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The Same People Who Supported Ron Are Not Supporting Rand. Why?

Recently, I've been seeing comments through out the internet saying they won't vote for Rand Paul. I totally understand that he has made some mistakes but if he does what Ron has done, he will never be elected, so why not change it up? I heard some one say that Rand is the Obama of the Republican Party. No way! I can't even imagine Rand back stabbing us like Obama has done to his people. In fact, I consider Ted Cruz the Obama of the Republican Party. Ted Cruz is a pure fraud.

People also say, Rand Paul is not a Libertarian. Libertarianism is not a damn religion. It is not about doctrinal purity. The only political movements that succeeded by enforcing doctrinal purity also did so with machine guns and mass executions. Rand brings us one step closer to a Libertarian policy. One step at a time guys!

Too many libertarians are RELIGIOUS about it, and meanwhile forget that there are numerous people who are quite religious about other things and require a lot of convincing just to compromise or work together on issues they do agree on even a little. The Christian right is not going to magically go away, and they are not going to be rational in the way libertarians would like. That means no matter how much libertarians dislike politics they will have to go to the table with them and make some kind of headway about the things they are willing to agree on.

Does Rand Paul have some off ideas? Almost certainly. Is he the best option libertarian policy has right now? Yes. Frankly, we are not even close to having a libertarian policy- we can't even get *conservative* policy to happen, can't even get a budget balanced let alone reduce taxes or government involvement in everything.

Cut Rand Paul some slack!!

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Voting makes a difference?

Rand Paul is a politician, but he would be great president

Ron Paul supporters accurately Rand Paul as a politician, warts and all. Still, it seems to me that Rand Paul would be the best President we have had since Grover Cleveland. I would say Calvin Coolidge but he was a dour guy.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

I can not support anyone who

I can not support anyone who doesn't take a stand against the insane war on drugs. Rand doesn't. Ron did. Ron got my votes. Rand won't.

Free or drug free? America can't be both!

Don't know bout anyone else,

Don't know bout anyone else, but this was the clencher for me:

Rand Paul on Israeli Groups: "I visit with them daily"

No gracias.

Because Rand endorsed Romney!

Because Rand endorsed Romney! Many will never overlook the fact he did it long before the race was over.

I support Rand Paul and I

I support Rand Paul and I will vote for him. I'll probably do some sign waving and try to donate, but I won't tout his name like I did for Ron. He has a weaker message that the establishment voter will find easier to swallow.

Here's why (in my opinion)

The problem, in a nutshell, is that Ron offered meat to the masses but the masses would not eat because they were only babes that could drink milk. Rand is offering milk, so that the babes can grow to be strong men who eat meat.

Rand is doing a very good job of providing nourishment to the masses, but because he is mostly offering milk, he has dissuaded some of Ron's supporters who eat only meat. I think it would be wise for those who do not support Rand to remember that babes can not be nourished with meat, for they can not chew it.

1Co 3:2 I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.

Unfortunately babies today

Unfortunately a lot of babies have been spoiled and pampered and schooled into never getting off there mothers teet. Only to latch on to the governments teet. Dependent mothers and dads most of he time raise dependent kids. These people will not change. Major change will have to happen. It starts with a hunger in your belly. That is a fear factor. It wont be pretty .But it has to happen. My opinion. I like meat.When I get hungry. Some animal has to die.

Money talks and dogs bark

Rand is certainly not Ron...

but I will vote for him in 2016.

I am still on the fence as to whether he is just playing politics or if he has indeed gone over to the darkside. I want to believe that he is playing sheep in wolf's clothing, but the reality is that Washington corrupts even the best.

The next couple years will really be telling for him.

Either way, he is just one piece in the puzzle. It's much more important for us to get more people like Amash into office. To do that not only do we need to keep shining the light and educating our friends and family (so that they can in turn do the same) but we also need to find the best among us to step out and run for office.

Trolls mostly , same people

Trolls mostly , same people who bashed ron now bash rand except now they lie and say " i love ron but i hate rand " and not once but they do it everyday aswell as " i was gonna vote for Rand but now i never will " or " Rand cant run because hes for anmesty " or some other silly comment .

And yes ofcourse there are true ron paul supporters still not onboard with Rand but they dont troll the internet saying it in comment section 20 times a day .

Sad thing is look at the language , its not how liberals talk and its not anarchists , its republicans doing it , and its probably FOX news Cruz 2016 people who would vote Rand if he was nominee but are going to do everything they can to prevent that from happening .

