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What is The Law? link and comments

Legal refers to the body of statute and statutory construction within that body. Statutes apply only to those things which are TAXABLE under the jurisdiction of the entity wherein a statutory legal process is commenced. The only entities taxable by a government are those which IT GRANTS a special PRIVILEGE, TITLE, BENEFIT, or LICENSE to. LICENSES are special permissions that abrogate the common law and make legal what would otherwise be unlawful under a specific set of terms (whether for a fee, a fee and policies to be adhered to, or otherwise).


Lawful implies a moral duty to behave in a certain way. What is lawful is known as the common law, inherent law, or divine law. It is an unwritten law of which if transgressed would result in the sheriff bringing you before a magistrate to initiate the process of trial by a jury of your peers.


Original Article: http://planet.infowars.com/resistance/what-is-the-law-rule-o...

Phreedom's commentary:

It is my understanding and experience in our 'courts' that this article is indeed correct and is exactly what the 'courts' expect you to know about law when you appear generally in a case. Indeed, once one is clear that this is the understanding the 'courts' are operating under then one can navigate victories in every case IF one comprehends the 'courts' presumptions and your own clear understanding and then clarifies the 'courts' erred presumptions of who You are and what legal status you were or were not at the time of enforcement incident.

I just wanted to point out one sticky point for me here that I would call slightly incomplete enough that I feel the need to address this here immediately for others and maybe the article's author Andrew X to avoid possible confusion.

Andrew X states:

"It is an unwritten law of which if transgressed would result in the sheriff bringing you before a magistrate to initiate the process of trial by a jury of your peers. "


"An example of the common law at work is Murdering your neighbor, being brought by the sheriff to the magistrate, the magistrate then determining if there is a reasonable cause to further detain you and if so allowing you to secure release by bail, then a trial by a jury of 12 of your peers all of which must unanimously convict you of your crime and then sentence you."

Phreedom's 2 cents of clarification in my own understanding of law is that the sheriff performing a lawful action to bring the accused before a magistrate is as follows:
All elements of a valid cause of action must be present and the Sheriff must be acting under lawful agency issued by a liable principal accuser who consented to the action and alleged the specific breach of peace/breach of duty
The liable principal accuser must face the accused before the a jury IF the laws of nature permit the accused to face them in court.

In the case of murder the liable principal accuser is the victim and has 'spoken from the grave' by providing investigators all elements in a valid cause of action that also demonstrate all elements that make up the alleged crime of murder.

This consistent non-conflicting application of law can be found as follows:
-no law can violate can violate any other law
-the laws of nature do not permit the accused to face the accuser within common law due to natural law supremacy over common law
-the sheriff is required to have lawful agency to the liable principal for his own liability to limited in accordance with the common law of agency and the organic law requirement of lawful power of government only derived from consent of the governed
-Silence is consent
-all required elements are present and the accuser has already accepted liability with their death which is presumed by the sheriff because of the required elements being present and the accuser remaining silent to the presumption before the jury

Andrew X seemed to have slightly hopped over the common law of agency here so I just wanted to put my own 2 cents in with that clarification. From my experience and understanding, everything else the author stated is indeed exactly how the 'courts' and 'police' are operating whether all of them know it or not (most cops don't every judge I have seen does to some extent). The second you show them STATE issued id of the Person aka the US citizen/Taxpayer than at that point it is presumed you under commercial legal status and are regulated under statutory code due to the fact that you 'contracted' for that capacity and claimed that status at the time of enforcement action thereby subjecting yourself to statutory code jurisdiction via contractual capacity.

Everyone who I have seen who knows these facts wins their case every time for colorable actions by 'law enforcement'.

Sorry to taint it here with comment I just really felt the need to complete the entire logical loop here for valid execution of justice from my own understanding of law that I have learned from reading law, history and challenging jurisdiction in the 'courts' whenever they do try to commit extortion, fraud and racketeering against me.

Learn the real law and you will see that the prime battle for freedom has only existed within removing your own ignorance of the protections of law. You can win and you will win against their unlawful acts and you will set precedent every time until almost no-one is appearing generally and at that point the ship will begin to turn away from Roman style civil law back into operation under full liability common law. This is the only real battle there is because legislative policies have no lawful application to law abiding people. The only real threats to this tyrannical and criminal system comes from aware and awake people who will know, understand and uphold the protections of law. Protect the law and the law will protect you.

The only real question is, are You willing to accept liability for knowing the law, upholding the law, and Your accusations against those you claim have injured you? If you do accept liability you will automatically remove their power due to the fact that no law can violate any other law. No matter what level of fraud they commit they are limited by the natural law of time. If law abiding people consume ALL of the time for tyranny as a by product of their own intent to uphold the protections of law then this is where the protections of law cross the threshold from common law to the supreme natural law. Can you see now how the protections of REAL law actually works?

If you take the protections of law all the way to live within the protections of divine law then this is superior to natural law because divine law literally shapes nature itself. Divine law is accessed through divine inspiration and is directly proportional to the amount of energy you expend in follow every inspiration to learn and understand natural law, common law, organic law, Constitutional Law, and statutory law. Your commitment to ensure that the protections of law are always upheld is exactly what will protect you from tyranny.

Politics does not make any sense when viewed through the eyes of real law and justice.

Thanks to Andrew X over at Planet Inforwars for this important and succinct explanation.

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