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Homosexuals are Destroying Marriage in America?

Last night, someone emailed and asked me to write about the gay marriage case in Virginia. This morning, a woman from Wisconsin asked if I would blog about the gay marriage case in her state. A few readers in Utah have also requested that I chime in on the gay marriage fight there.

And so I was going to do just that. I sat down to type a scathing rant about gay marriage. I sat down to tell the world that gay marriage is the greatest threat to the sanctity of marriage.

But then I remembered this:


That’s a sign I saw on the side of the road a little while back. Divorce for sale! Only 129 dollars! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

And then I remembered an article I read last week about the new phenomenon of “divorce parties.” Divorced is the new single, the divorce party planner tells us.

Read more of Matt's article here...


As an aside, I know the government has no business in marriage. But maybe if people would start being loving responsible human beings, the government wouldn't be able to manufacture reasons to trample our liberties.

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"I shudder at the thought"

Man, I feel the same way. No more Atheist American women for me. They can justify anything in their minds. Since birth they've been taught how great they are and that they are always the victim. It's impossible to live with one of them.

"how great they are and that

"how great they are and that they are always the victim."

You perfectly described so many American women (not all but I believe a great majority) with that one statement.

My ex-wife was the most ungrateful (she said thank you one or two times during our marriage) and most selfish person I have ever met. I made a very poor decision to ask her to marry me and it cost me so much financially and emotionally. Fortunately we didn't have kids (even without child support, she still embezzled six figures from me and got away with it) but I became extremely attached to her son, and just like she did during our marriage, she used him against me during the separation and divorce. She always put herself before her son.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin


You just described my ex. False justification, victimhood, entitlement.

No but the same people are pushing both.

The same people who push homosexuality are the same ones who seek to destroy marriage. Homosexuality has been pushed by the media for decades and in lock step has the destruction of the normal family.

It is obvious that the destruction of societal morality is key to increases in homosexual acceptance, abortion, loss of family, government intrusion, special interests rights, etc...

We live in an increasingly immoral society so it shouldn't be surprising that people are becoming more immoral.

It's not completely accurate to blame homosexuals for the destruction of marriage although the authors of that destruction are full of them. Yes I am talking about Hollywood and the mass media.

Divorce is extremely profitable for women

Divorce is extremely profitable for women.

Gays and lesbians have not caused the downfall of marriage. The following have all played a major part:

- Feminists that have blackmailed legislators since the 80s
- Selfishness - Many women looking for quick, easy money put their interests before children's interests
- Family Courts and the redistribution of wealth from men to women
- Hollywood and the media that do their best to portray all husbands/dads as incapable, bumbling idiots.
- Democrat legislators that buy women's votes by providing women an easy way to a sound, financial future by stealing the money of men and handing it to women so they can break up a family and never work again.
- Republican legislators that think they offer protection to women (as they try to buy their votes but fail) in a "chivalrous" way.
- Quitting mindset...it seems like very few couples these days want to actually work on a marriage (or any relationship). Plus, quitting is easy for women, they make out in a big way financially and they usually do not lose the children (regardless of who is at fault in the failed marriage). Men on the other tend to always lose financially, emotionally (losing their kids, if they have any)
- Divorce attorneys (that make way more than $129) and the divorce industry as a whole.
- The National Organization for Women (NOW)
- Cosmopolitan and other women's magazines

That's just a short list.

Again, gays and lesbians have not caused the downfall of marriage. I have always been curious as to why they even want their relationships recognized by the government when, as 1controversialchick alluded to, the government should not be involved in marriage anyway.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

"if people would start being loving responsible human beings"

Not always easy when you're trying to survive in an insane system that is run by socipaths and is determined to make life as hard as possible for the majority of honest hard working Americans.

I know it's not easy, but it can be done.


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Long list

1. economic stress
2. poor job market for middle America
3. cost of raising a family, marriage leads to kids..
4. inflation/currency destruction coupled with wage stagnation
5. time, money & geographical flexibility required to invest in a career
6. for those in a good position, there are plenty of choices, why settle?

The days of Ozzie & Harriet are long gone. So gays want to take on the stress of marriage and family that the average suburbanite experiences? Go for it, its a free country... but be careful what you wish for.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


Collectivists are indeed the worst among collectives.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

Debt is poison,

Economics and Mass Marketing be it soap opera programming to trash reality shows has devastated marriage in this modern time.

