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London Real TV : Vinay Gupta - Resilience Guru (2/2/2014)

By London Real TV, 2/2/2014 :

Fast forward at 5 min. 30 secs. for start of the interview :


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Interesting ideas and practical.

Free includes debt-free!

Great interview! Bitcoin discussion starts at 35:00

The whole thing is great. I'd never seen hexayurts before. Brilliant.

But his explanation of bitcoin's potential, the risks, the way things are likely to unfold politically and technically, etc., is the best I've ever seen. Especially 35:00 to 39:00.

Simply fabulous interview!

I really enjoy listening to Vinay, especially at the 38m55s mark as I conjured a similar scenario while impulsively commenting on one of cudnoski's posts about a week ago.
Chris wrote a rather interesting fictional news blurb. I hastily extrapolated.

I'm halfway through the interview... must.. get... back... to... Gupta...

1 cryptocoin = 1 vote

please extrapolate 4 me John...
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around why
1. that is NOT a process of centralizing 'power' and not decentralizing it.
I would have other questions but we should start there...