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Gay or Straight Marriage on Parade

On the gay marriage, Rights, Sochi, MSM noise topic:

I used to live in Japan. I lived there for over a decade. It was a great experience, one that I won't soon forget.

Like many, I have always wondered, why does Japan function so well? Why is it so safe? Why does everything seem to "click" there? Why in such a crowded city like Tokyo (36mil) does it feel like a small town? Why in such cases like major disasters, do Japanese get on so well and ban together in harmony?

Of course, every popular reason I have considered, every idea. The typical answers have come and gone for me: "homogenous society," "no guns," "98% literacy," etc., etc. Each reason, obviously, holding some merit, but none hits it exactly on the head.

In my humble opinion, one answer that hardly ever gets any attention is the fact that the majority Japanese are extremely reserved. The Japanese rarely get emotional. Moreover, when it comes to politics, religion, sports, sexuality, even daily life, the Japanese are the polar opposite of Americans.

In regards to the topic at hand, are there homosexuals in Japan? Of course. Are there "gay areas" in Japan? Of course. Gay bars and clubs? Of course. Are there multiple sexual preferences in Japan? Of course. Are there extreme sexual perversions in the megalopolis that is Tokyo? Of course.

So what's the difference? Well, if you haven't guessed it already, it's that these things are kept discreet or prudent in their society. How, you ask? By government? By police? By prejudice? Well, the answer is they are kept mostly restrained by society itself. Yes, you see, the ideas and principles of the Libertarian and Anarchist ideologies are alive and well in Japan. A society that functions and harmonizes, not by force, not by a gun, or an iron fist, but for the sake of harmony itself.

American society fails miserably in this department because Americans have subscribed to "freedumb" instead of FREEDOM. They have lost the meaning of the very issue they hold so dear to their hearts. What does freedom mean anymore? Does it mean I should have a right to have sex with my partner in a public park? Does it mean I should have the right to deep kiss her on a packed train? Does it mean I should have the right to rollerblade down the middle of the street topless and in running shorts? Or wear a t-shirt pronouncing my love for oral sex? Or a t-shirt that says, "I'm a proud Libertarian!"

Americans adhere to noise. They love it! They love to make noise as often as they can, and they love to hear noise just as much. This is "freedom" for them. Their moral right is not to actually have freedom anymore, it's just to be able to scream and proclaim they have it--this is good enough for them nowadays. They don't want others to have it either, only their freedumb is justified, only their freedumb is worthy.

The gay marriage debate is ridiculous. Of course I understand that the MSM and politicians throw gas on the fire every chance they get, but why is there even a fire to begin with? Why do free Americans care what others are doing, and why do Americans need to consistently make noise about what they themselves are doing?

Point is, noisy Americans and their freedumb make it easy for Big Governments to grow and then throw wedges in between groups of people. And, of course, with the help of the noisy American mass media outlets like MSNBC and Fox, these issues can go on for decades and decades while the real issues destroy our country each year.

I think we as a society, we as culture, we need to close our mouths and open our hearts. We need to stop trying to change individuals or groups, but instead try to respect everyone's freedom and individuality. That means the noise makers, the freedumb announcers, the flag wavers, and t-shirt wearers need to sit down, shut up, and respect your society and/or community. And if you cannot, then you need to move to a place that jackboots freedom, because if you cannot learn to accept one another then no one will ever learn to accept your freeDUMB either.

Lastly, this isn't to say Japan is perfect, or doesn't have Big Government problems of their own, not by any means! But when it comes to issues like sexuality, religion, harmony, respect, the Japanese could teach Americans many, many things.

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Here's a pic of what I'm

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about. Not to only pick on liberals, because the Right are just as ignorant.


Just because your freedumb let's you say it or announce it, should you?

Awesome post

Thanks for another point of view. Everyone I know that comes from another nation (quite a few) constantly comments about how "uptight" and fearful and nosy/noisy Americans are.

You can't even say "shit" on TV here. It's so invasive and puritanical.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

In Japan, you can say just

In Japan, you can say just about anything on TV, but do they? No. You can go out and drink all night long until the following day, then go out on the streets and make a complete ass of yourself and probably escape police harassment, but do they? No.

This is the difference between freedumb and freedom.