More people I have known, split because of the debt to earnings ratio in this “buy it now and pay for it later” programmed society. Debt causes division in the home and that destroys the bond between the two.
You see many people cling to maybe a fellow worker or someone who isn’t associated with the pressures of home. And in a lot of instances this is how infidelity, drug/alcohol abuse occurs.

The constant brainwashing of movies, soaps and social media implying “unless you are sneaky, untrustworthy or in an affair or a thief that worships money” you are boring, and are not living your life.”
I have seen a lot of this over years.

The sad thing is the two married people most the time genuinely still love one another but don’t know what happened in the marriage.


Debt is forfit of freedom.

Debt does not make mathematical sense. If you couldn't earn/produce enough excess to save what you want, to think its appropriate to enslave yourself making even less available on the basis that the purchase will increase you production enough to pay back the debt as well as the USURY fee.

Debt is slavery.

False debt is false slavery. When a government makes extorted theft called tax claims based upon government debt, National debt, that was incurred by borrowing its very own money from a counterfeiter private federal reserve banker that just invented said money out of thin air at a computer keyboard, so if you skip to the point we have Rothschild creating the COMPOUNDING FALSE US Nation DEBT out of thin air digitized at a keyboard.

Why? This counterfeiter has the magic keyboard why does he need to collect a nations tax?

To identify the opposition and eliminate it.

If a person cowardly submits to the extortionists and thieves and pays they are noted as a good submitter who will commit immoral actions for their Rothschild bank master. On the other hand if a person does not submit to this extortion they are identified and eliminated.

I was born free and debt makes me into a slave. Someone making claims of debt against my good name False DEBT claims is a huge threat. Humanity wake up!


Well I agree with ya,

although I don't see any reference to the topic in your reply, here is a good source of what you are interested in.



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Homosexuals aren't destroying anything in particular

Homosexuals aren't destroying anything in particular.

Not anymore than people who walk their dog after 8pm while smoking a cigarette, and before drinking their glass of liquor at 10pm.

Worst case scenario - their habits can only hurt themselves and the people they personally, directly interact with. Responsible adults will want to stay free to opt out if they figure the risks aren't worth the pleasure.

On the other hand, the people who are trying to destroy everything in this country - wittingly or not - are the same who prop up collectivist values and policies on anything or everything which ought to pertain to inter-personal or private affairs of the individual only.

And most of them aren't even homosexuals.

Or have any pet. Or smoke and drink.

But, all of those are late.

They are very late.

They still haven't gone past Marx and his 19th century.

They've been formatted to think that way.

They've been trained, programmed.

They've been formatted to (a) forget or (b) despise or (c) hate what America was founded upon.

And sometimes - in fact, often - they don't even realize it.

Because they sucked it all up.

They look at groups only, and the antagonisms between groups.

Those notions that others have prepared for them - for their conditioning.

Here's how it works:



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

wow, you echo my sentiments

wow, you echo my sentiments but you didnt go far enough. When my wife cheated on me, filed for divorce, then tried to take my kids away through the court system, it was an insane injustice. Many who watched me suffer through a 10 year litigation nightmare thought “I will never marry because you can be treated as a criminal for getting married and having children”. I know this message has hit many people and people get married much less and commit much less because getting married is so risky. When I approached the head pastor of the local churches about taking some legislative measures, he said “lets pray” I said “Im not here for your prayer Im here to recruit you and let take action”, he wanted no part of the action, so I left the church. Then I found out about 501c3 non profit and IRS connection to churches and why churches are silent on important political matters. 501c3 churches wont and cant address many important matters. The end result of the church being silent has been allowed moral decay to seep deep into the church, destroying family values.
your argument is spot on, you cant argue against gay marriage if you dont have clean hands your self, no credibility. America will implode from moral bankruptcy.

addendum: about the Cheeeldrun...

I think children are generally better off with two or three loving parents than being homeless or aborted.

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West of 89
a novel of another america


or even one parent.

Coin collectors are destroying model trains in 'murrika!