There is only one Ron Paul

Those comparing Ron and Rand... stop it.

Ron Paul IS AN ODDITY among ALL MEN. Among politicians, Ron Paul is a white buffalo, they don't exist, there was ONE person like that in history, and he retired, but other than that one, they don't exist, okay!

So stop comparing people to the white buffalo.

Stop comparing Rand to the white buffalo.

Stop insisting that your "taste buds are so accustomed to the taste of white buffalo that white buffalo is the only thing that pleases your pallette."



So Rand won't compare, and neither will Cruz or any other candidate you choose.

So stop acting like SHUNNING RAND makes sense because of a Ron Paul comparison; that is a non-sequitor, your preference for Ron Paul does not have an impact in 2016.

Get Rand in there and stop getting side-tracked.

Dont worry

A lot of people here didn't even vote for Ron Paul. I donated and voted in Florida and saw him at USF in 2011. I donated to Rand for his senate run too. If I ever donate to Rand again. It will be at the end of the stretch. To the ones in Rands camp now. Remember money talks and dogs bark. I am not there yet. Watching and listening. Not on lame stream news either.

Money talks and dogs bark

Jest Get Rand in There

We can have all the philosophy in the world, in fact Rand could get in there and change nothing, perhaps have zero effect on the public, and perhaps commit terrible sh@t just like all the other presidents have...

One way or another, our government is gonna suck bad.

ARE YOU TELLING ME that you think that the GOVERNMENT WILL BE BETTER OFF if Rand doesn't get in in 2016????

I doubt it. I don't give a rat's ass if Rand does anything different once he gets in... I'M GONNA MAKE IT MY MISSION TO GET HIM IN THERE. THAT IS WHAT I CARE ABOUT RIGHT NOW.

Amen brother...

Haha. Couldn't have said it better myself. I will add:

"If you can tell people what actions will serve liberty in 2016 MORE THAN supporting Rand, please share!"

simple for me

Justin Amash.

Money talks and dogs bark

I really would like

to justify supporting Rand, but his stances are still a compromise between the Establishment and liberty, which means more encroachment on liberty, or slower encroachment than another guy would be. It's all a matter of how much encroachment and how soon until enough people refuse to compromise anymore. Supporting Rand isn't doing anything new, there have been hybrid Establishment/liberty candidates before and it didn't change anything.

Defend Liberty!

What will you do INSTEAD OF support Rand?

What will you do INSTEAD OF support Rand? Just wondering?

Mostly what I usually do

There's no higher bar to meet in 2016 just because Rand's running. There may be more people listening and listening further into the primaries, though, so I can't say it won't affect my strategies.

Defend Liberty!

Mostly what?

Specifically. If I am wasting my time supporting Rand in 2016, then what should I better do with my time?

More specific than "what you normally do?"

I'm serious. You are proposing one action as incorrect, and you do not propose a CORRECT ACTION?

I really want to hear it.

I talk to people

and help educate and get involved when there is a candidate who doesn't compromise when it comes to liberty.

What TO do is hard and it's an uphill battle and there are few victories and many false victories, where someone is coming around, but when it comes time to pull that lever, they do what they're told by the Establishment. You'll get acquainted with the words, "I like what he has to say, but he doesn't have a chance...". There is shoe leather to lose to push an independent candidate's numbers in one precinct from 5% to 10% and ultimately lose. The time I've spent canvassing and carrying homemade signs is quickly negated by five seconds of Fox News or the local news station. This is a hard fight and it's mostly losing. If it were an easy fight, enough people would be doing it that it would be won already.

Rand, as he is now, is false hope that there can be more winning and soon and there's just way more fight ahead of us than that. Even if he shapes up, his popularity can be fleeting if the Establishment decides it should be so. Did you see the head games they were playing in the primaries before the 2012 election? How they'd suddenly say "he's surging" of a candidate and cause a surge? It may look like it at times, but Rand is not the easiest win he seems to be without educating people to be immune to the Establishment's manipulations first.

The only candidate who can change things in office is the one who comes along when so many people become educated that not supporting a compromise for a candidate is feasible and that candidate has a real shot. We're the 3% here, starting the brush fires of liberty. It's a long shot and will probably fail, but if it fails, at least I'll have spent two less years doing what I've already experienced to be just condoning the system. If we wail, "let it not be said that no one objected", then the time I spent supporting candidates who are part of continuing the system as-is isn't the time I spent objecting.

I want to have that hope, too. I hang on Rand Paul's words, looking for an excuse to consider him something that hasn't come along before. His plate has a bigger helping of liberty on it, but it's the same meal I've tried before.

Defend Liberty!

All these discussions are moot

when there's election fraud. The handlers will hand pick who will be in the white house while giving us the appearance that we have choice. Anyways, US COPRse is NOT America. They are a corp. like McDonalds so they can choose their pres., vice pres, secretary. It's our fault that we CHOOSE to be under their jurisdiction, play their games, and be their employees (slaves).


I've talked to enough

of a cross-section of voters to know there are enough people out there who follow orders to vote for Establishment candidates that TPTB don't need election fraud. We have to get all those people educated before there would be any use in addressing election fraud.

Defend Liberty!

It won't matter... This

It won't matter...

This suckers coming down whoever's in charge. It would probably be a good thing that a faux-libertarian is not in charge when it does.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

It's about character

When I hear Ron speak, he speaks like the common man. He shows concern about the issues without losing his humanity. Ron seems like someone you could be friends with or have a barbeque with. I think the reason we all intuitively appreciate that is because Ron is a human being with human ideas. Sure, Rand has some of the same ideas as his father, but if you isolate those ideas from the human spirit and you speak about those ideas in politician-speak, than you lose the most fundamental parts of those ideas.

“I simply want to live; to cause no evil to anyone but myself"
Leo Tolstoy

Ron's intentions was to

Ron's intentions was to reduce the state to minimal function and he explained why, and with a philosophy that made sense. He talked through universal truths.

Rand cherry picks easy targets and on the surface might seem like he wants to reduce the state. But without philosophy to explain why and how it would work to have a minarchist, or anarchist, state it is just politics and power-play.

Ron is a teacher, a friend and an ally for us who are through with the bullshit that is the state. Rand is none of that. And he really wants be president. In my opinion, that is dangerous. He might do some good things if he becomes president. But, ultimately, he will continue the hell of the state, and it's, to be quite frank, evil philosophy.

The US controllers, owners, not the politicians, will get rid of him if he becomes enough of a nuisance either with aggressive force or with lies and bullshit.

Or, the most likely scenario, a controlled crash of the US markets, military and standing in the world and a new super power emerging with the backing of the same oligarchs and corporations.

my 0.02$

Man I could not spell, think or be rational earlier today. Must have been the sun.

Rand is not even a candidate

The primary is a year away and the field is not determined....

Why do you insist we must make a blood oath and crown him at this point in time????

Ron tried to beat 'em

Rand seems to want to join them. Didn't help that Rand endorsed Rmoney and McConnell as well.

I am not totally down on Rand...If he is the nominee I will almost certainly support him. But Rand ain't Ron.

How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ouBoyu9gGY Ron Paul lost because of vote fraud. It does not matter if Rand Paul has better tatics than his father because Ron Paul lost because of vote fraud not lack of votes.


To the OP, a lot of us did a lot more that 'support' Dr Paul. Some of us ran and were elected as delegates to state and then Tampa.

We were cheated at state and at Tampa.

Rand might be able to win, but if he can win it's because they have him under control, ie he won't do anything to disrupt the warfare/welfare state. Reduce spending. End or at least reign in, the NSA, IRS, TSA, DHS, DLM, etc etc.

Also a lot of us read a lot during this process and have little belief that voting is either effective or moral. Voting is violence and violence is only valid in self defense. Since any candidate we get to vote on (unless you were in TX when RP was in congress) any vote is a vote against your fellow American. Whatever you want comes at someone elses expense. Since every politician except Dr Paul will for for new legislation and not exclusively against or to repeal voting is taking a bite at the apple of evil.

Also he's gonna get blamed for the mess if he wins. The mess is coming and what better time to let it come than when a 'libertarian' is in office.

In the past I would have

In the past I would have agreed with you 100%...even promoted your attitude, sadly, after years of hard work and "political action" I have come to the conclusion that this "government" is so systemically corrupt, throughout all branches, that there is no longer redress of grievance through political action. "One step closer..." is not progress for Freedom, as they take 100 illegal steps, protected by their illegal "laws", to crush Freedom, Liberty and all things good for the people.

I have also come to believe that we legitimize those, who have corrupted our system, by participation. They can only crush us with our consent. Voting is participating. Real change, as I see it, must come from the bottom up, not the top down.

So for me, I watch for the signs and prepare for surviving the collapse so I will be here for the rebuilding - in that I will joyously participate! Until then, I work on my personal self-actualization, and Love my family and friends.

Peace, Belle

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle