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Fibonacci Cauliflower?

I received a seed catalog in the mail this week. My husband was skimming through and found this weird cauliflower pictured below, upper right hand corner of photo.

What do y'all think about this "Fibonacci Cauliflower"? I wonder how the botanists pulled this off? Anyone have insight? I find the Fibonacci Cauliflower kind of creepy and don't think it's proper for eating....????

 photo fibonnachicauliflower-1.jpg


Update - Fibonacci Retracement
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I'm easy, a happy and eager child of 60s/70s tv ads...

Call me a sheeple, a jughead, or a deer in the headlights of clever marketing, and even if I might appear at times to be uninterested or that such a thing might turn my stomach, don't be fooled... I would most definitely eat Veronica!

Fibonacci though, probably not. ;)

Forgot this earlier :)

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...and as for Romanesco

...and as for Romanesco amazonicum ...I'll probably need a napkin :D