It doesn't matter.
It really doesn't matter what someone else calls his relationship.
If you are involved in what you consider to be a "real marriage" then it doesn't matter what I call my thang. The state should take no notice of one's status and address itself strictly to our behavior. You know... torts 'n' trespass? There are SO MANY BiGGER PROBLEMS to worry about. Your life has to be in pretty nifty shape if you can afford to concern yourself with what other volunteers do with their own genitals. Irrespective of personal tastes, 99% of the time, what folks do with their junk is the least interesting thing about them.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Our whole societal structure

Our whole societal structure is based on the "family". It seems to me that with the marketing breakdown of heterosexual marriage rites comes gender confusion and roles, child trade and exchanges, and gov't interference in the everyday lives of its citizens based on the sexual preference of its leaders. People having lifelong friendships with same sex was considered normal at one time without the inference that they were "gay". The mere term "gay" has sullied legitimate friendships and families in exchange for an artificial sense of 'bon vivance' and liberation given to the "bi=curious" (a term I recently heard used in a film) Surely there is a medical reason (altered water, food air????) for such a proliferation and marketing of unnatural sexual inclinations and the effects its has on our population. Are we imploding as a human species?


Your analysis does not explain how gay marriage causes divorces among hetero couples.

I think the increase in

I think the increase in divorce rate is a result direct or indirectly due to:
-intended marketing of homosexual activity as being "natural" and/or "desirable"
-making wandering experimentation into alter sexual behavior acceptable and encouraged (school curricula)
-a mocking of "family" unit and traditional lifestyle
-restrictions of family rearing practices ie foods?, discipline? education?
-promotion of "Gay" pride spectacles and alter lifestyles marketed in entertainment, film industry, and political arena
-a combatant attitude toward anyone or institutions that do not accept homosexuality as the new enforceable law

BTW I'm not sure the hetero divorce rate is specifically equatable to increase of high profiling of gay lifestyle other than traditional family values are being actively targeted and mocked as undesirable.

Top ten reasons for divorce


Gay marriage didn't rank in the top ten.

#1, 5, 6, 7, 8 may very well

#1, 5, 6, 7, 8 may very well include alter lifestyles and sexual curiosities and homosexual practices as factors of divorce.

Lets try some stats

The best guess by LGBT advocates is that gays represent about 5% of the population. Of gay men, about 20% get married to women, and of lesbian women, about 40% get married to men. So we're talking about an average of 30% of gays get married to straights, or about 1.5% of the total population of married people.

Of the mixed marriages, about 2/3 of them break up due to sexual incompatibility, and of the last 1/3 another half of them break up for other reasons. If you add that up, it comes to around 1% of the population goes through a divorce due to homosexuality.

These stats came from an LGBT website, and I extrapolated the total impact on marriage based on their numbers.

I would definitely say that divorce leads children to

emotional instability--which can then be capitalized upon by anyone trying to 'build their own kingdom'. It's parents' fault that so many young people are turning to homosexuality to find fulfillment.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

In addition to the OP

and other people's comments, I see the culture as adding more and more stress on marriages.

The messaging is anti-fidelity.
The economic realty is bleeding families of energy and resources.
The economic fantasy is also bleeding and distracting people from focusing on what really matters.

The media and Government has

made Homosexuality the hip and trendy new thing.

Some people will go out of their way to be 'accepting" because of this.

A dude that claims he's gay will usually find himself surrounded by girls who now want to be his "friend"

Plus he's now got a new group of dudes that are his friends because they are also now "Gay".

Most gays I know live on credit to have all the hip, trendy fashions, cars, houses, etc.

So which Homosexuality are we talking about?

"It's hip to be gay" or "I was gay before it was hip to be gay" gay"


You obviously don't know any gay people. I know many, and a couple dozen gay couples that have been together longer than some of my straight & married friends. None of them live on credit any more than anyone else. None of them have trendy new houses or cars. Do some of the men have a sense of style? Absolutely. But, much of their wardrobe and home decor come from second-hand stores.

Sounds like you were in love with a gay man at one point. No gay man "decides" to be gay. Furthermore, if they did, they wouldn't do it to have lots of girl "friends". Trust me, as a straight man, there would be no point in that.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

"No gay man "decides" to be gay"

Repeating a lie often enough doesn't make it the truth, Mohusk.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

So, assuming you're straight,

So, assuming you're straight, you chose to be straight? You're attracted to both sexes or the same sex as you and you made a choice to be straight instead? weird. I'm straight because I am only attracted to the opposite sex. No need for a choice. In fact, I couldn't choose otherwise if I wanted to.

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If that is true

Then how do they just become gay?
But,shouldn't your comment been "no man decides to be gay"?
Or no woman decides to be gay?
The way I see it,they did make a choice,and it does seem,they made a choice to live how they want to...that,to me,is true freedom

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence