro-life movement as to when life begins.

When the sperm and egg meet,

When the sperm and egg meet, there is a "spark of life" that takes place, that is when the two ingredients needed for life meet, and the process begins.

Birth control pills are not murder. Not to oversimplify but the pills alter hormonal levels that prevents an egg from being released. There is no egg to be fertilized by sperm.

If you scientifically exam a fetus, it is both human (DNA), and alive (cells are moving under a microscope). I believe those are the two requirements to be a human life? It isn't rocket science.

Now because people subjectively choose to not value a fetus, does not mean it is not a human life. What gives us the right to have the government enforce our beliefs? What gives the government the right to take my tax money and carry out what I believe to be murder? Do you think I enjoy funding murder?

I heard this comedian be honest about abortion, he said yes it was killing, and he was OK with it. At least that guy was honest. Human life either has value or it doesn't, we don't get to pick and choose. I believe deciding how much to value people is the foundation of the justification for slavery.

HAHA I figured you people didn't understand how the pill works

The birth control pill does help to prevent eggs from being fertilized. However, the birth control pill works by flushing fertilized eggs from the woman. So, yes, the birth control pill does destroy fertilized eggs. How you never bothered to do the research about this issue is absolutely fucking mind boggling to me. You call people murderers for doing something you haven't even taken the time to educate yourself about. It's honestly pathetic. At least educate yourself about scientific fact before you go out spouting nonsense. So, please explain to me how abortion is murder but the birth control pill is not. Even though they both remove fertilized eggs. It's honestly pathetic that you would act like you know what you're talking about, when you have clearly done absolutely no research on the topic.


Having been graduate school education with an endocrinology minor, taking a sexual endocrinology course, (and also completing medical school and surgical residency), I have to tell you that not all OCPs work the same. Your arguments about it have been one sided, showing a lack of understanding of the process, in the end!

Is it at all humbling to call

Is it at all humbling to call someone pathetic, tell them to do more research, and then realize you are the one operating with a flawed understanding? It should be, that is how we gain wisdom, realizing that we do not know it all. Other people know stuff too.

It is no wonder that someone who views others as inferior, or "pathetic", could agree with some baby killing. It is a selfish and egotistical world view, one that is absent of real happiness.


I shouldn't have called you names

I sincerely apologize for calling you names. I was just wound up because it is so appalling to me that someone could call another persona a murder, call a doctor a murderer no less, before they have even bothered to do research into the topic. If you're so fired up about abortion that you'll call pro-choice people murderers, you should be fired up enough to actually do research on the issue. The birth control pill does more than mess with hormones. In layman's terms, it causes the woman's body to be more likely to flush a fertilized egg by preventing implantation. So, if life begins at conception, the birth control pill causes abortion by interfering with the implantation of the fertilized embryo. That's a fact. But, again, I apologize for being rude. I hope you understand why I was so fired up.

Apology accepted, it is a

Apology accepted, it is a passionate issue for both sides. I still think you are incorrect about how birth control pills work. The pill prevents ovulation, which prevents a pregnancy.

I think the comment below might be right, you may be thinking of Plan B pills.

I think you are referring to

I think you are referring to Plan B.


The birth control pill and the morning after pill work the same way. They're both a combination of estrogen and progestogen. They both work primarily by preventing fertilization, but they also work to prevent implantation if the egg happens to be fertilized. The FDA and the prescription drug companies warn you on the bottle that the birth control pill and the morning after pill may prevent implantation.

Preventing implantation is

Preventing implantation is fine, it is killing it afterwards that is the abortion.

There is a wide range of opinions on the abortion subject. Some people would be OK with abortion up to a certain time, and then after that they think it is wrong. 90 days OK, 91 days bad, for example. It comes down to what the individual rationalizes as acceptable. Should it be that way?

I do lean towards abortion in cases of rape. My wife surprised me a few weeks ago when we were talking about it, and she said if she was raped she would still not abort the baby. She is a Roman Catholic, that doesn't go to church.

While I personally think it is disgusting, but justifiable for rape, rape only accounts for about 1% of abortions. Pulling little baby arms and legs out in pieces is something my empathy tells me is killing another human. Sometimes homicide is justifiable, but abortion is not an act of self defense. Abortion is a countermeasure to an undesirable situation a person brings upon themselves, through their own poor choices.

You are WRONG. Birth control

You are WRONG.

Birth control pills, or oral contraceptives, contain hormones that suppress ovulation. During ovulation an egg is released from the ovaries, without ovulation there is no egg to be fertilized and pregnancy cannot occur.