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Amazing Beer - Stone "Enjoy By IPA"

Amazing stuff and it rivals Russian River's Pliny the Younger.

Try to get a bottle before the the expiration date of 2.14

Here is the beer finder. Use the filter to find it.




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Beer with GMOs and other ish


I like Omission Pale Ale and IPAs. I am gluten sensitive and its the only gluten free beer that still taste like real beer

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Ahhh Stone Brewing

I still remember my first Arrogant Bastard. I didn't appreciate it then as I do now.

While we're throwing recommendations around, I highly recommend Ballast Point Sculpin IPA. It's one of the best bottled beers I've ever had.

Share One With Your Valentine

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Good find

All the stone beers are good. Try the beer buddy app

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I'm a session beer guy

Low gravity, flavorful English Beers. Or If I'm in the mood for interesting, it's Belgium hands down.

speaking of session beers

speaking of session beers Fullsail has a great selection of beers made in Oregon.


So many beers

So little time. :-)


Drink faster.

Beer, sex and the foodbabe

Beer, sex and the foodbabe all mentioned in one thread...this post is starting to gain some legs.

Too bad Food Babe is referencing Crap Beer vs. Craft Beer

They are two entirely different liquids. The large scale brewing products from AB, InBev, Miller/Coors/Molsen, etc. are not the same as what is being produced in the Craft Beer renaissance.


You've got to start somewhere simple with most guys, eh?

How many guys do you know who will drink commercial swill simply because it gives them a cheaper buzz?

When comparing Mickie D's to homemade, organic, REAL food; one must bring up the poorer to make them appreciate the vastly better contrast as REAL, for some guys to finally agree, right?

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haha thanks for the laugh

In the following quote "Beer - "Helping ugly people have sex since 2000 B.C." they didn't make the distinction between "commercial swill" and your fine expensive junk.


Laughing back to when the difference meant less to me

Who said it was, "mine"? All I did was make the comparison between wholesome, nutritious, REAL food and what passes for food by fast-crude consumers. It doesn't take too many days, weeks, or years of better choices, to see and feel more of as we ought, rather than what many guys settle for.

If that tickles you somehow; oh well, just sayin'...

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

If you like Pliney the Younger

you may want to try Societe Brewing's out of San Diego's Pupil or some of their other equally great offerings. Travis used to brew with Vinnie from Russian River and is doing some amazing stuff on his own now.


Don't be jealous,

but I have the fortune of working with Stone and producing their annual Stone Anniversary Celebration event, which is the largest craft beer festival in California. I also consult to the San Diego Brewers Guild and direct their annual Guild Festival, the signature event of San Diego Beer Week. San Diego is leading the craft beer revolution and there is so much good beer in San Diego and every style. I hope some of you got to try the Stone Götterdämmerung IPA, a double Imperial IPA we brewed for the 17th Anniversary.


Headed to the store first

Headed to the store first thing tomorrow. The nearest store on the map is literally 50 yards from my back door.

i just moved to

oklahoma from san diego. i miss stone ipa. they don't have it where i'm at :(. i have, though, encountered titan ipa and hazed and infused. both a colorado beer. good stuff.

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If you're in Tulsa

check out the Soundpony, they have a good selection. Marshall's is a good brewery.

tastes fine harpoon leviathan

try harpoon leviathan ipa ..awesome

check this out, these people

check this out, these people lines up like it was an iphone release...just for the release of a beer.


I don't get the IPA fad. It's

I don't get the IPA fad. It's like, the more bitter the better. Yuck. Gimme a German Dunkel, or a Belgian lager thank you very much.

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I was in Germany last year and wondered what the big deal was about their beer. My friend of course loved it. As I said to him, best beer is in america.

That's the beauty of beer.

At GABF last year there were 79 styles of beer that were part of the category submissions. There is something wonderful for every palette and you can enjoy an almost endless variety of beer offerings brewed with so many infusions and fermentation nuances. Liquid bread. A Square meal in a round bottle. High density lipoproteins and B vitamins. MMMMM good!


I will agree with you on the

I will agree with you on the German Dunkel, especially for winter. My favorite though is still Ayinger Ur-Weisse, its a darker Hefeweizen and its so good I almost want to cry when Im drinking it...


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Its not for everyone but its

Its not for everyone but its def not a fad. Its here to stay.

I guess. I'm not picky but

I guess.

I'm not picky but I'd sooner suck down the contents of an ash tray than a Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I am an IPA lover

And I hate Torpedo...and yet the regular Sierra Nevada IPA is my favorite "drinking beer". The thing about going crazy with hops, like any ingredient I guess, is not to focus on the one thing so much you ruin the taste of all the ingredients together. Torpedo suffers from this in my opinion, just total overkill.
Torpedo sucks, for sure.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

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Funny. Just had one with

Funny. Just had one with dinner. It's one of my favorites.


Try Stone Ruination IPA